(video) Skousen: US covertly funding overthrow of Syria so Israel can attack Iran without Syrian opposition

 [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xINyQZDnhA]Israel, U.S. Triple Cross Coming



Joel Skousen’s brilliant analysis! Syria: West Using Terror to Provoke Defections — The Syrian overthrow is a “must accomplish” goal of the US and Israel prior to the coming attack on Iran … so that Israel doesn’t have to face Syrian missiles as part of the inevitable Iranian retaliation.

Skousen: ISIS as the New Flagship Terror Threat | Background on the Creation of Terror — “The phony war on terror is morphing into something even more unstable for the US, as years of occupation have increased the ranks of jihadists far in excess of the few hundred the US used to control directly in the lead up to 9/11″

(video) Skousen: Boehner Makes Back Door Deal With Liberals To Pass Amnesty | Netanyahu/Obama Schism is Political Theater so US appears justified to retaliate against Iran after Israel invades

Skousen: Beheading of James Foley as a New Provocation for War — “Remember that the US has a long history of creating horrific stories to justify going to war. Remember the supposed ripping of premature babies out of incubators in Iraq? It didn’t happen. The supposed chemical weapons attack on civilians by Assad in Syria? Also not true”

Washington Post: Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein— “The actors were drawn from some of us darker-skinned employees” (‘bin Laden’)
Joel Skousen: More on Death of SEAL Team Six in Afghanistan — The evidence of direct witnesses to the raid on the claimed bin Laden compound say only one chopper landed and it crashed and burned when leaving, killing all aboard. I concluded that the raid was a set up to fake bin Laden’s death (having died years before) to boost Obama’s popularity. Seal Team Six members on the raid died there, so another helicopter crash was planned in Afghanistan which the military could claim had these same members were on board—thus allowing them to explain to parents why their sons wouldn’t be coming home…

10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax

U.S.-Backed ISIS Beheads American Journalist — U.S. government provided weapons and training to the same jihadists in Syria who later crossed into Iraq!
NSA Doc Reveals ISIS Leader is U.S., BRITISH and ISRAELI Intelligence Asset | Israel’s Hornet Nest Strategy
“(video) U.S. Intelligence: Rebels Used Sarin — And is there a moral imperative to bomb Syria even if there were 400 children killed? How about 500,000 killed by US foreign policy that Albright said was worth it?
[Why-they-hate-US video] Webster Tarpley: Syria & Iran, the Colorado Shooting — We are murdering Syrians, falsely blaming it on Assad in order to justify invasion so Syria can’t strike us when we/Israel strike Iran. The German people are being told while our presstitutes go along with the deception.
Joe Biden (2012 Hypocrisy): If Romney Wins, We’ll Go To War With Syria | CNN (2012): ROMNEY has accused Obama and his administration of being weak in dealing with President Bashar al-Assad, and has called for the United States and allies to ARM SYRIAN REBELS

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