Google tells army of 'quality raters' to flag Holocaust denial — 10,000 contractors told to flag 'Holocaust' truth

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From: The Guardian

Google tells army of ‘quality raters’ to flag Holocaust denial

10,000 contractors told to flag ‘upsetting-offensive’ content after months of criticism over hate speech, misinformation and fake news in search results

Google is using a 10,000-strong army of independent contractors to flag “offensive or upsetting” content, in order to ensure that queries like “did the Holocaust happen” don’t push users to misinformation, propaganda and hate speech. [sites that actually tell the truth]

The review of search terms is being done by the company’s “quality raters”, a little-known corps of worldwide contractors [mostly based in Tel Aviv] that Google uses to assess the quality of its systems. The raters are given searches based on real queries to conduct, and are asked to score the results on whether they meet the needs of users. [needs of the Talmudic controllers to keep their powerful propaganda intact]

These contractors work from a huge manual, first made public in 2013, describing every potential problem they could find with a given search query: whether or not it meets the user’s expectations, whether the result offered is low or high quality, and whether it’s spam, porn or illegal.

In a new update to the rating system, rolled out on Tuesday, Google introduced another flag raters could use: the “upsetting-offensive” mark. Although the company did not cite a specific reason for the update, the move comes three months after the Guardian and Observer began a series of stories showing how the search engine promotes extremist content.

One story in particular highlighted how a search for “did the Holocaust happen” returned, as its top result, a link to the white supremacist forum Stormfront, explaining how to promote Holocaust denial to others.

That exact search result is now included by Google as one of the examples the company now uses to train its contractors on how and when to mark pages as “upsetting-offensive”. [upsetting to Talmudic liars afraid of being found out]

Detailing why a result for “Holocaust history” returning a link to Stormfront should be flagged as problematic, the document explains: “This result is a discussion of how to convince others that the Holocaust never happened. Because of the direct relationship between Holocaust denial and anti­semitism, many people would consider it offensive.” [the Talmudic liars who are being exposed]

By contrast, the same search query returning a result for the History Channel should not get the upsetting-offensive flag, even if users do find the topic of the Holocaust upsetting. “While the Holocaust itself is a potentially upsetting topic for some, this result is a factually accurate source of historical information,” [telling Talmudic lies about gas chambers and an extermination plan — not telling what really happened – see below] the manual explains. “Furthermore, the page does not exist to promote hate or violence against a group of people, contain racial slurs, or depict graphic violence.” [like piles of dead bodies, which are not what they’re propagandized to be – see below]

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