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We were lied to in history class and by Hollywood and the MSM!
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Jewish attorney and historian Seymour B. Liebman has written: “They came with ships carrying African blacks to be sold as slaves. The traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly, and the Jews were often appointed as agents for the Crown in their sale….[They] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise….The ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains.” [New World Jewry 1493-1825: Requiem for the Forgotten (KTAV, New York, 1982), pp. 170, 183.] (source: The Jewish Role in the Slave Trade)

“Notice how only guilt is ascribed for white people in slavery; even though, Jews were 2000% more likely to own black slaves than was any white gentile person.”

“Spielberg [Amistad] portrayed the horrific slave trade as thoroughly a Christian affair.”

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[youtube=]The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery Part I: What Jewish Historians Say

[youtube=]The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery Part II: The Media Coverup

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