Ann Coulter: “We are Staging a REVERSE-CRUSADE where WE HELP WIPE OUT CHRISTIANITY in the Middle East!”

“He’s [Assad] protecting the Christians. Nobody checks with the Syrian Christians over there. They are terrified of Assad being taken out, because they will be wiped off the face of the earth. So we are now staging sort of a reverse-crusade where we help wipe out Christianity in the Middle East.”

– Ann Coulter @ 7:40

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Coulter talking with Zeoli about Trump & Syria

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  1. Victoria Bingham

    This is the first time I’ve listened to Ann Coulter sound like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
    She referred to the 60’s.. calling it the 80’s.. (Soviets in Vietnam).. calling refugees the new Replace-the-Soviet threat.. quote “Coming into the country on visas and flying airplanes into buildings”.. Does Ann really believe that? That refugees pose the new millennium threat to the nation? Her valuable points was calling out Washington for the ‘war being the answer to everything’ diplomacy. She compares the mess in the middle east, a barfight that we’re taking sides on. Actually, we created both sides of the bar fight.. but well. I admire her tenacity. And she IS frustrated with the bombing campaign which none of us expected of Trump. And yes, this is NOT what we voted for Trump for. In retrospect, we should have known Israel would be directing Trump. His fanfare for Israel was blatant.. And finally her last point was brilliant, ‘the reverse crusade’.. we are helping to destroy the last bastions of Christians in the Middle East. Indeed.

    1. Victoria,

      I agree. Well said.

      I’ve actually never been a fan, and have never thought her to be Christian, seriously suffering from the low-cut top epidemic by wearing not much on her book covers. I’ve been impressed by her guts to fight for the right on completely liberal shows, like Bill Maher, where it’s them against her. She definitely has ‘tenacity.’ And here, willing to call out Trump when he’s wrong isn’t what most on the right are willing to do. She does seem to have some Christian character to stand up for what she believes no matter what — definitely admirable!

      She’s kind of the opposite of Joel Skousen, who isn’t a riveting speaker, talking a million miles per hour like she. He’s a careful analyst, making sure that every word he says is correct. She machine-guns a lot of statements, but my oh my, this one here…!

      “Brilliant” is the word to describe her ‘reverse-crusade’ comment! That’s why I had to post it. I use the phrase ‘reverse-Christian’ a lot. This is off-the-charts awesome!

      “So we are now staging sort of a reverse-crusade where we help wipe out Christianity in the Middle East.”

      How many people are talking about this; though, many should be!

      The “Christian” Zionist pastors are in complete support of our reverse-Christian wars for Talmudic Israel to carry out the Greater Israel Project — which is also taking out countries that would oppose the NWO.

      Our military is doing this on our watch, with full “Christian” approval! Sick!!

      A misinterpretation of Genesis 12:3 has replaced Jesus’ second greatest commandment and what He said about the peacemakers.

      The USA has now killed millions in the Middle East, including many Christians — and now we’re doing it covertly through ISIS in Syria — as we did in Libya. Many have fled too.

      82% of Republicans approve of Trump’s bombing, according to a Gallup poll, which shows how ignorant and lacking of conscience they are — having ignored the facts about 9/11 and all of the other previous false flags that were used to start our other reverse-Christian regime change wars.

      The person I’m the most impressed with, right now, is Michael Savage. I have yet to complete my post of his last Friday’s broadcast, but at age-75 he told the truth regardless of how it would cost his radio show, which is #1, beating Rush, who supports all of the wars, including this one.

      If Michael would not have stood up, I’m guessing Trump wouldn’t have backed down to now say he’s not sending troops into Syria, to probably regime-change Assad, whom I consider a good man who has been trying to do the right things in trying to stop the civil war that the Mossad and CIA started. Michael even says Israel is behind what we’re doing there, and he’s Jewish.

      I’m very impressed with him, and he probably knows they’ll somehow take him off the air if he continues telling the truth. Yesterday, he tried to only talk about other things.

      The main problem is OSAS and “Christian” Zionism, which is destroying the character of the “Christians,” who are supposed to be salt and light. Few “Christians” today actually follow Christ.

      It’s great to see people like Ann and Michael tell the truth no matter what, unafraid of the consequences.

      Michael has been really sick, physically ill all of a sudden too.

      It’s really hard when the majority of Republicans still believe killing people is heroic. We live in a sick society.

      If Michael wouldn’t have spoken out, we may be at war with Russia, about to get nuked early.

      Also, Trump’s bombing was illegal: against our law and international law. Only a few like Rand Paul care and are willing to say something. Most are blackmailed.

      It’s a real breath of fresh air to see people as bold as Ann Coulter and Michael Savage still — whereas pastors across the land should be speaking out too. How many are? I only know of Chuck Baldwin.

      Very sad how duped America has become.

      Michael seemed to be talking about quitting his radio show, yesterday. The pressure for him to conform is probably immense!

      The person who tried to beat him up recently, and kicked Michael’s dog may have been a message….

      He spoke out anyway!


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