Cathy O’Brien: A freed Presidential mind-control slave gives specifics on how America is getting jacked!

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“I name these names so that you can understand who these people are because they’re the same ones over and over and over, again.”

“I’ve known Dick Cheney through Gerald Ford since 1975. He is the most brutal person I’ve ever encountered, personally, by far. But it’s his attitude and his agenda that is so frightening.”

“We need to learn to expand our thinking and realize what is going on. Because when you go outside this country, it’s accepted knowledge that our President [George W. Bush] is under mind-control. It’s accepted knowledge that Dick Cheney is very much in control — and that George Bush, Sr., his closest friend and comrade, has been for a long time.”

“It’s essential that we all gain our strength of spirit in order to be able to grasp the truth. … With that strength of spirit becomes an ability to have inner peace….”

“It is truth that makes us free.”

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it empowers people to have the strength of spirit to stand and make a positive difference for all of us….”

– Cathy O’Brien

[youtube=]Cathy O’Brien: America en trance 1/7

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Actress Christine Ebersole: People are NEVER the ENEMY—King Even Called White Supremacists His “BROTHERS”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from: Actress & Singer Christine Ebersole on The Alex Jones Show, April 11, 2008

When Martin Luther King would talk about the white supremacists, he called them his ‘brothers.’ He said: ‘they’re my sick brothers, but they’re my brothers.’

See, because it’s really the brotherhood of man. We know that we are all…when we start thinking ‘other,’ ‘other,’ that’s exactly what the New World Order power elite want us to think.”

“Well, this is the point I that I wanted to make, Alex, is that, you know, when I was talking about Martin Luther King and he talks about the white supremacists being his brothers.

There is no enemy. The enemy is the system. The enemy is the system. And that’s what we have to keep our focus on.

Because to create the ‘other’ and create an enemy is doing exactly what the propaganda machines want us to do.

There is always in this business in the United States of America has always been about creating an enemy. And when you create an enemy, a perceived enemy, you create fear, and then that’s how you have control.

And you see, so for us to do it conversely, and say the enemy is these individuals that are involved in this kind of a system, that gets us off the track. Then we’re still perpetuating that illusion that there is an enemy. The enemy is the system; it’s not the individual. Because as individuals, we are created out of the same dirt in God’s image. And that our job is to love one another.

So really what it is: it’s about instructing people about what the truth is.

And so even the oligarchy, even the ones that are in high level of position, it’s really about being able to change the consciousness. It’s not about eliminating these people. Of course, it doesn’t mean that people don’t have to have responsibility, and their are consequences for actions. I believe that there are consequences; there should be consequences.

But really the ultimate, ultimate, ultimate goal in humanity with human beings to one another is to be able to bring consciousness to one another, and wake people up to the truth. And the truth is not that we have another enemy, but we have these powerful systems that are taking away where we have coopted our power, our absolute blinding light that’s within all of us.”

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“LOVE” in the Ron Paul REVOLUTION Flies Backlit Over Iowa!

Because many Americans still don’t know who Ron Paul is, supporters launched the Ron Paul blimp in December. But the blimp is limited by weather and its slow airspeed, so supporters have come up with a new idea to raise the banner of freedom: The Ron Paul Air Corps!

The gigantic Ron Paul Air Corps Banner flies high over Cedar Rapids, Iowa this afternoon after the launch of the first flight of a planned 50 due to take to the skies over dozens of major American cities this month.

You can sponsor flying time by donating online at

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Here the “LOVE” in the “REVOLUTION” is backlit by the sun:



Ron Paul’s Christlike Attitude: Love, Peace & Hope – No *Initiation* of Aggression!

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Ron Paul on the Glenn Beck show (CNN), 12/17/07.

10-term, Republican, Congressman Ron Paul:

“I am committed to nonviolence – no initiation of aggression. …

I believe in political change coming about in the mode of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, through nonviolence. I happen to believe that we should practice these principles both domestically against individuals, as well as other countries.

This is the reason I don’t use aggression against other countries to bring about changes. I don’t ever want to initiate aggression. This is what is in our Constitution.

…our supporters have coined the words “LOVE” in the ‘REVOLUTION’ – and “peace” and “hope.”




Fenske on Chuck Norris’ “Would Jesus Support War?” – ‘a God of War’ & ‘*a* Prince of Peace”

Ron Paul: Jesus is the Prince of PEACE, Not Preemptive War

Video: Lion Hugs Rescuer – So Cool!!!

A woman in Columbia found a lion cub, who was wounded and hungry. She took him home and raised him till he was too big to keep at home. She then brought him to the local zoo, but she visits him every day…. Look at how he greets her!

* * *

[youtube=]Lion hugs and kisses his rescuer

Uploaded by  on Feb 21, 2007

Absolutely awesome


Christian the Lion—How Our Heart Should Be

Video: Otters Holding Hands – Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!!!

Cute – Otters Holding Hands II!

[Awesome WONDERFUL video!!!] Elephants Shirley and Jenny reunite after a 22-year separation — The bonding was immediate, intense and unforgettable!!!!!!!