Radio Liberty, Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Hot Audio: The Story Behind the Story — The Way It Really Is

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Dr. Stan is awesome, y’all! Not only is he a careful historian, having researched many of these issues for over 50 years, but he has a heart. Dr. Stan loves people!

God bless you, Dr. Stan!!!

As is sometimes the case, some of the guests listed aren’t those in the actual broadcast—for example: Dennis Cuddy and Bill Still.

The Bob Fletcher, Sonny Bono interview is outstanding! Listening to just this one hour will help get newbies to what’s really going on up to speed.

The Joel Skousen and Bob Chapman interviews shed brilliant light upon what’s really going on with this bailout scheme. And it looks like Joseph Farah is finally seeing the light; though, his WorldNetDaily still looks too pro-McCain.

Date: 09-29-08
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Korean Flight 007, and other issues
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Bob Chapman: Financial crisis
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: Bob Chapman: Financial crisis
9:00: Mike Shuler: Congress rejected the bailout
Date: 09-26-08
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: open
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: William Still The Money Masters
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: Bob Chapman: Financial Tsunami
9:00: William Grigg: Current affairs
Date: 09-25-08
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: Pastor David Whitney: The informed jury
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Joel Skousen: World Affairs Brief
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: Bob Fletcher: The strange death of Sonny Bono
9:00: Arthur Bernklau: Veterans affairs
Date: 09-24-08
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: William Grigg: Current affairs
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Joseph Farah: None of the Above
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: Dr. Stan: Open Lines
9:00: Pastor David Whitney: The informed Jury


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Chuck Baldwin: U.S. Army Troops To Serve As U.S. Policemen?

From: News with Views

When the Democrat-controlled Congress passed the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act, however, the restrictions of Posse Comitatus were restored. But when President Bush signed the Act into law, he attached a signing statement (Executive Order) indicating that the Executive Branch did not feel bound by the changes enacted by the repeal. Translated: President Bush wiped out Posse Comitatus by Executive Order.

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Dr. Mercola: How Much Vitamin D?


New research has once again placed optimum vitamin D intake at much higher than the current recommended amount.

The study of 138 subjects suggested a daily dose of 3800 IU for those with adequate blood vitamin D levels, and 5000 IU each day for those who are vitamin D deficient.

The current recommended intakes for vitamin D are as low as 200 IU daily for those aged 19-50, and go only as high as 600 IU daily for those over the age of 70.

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Vitamin D improves memory and brain cell function


Lack of Sunlight Found to Greatly Increase Risk of Lung Cancer

Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer

From: CNN

Editor’s note: Jeffrey A. Miron is senior lecturer in economics at Harvard University. A Libertarian, he was one of 166 academic economists who signed a letter to congressional leaders last week opposing the government bailout plan.

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (CNN) — Congress has balked at the Bush administration’s proposed $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. Under this plan, the Treasury would have bought the “troubled assets” of financial institutions in an attempt to avoid economic meltdown.

This bailout was a terrible idea. Here’s why.

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Frosty Wooldridge: Demise of America — “Americans have been ‘enstupidated’ … People don’t want TO BE FREE”

From: News with Views

Can you hear the clock ticking on the demise of America? Yes, Congress expects to pass a package bailout deal to save all those bankers, realtors and lenders from their dirty deals for the past 15 years. They might as well tighten a tourniquet around America’s arm while her legs fall off.

A reader said, “I admire your efforts, and I admire your passion. I hate to say it, but I think the cause is lost. I don’t say it because I think the causes you push are unjust. Far from it. I say it because the globalists have done their work very well.

Americans have been ‘enstupidated’. Having read John Taylor Gatto’s seminal work, and several thousand other books on history and political subjects, it just appears to me that the main goals have been achieved. The communist party agenda has largely been enshrined in State and (especially) Federal laws. Rule of law is dead, as well as is obedience and fealty to our Constitution. Most people, especially so called elected officials and law enforcement, are ignorant as to what is actually written in our Constitution.

“One thing struck me recently as I was re-reading John Taylor Gatto’s book. The goal of public schools is not education, but social control. It was to make revolution impossible by dumbing the populace down, and making them dependent upon their leaders. ….

“The tyranny is no longer creeping. It is running forward at a full gallop. People are cheering it on. People don’t want to be free; they want the illusion of security. They are no longer free spirited yeomen, but peasants of the technological age. I want my kids growing up free, self-interested, moral, educated free agents whose loyalty and patriotism are not used to get them to support tyranny, but are used to allow them to explore freedom. If they can’t have freedom where they are, I want them to have the intellectual and moral fortitude to seek it anywhere in this world they can. At one point, Americans all came from somewhere else. I don’t consider it wrong to follow the example of my own ancestors. The only difference is that instead of coming to the USA seeking freedom, we now flee it, seeking freedom.

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Anchorage, Alaska: Lighting up Midtown—Hundreds of LEDs turn top of structure into giant sculpture

From: Anchorage Daily News

You can glimpse it from all over town, glowing above a stand of trees in Valley of the Moon, looming over the parking lot of the Midtown Applebee’s, from high on the Hillside, undulating blue-green against the hazy sky like a little slice of northern lights.

It’s a four-story light installation, a sculpture of sorts, on top of the new JL Tower, an office building off C Street near 36th Avenue.

As autumn darkness descends, it’s emerging as a luminescent landmark in the city’s developing professional district….

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