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(audio) The Holocaust: The biggest hoax of the 20th Century! – We’ve been completely bamboozled! – Victor Thorn with Deanna Spingola

“We’ve been completely bamboozled!” – Victor Thorn

“The biggest hoax of the 20th Century!” – Victor Thorn (source)

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Victor Thorn on the Holocaust

Tom Patriot

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(book) The Holocaust Hoax Exposed by Victor Thorn at Amazon*, where one of the reviewers writes:

• Where are the ashes of the dead Jews? Where are the bits of bone of these so-called millions? Where is the proof that gas chambers existed – during World War II?

• Why is Zyklon B called a “gas” for killing Jews when, scientifically, it is a delousing agent…? How can thousands of Jews be killed in these rooms with wooden doors and fragile windows from which it was entirely easy to escape?

• Was there soap made from Jewish fat? Were lampshades really made from Jewish skin?

• Where did Hitler get the thousands upon thousands of gallons of gasoline necessary to burn up and sacrifice these Jewish individuals when he did not even have enough gas to fill his army tanks?

• Why is there no mention by Winston Churchill in his memoirs of extermination and gas chambers when he was directly involved in WWII? Why is there no mention in Dwight Eisenhower’s memoir about extermination of the Jews or gas chambers? Why is there no report by the Red Cross of extermination of the Jews when the Red Cross was regularly visiting the concentration camps not only in Germany but in Poland and in other parts of Europe as well?

• How do Jews themselves readily know Anne Frank’s diary was fiction?

• Why are most Americans so sure that the Nuremberg Trials were not rigged?

• Did you know that the first time the phrase “gas chamber” was ever used was during the Nuremberg Trials – that is, after WWII?

* NOTE: AMAZON BANNED all books on the Holocaust, INCLUDING SCHOLARLY, of which there are over 60 from CODOH. Their Holocaust Handbook Series is excellent! Purchase from CODOH.

(audio) Victor Thorn: The Holocaust Hoax Exposed

Prominent AFP Clinton Researcher Found Dead – Add Victor Thorn’s name to the long list of Clinton victims to be found in Thorn’s own masterpiece, “Hillary (And Bill): The Murder Volume”

(video) 10 Hard Facts About the “Holocaust” in 6 Minutes!

(video) Did the Holocaust Really Happen? — Were 6 million Jews gassed and then cremated?

(video) Auschwitz Truth – Ernst Zundel and David Cole

Zyklon-B & the German *Delousing* Chambers — At DACHAU, it is NO LONGER CLAIMED that Jews or anyone else were ever killed in the gas chamber there. The “shower room” is not a gas chamber at all, but the [smaller] so-called “fumigation cubicles” are gas chambers. • Until the introduction of DDT in 1944, the delousing of clothing and living quarters in order to kill body lice was the only effective means of controlling the spread of TYPHUS. • Many hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions, including countless Jews, OWE THEIR LIVES TO THESE CHAMBERS. • “What is clear from any careful technical analysis of the supposed gas chambers for mass extermination is that the ‘Holocaust’ story is absurd”

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(video) Trump's Got Plans For America — "Trump got the green light to launch his campaign in order to knock Rand Paul out of the race. … There's none they hate more than Ron and Rand Paul"


(video) Did the Holocaust Really Happen? — Were 6 million Jews gassed and then cremated?


  1. Amazon does not carry the holocaust hoax. Anybody know why?

  2. MD

    Where can we get this book on PDF? I have a hard copy but for sharing purposes.

  3. Jeff Fenske


    I couldn’t find a digital or hard copy of Victor Thorn’s book anywhere, but was able to find the audio interview at, which is at the top of this post now.

    God bless!

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