Dr. Blaylock: The Chemical Dumbing Down of America—”That’s What They Want”


“Were developing a society because of all these different toxins known to affect brain function.

We’re seeing a society that not only has a lot more people of lower IQ, but a lot fewer people of higher IQ. In other words: a dumbing down, a chemical dumbing down of society.

So everyone is sort of mediocre. That leaves them dependent on government, because they can’t excel.

We have these people of lower IQ who are totally dependent. Then we have this mass of people who are going to believe anything they are told because they can’t really think clearly—and very few people of a very high IQ have good cognitive function who can figure this all out.

And that’s what they want.

So you can kind of piece it together as to why they are so insistent in spending so many hundreds of millions of dollars of propaganda money to dumb down society.”

– Dr. Russell Blaylock

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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(video) LBJ’s Mistress Blows Whistle On JFK Assassination


The night before the Kennedy assassination, Lyndon Baines Johnson met with Dallas tycoons, FBI moguls and organized crime kingpins – emerging from the conference to tell his mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown that “those SOB’s” would never embarrass him again.

It’s a jaw-dropping deposition and it’s the biggest JFK smoking gun there is – despite the fact that it has received little media attention.



LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: “Those SOB’s Will Never Embarrass Me Again”

TEXAS IN THE MORNING: The Love Story of Madeleine Brown and President Lyndon Baines Johnson, by Madeleine Brown and The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK & MLK, by Robert Gaylon Ross, Jr. — Gaylon is the man who interviewed Madeleine, above

Neither Honest Nor Trustworthy: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2007

From: Multinational Monitor

The U.S. public holds Big Business in shockingly low regard.

A November 2007 Harris poll found that less than 15 percent of the population believes each of the following industries to be “generally honest and trustworthy:” tobacco companies (3 percent); oil companies (3 percent); managed care companies such as HMOs (5 percent); health insurance companies (7 percent); telephone companies (10 percent); life insurance companies (10 percent); online retailers (10 percent); pharmaceutical and drug companies (11 percent); car manufacturers (11 percent); airlines (11 percent); packaged food companies (12 percent); electric and gas utilities (15 percent). Only 32 percent of adults said they trusted the best-rated industry about which Harris surveyed, supermarkets. …

With the 10 Worst Corporations of 2007, we aim to show – again – that Big Business is out of control and to connect comparable abuses to the failure of government overseers, regulators and enforcers.

The task ahead is to reassert the supremacy of the people over corporations, and for democratic government to impose controls and limits on what corporations can and cannot do.

Presented alphabetically, here are the 10 Worst Corporations of 2007:

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Skousen: How to Adapt to High Gas Prices as They Impact the Economy

World Affairs Brief, May 30, 2008. Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief.


In one of the most outrageous examples of price gouging ever witnessed, fuel prices have risen almost 10 cents per gallon per week now for more than a month. The American consumer is being held hostage to an economic and personal lifestyle that was established a century ago based upon an abundance of cheap oil and is now locked into our economic infrastructure. Most people have no ability to escape what is now upon us and getting worse. All of our cities are developed around the commuting lifestyle, allowing Americans to live in rural or suburban openness to escape pollution and city overcrowding. We travel long distances on fast freeways to get to work and none of that can be changed quickly. We never did like the European style of city living, with millions crammed into high rise city apartments, with gas prices so high that only the wealthy could afford a personal vehicle. But now it appears the Powers That Be are forcing that urban lifestyle upon us: mass transportation, high density urban dwellings, water rationing, zero-scape yards, and runaway inflation. We have a duty to both resist and adapt. This week, I’ll give some practical tips on how to adapt to avoid some of the pain. Continue reading “Skousen: How to Adapt to High Gas Prices as They Impact the Economy”

Ken Duncan (Photographer): “WHEN WE SEE THE BEAUTY of CREATION it’ll just GIVE US a bit of PEACE in our very busy lives” | “The HARDEST PART about photography…”

Watch Ken’s Video Message


“I love getting out there and finding these places,
because I love to bring them back to all you people
out there.

And hopefully,
when we see the beauty of creation,
it’ll just give us a bit of peace in our very busy lives.”


“This time,
I’m going to show you photos with my little camera….

I show you photos with my big cameras,
and you probably all think:
‘Well, that’s easy for you
because you’ve got this big camera.’

But look, why I’m showing you photos with this
is because you can take great photos with anything.”

The hardest part, really, about photography
is getting out of bed and getting on with the job

and actually doing it.

Because often we think, awe,
I won’t get out of bed because, awe,
it’s not going to really happen because
we just love our bed or our comfort.

So if you want to get great photos,
be prepared to get out there and get into it.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Ken Duncan Photo: “Tears for a Nation”—God is grieved by the terrible division between black & white

From: KenDuncan.com

A rare fall of rain sends water rushing down the gullies of Uluru, fresh and pure and white as the tears of God.

I believe this photograph is prophetic to our nation. God is grieved by the terrible division between black and white, and here, in the very heart of Australia, we see His pain.

The Spirit only works in unity. Australia will only fulfill its rightful purpose if we move together, putting aside our past and looking forward to our future.

Our destiny is controlled by something far greater than race. We have to learn from each other.


Large image

Fulford: Are HAARP-like Ionic Superheaters Causing Earthquakes & Weather Disasters?

Disclaimer: the cause and effect hasn’t been proven; though, something man-made may be behind some of these horrible events.

Also, in the video, Benjamin Fulford doesn’t mention that Russia and other countries beside the US (and perhaps Greenland) have ionic superheaters like Alaska’s HAARP.

And there could be another type of man-made device that caused the pre-China earthquake, rainbow clouds:

30 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

10 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

Think outside the box.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VX0JvpW5q0]Hi-Res Version

Low Res Version

Inquiry into ‘poisonous’ cabin air launched by UK government

From: Telegraph.co.uk

The inquiry, announced by Jim Fitzpatrick, the aviation minister, follows complaints from pilots and passengers of nausea, dizziness and other health problems both during and after flights.

Estimates of how many people are affected vary.

The Government’s Committee on Toxicity believes passengers on one in 2,000 flights could be exposed to toxins in cabin air.

Others put the figure higher, including Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross, a clinical neuropsychologist at University College London, who believed as many as 200,000 passengers a year could be affected.

Pilots had reported bad smells or what they believed was contaminated air on a number of aircraft including the Boeing 757, Airbus 319 and BAe 146.

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