Nick Begich (Eagle River, Alaska) on Alex Jones: COAL is KING — clean, economical — and Alaska has enough to power the U.S. for 2,000 years!

The Alex Jones Show 3/18

“Coal, alone could take the U.S. completely out of the import business.”

“Here in Alaska
we have 2,000 years of known domestic coal supplies
and tens of thousands of trillions of cubic feet of natural gas.”

And with the latest technology,
it burns very clean and economically.

– Nick Begich

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

* * *

[youtube=]Dr. Nick Begich: Fukushima Fallout is Worse Than What The Media is Telling Us! 1/3

Uploaded by on Mar 18, 2011

Alex welcomes back to the show Dr. Nick Begich, author of Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology. Begich has published articles on science, politics and education and is a well known lecturer, having presented throughout the United States and in nineteen countries. He spoken on various issues for groups representing citizen concerns, statesmen and elected officials, scientists and others.

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[The Prophecy Club video] The Ted Gunderson Chronicles

This is another video I saw in the ’90s that opened up my eyes. Ted Gunderson, former L.A. FBI head discusses all of these topics I tag above and more.

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Moral Obligations to Stop McCain

From: News with Views

The U.S. has had Presidential candidates and Presidents who were known criminals, prevaricators and very immoral, promiscuous men who harmed national security. John McCain is no exception. However, does the public and do Republican delegates and leaders really want to pay the same costs in the future of America for McCain that they paid in the past for nominating and helping elect illicit Presidents?

This article contains a description of many of the known crimes, moral transgressions and allegations of nuclear treason by John McCain. Some of these crimes may have been felonies and if so, would have also made McCain ineligible to be President should he have been prosecuted (as he should have been) and convicted.

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Richard Roberts, Oral Roberts President Resigns

From The Associated Press:

Former ORU Regent Harry McNevin, who quit the board in 1987 because of the misspending he alleged he witnessed, called the resignation “inevitable.”

“You can’t take the sacrifices of God’s people and use them any old way,” he said. “It’s been 20 years that they’ve been doing the same things that I became aware of.”

“We still haven’t heard any admission of wrongdoing or any kind of humility or contrition.”

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