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[video] KRS One: Wake Up!!! “They put a black face on the New World Order … They want us to be enraged, angered. Peace is a revolutionary strategy … Stop the violence in yourself”

KRS One interviewed by Alex Jones, 2/6/2009. Transcribed by Jeff Fenske except where noted.


“Barack Obama, when we say ‘a black person in office,’ we gotta ease back, because for the first time we really have an African-American in office. To call him ‘black’ is a disrespect to his mother, and I don’t think that’s fair. He comes from a bi-racial family, and that should be respected.”

Just because we have an African-American President doesn’t mean that he’s not going to continue the Bush agenda.”

“If we stay steadfast to the Constitution, at least we won’t be hit so hard with that global agenda.”

If you really want to see what black governance is like, take a look at the mayors of major cities. When the cities were in power, we couldn’t be the mayors. It’s when the cities lost power they put in black mayors. … Now the nation has lost power; the dollar has lost power; the world is global. Now you can get a black President because it doesn’t matter. It’s global now.”

“So the real issue is this. Are you going to allow this system to tempt you into their prisons…into their psyche? Follow your purpose.”

They put a black face on the New World Order, and now we’re all happy. KRS ain’t buying it.”

“This is the point! If they controlled it before what makes you think they’re not controlling it now? The country was on a verge of revolution. They through a black man out. Now we like this [lays back, arms crossed, chillin’].”

“I’m not on the emotional side. I’m not on this black side, white side. I don’t know what that is. I’ve got black policeman shooting at me…black Senators that want to keep me in poverty. … The truth don’t have no color. The truth is that people are hurtin.’ …they’re trying to turn us into China …we’re in so much debt…. What side are you on?”

That’s a privately owned company, the Federal Reserve Bank. They set the agenda.”


Barack is like the manager of Burger King. All presidents are, including Bush. It’s like this — when your fries are cold, if your burger’s not done right, you go back to Burger King — America, or your government — and you say, ‘My burger’s cold! I want new fries!’ First, you go to the cashier, that’s the courts. You argue to the courts.

The courts, if you can’t get no justice with the cashier, you say ‘Let me see the manager! I want to go to the Supreme Court! I want to see the President!’ The manager comes out. ‘Hi. What can I do for you?’ Now, the manager can override the decisions of the cashier. But you never get to see the franchise owner of Burger King.

If you really have a problem with your burger, you need to go see the franchise owner. We need to go to the top, or to the bottom. We need to go to where the real architecture of government is, and it’s not in a President. It’s in a global scheme.” (source)

“‘You can have whatever you like.’ That’s their trick. Learn to live simple. They hate it. Learn to say, ‘I’m good.’ Walk with God.”

“You know when you should get emotional? When injustice happens.”

I feel the pain of suffering people. …it’s just in me. I don’t want to be like the Germans in Nazi Germany, watching people go off in droves. And because you have a comfortable house….”

“We need to become free people again, not freed people. Just because we have an emancipation procrastination doesn’t mean we are actually free. What makes you free is your declaration within that you are free. If someone else can give you freedom, they can also take it away.”

“The real war isn’t me against you, it’s endurance. … The evil people trip themselves up trying to chase the righteous. It’s when the righteous come out of their square and into their [the evil people’s] world, and try to fight….”

The truth is my own people are lost. … What are people doing on Dr. Martin Luther King BLVD? We’re selling drugs in league with killing ourselves on Dr. King BLVD.”


We couldn’t get free on our own cause our own people were betraying us. It was strong, white American families that ran the underground railroad, that would leave a lantern in the window…. A lot of families were hung because of that. …the white American families that risked their lives taking her in, that’s the part of American history we need to hear again.”

“Our main message: stop the violence. They want us to be violent. They want us to be enraged, angered. Peace is a revolutionary strategy. If you could just hold your peace.”

Endurance is what wins wars. … George Washington lost almost every battle he had. But he endured! He out-endured the British, and that’s how the battle was one. Endurance.”

“Stop the violence. Stop the violence in your home. Stop the violence in yourself, meaning doubting yourself, hating yourself. Stop the violence in society.”



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KRS One Embodies His ‘Stop the Violence’ Message After Fan Throws Bottle Toward Stage, Injuring Performer and Inciting Intense Reaction from Crowd

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