[video] POWERFUL! Alex Jones’ Talkers Keynote Speech — Passionately speaking to big-and-little-name talk-show hosts, trying to convince them to join the fight for truth and freeeeeeeeeeeee——dom!!! Great intro by Lionel!!


[Excellent and Funny!] The talk-show host who introduced Alex at Talkers discusses talk radio, naked body scanners and Alex Jones!

10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5nyxkv9c18]NWO Media Gasping For Air: Alex Jones’ Talkers Keynote Speech 1/2

Uploaded by on Jun 29, 2011

Introducing the speech, fellow talk radio host Lionel explains how Alex has seized every broadcast medium possible and used it as a platform for the Infowar, including the legendary Google bomb, which prompted Google to change their whole algorithm process in a bid to stop Alex from making certain topics go viral through the power of his listeners. Lionel humorously emphasizes how people like Alex are pivotal in keeping alive the format of spoken word in an environment where millions of You Tube users with minuscule attention spans have little other interest than watching clips of a “a duck playing a piano”.

Alex Jones then commences his speech by discussing the how the landscape of communications is being transformed right now as the powers that be attempt to seize control of the Internet and strangle all alternative voices as a quickening towards technological singularity advances. However, with the establishment now so discredited and untrustworthy, Alex explains how their attacks are actually having blowback and making people turn to the alternative media to an even greater extent.

Alex addresses the assault on the First Amendment, down to the level of other major talk show hosts who publicly announced their refusal to attend the Talkers conference simply because Alex would be speaking, and passionately argues how free speech – a rare commodity in much of the world – is treated like toilet paper by a lot of Americans who believe themselves to be part of the crony establishment.

Alex then unveils the basic truth behind the growing popularity of his message – talk about real issues and do so from a position of honesty and veritas – ignore temptations to join the system and just become a parroter of the controlled consensus and the managed paradigm – become a maverick, look at issues from different perspectives and never follow the herd. Most of our readers are fully cognizant of this, but for a lot of the individuals in the Talkers audience listening to Alex’s speech, this would have been something of a revelation.


Mike Adam’s Natural News Headlines


Hexane may be lurking in the soy protein found in popular food bars

By Kas McNally
June 30 – Protein bars, breakfast bars, really anything in bar form just makes sense in our dine while dashing society. The question is, what is it you’re really eating? Most of these bars claim to offer healthy, wholesome…

Eating blueberries helps build strong bones, suggests study

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
June 30 – Move over calcium, there is a new bone builder in town. Research published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research back in 2010 showed that blueberry compounds helped improve bone development in lab rats…

BPA plastics chemical found to feminize males

By S. L. Baker, features writer
June 30 – Don’t worry, be happy. Just ignore the fact that countless researchers have warned time and time again that the chemical bisphenol A (BPA for short) is a major hormone disruptor and is a huge threat to human…

Feds raid Amish farm for the crime of selling raw milk

By Bella Muse
June 30 – A year long sting? 5 A.M raid? An undercover agent using aliases? The crime in question: unpasteurized milk. It is absolutely absurd to know that these kinds of exaggerated situations actually take place…

GM marijuana booms in South America, growers reap ten times market value

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
June 30 – Business is booming for sales of marijuana that has been genetically-modified (GM) to contain up to nine times more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than normal marijuana, according to a recent report by AFP. The…

What you need to know about omega-3s (Opinion)

By Hesh Goldstein
June 30 – Rather than get really technical and bore you to death with long chemical words, there are two fatty acids that are considered “essential”. One is omega-3 (alpha-linoleic acid) and the other is omega-6 (linoleic…

Super-efficient, low-cost inkjet system to revolutionize solar energy technology

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
June 30 – The same technology used in your home or office printer to deliver ink to paper is now being used in a revolutionary new solar technology that eliminates 90 percent of raw material waste, and drastically cuts…

Coconut sugar quickly replacing agave nectar as natural sweetener of choice

By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
June 29 – Over the last two years, we’ve witnessed a mass exodus away from agave nectar and a search for more natural sweeteners that are both low on the glycemic index and high in nutrient density. Several candidates…

The true story of SV40, the cancer-causing virus hidden in polio vaccines

By J. D. Heyes
June 29 – Poliomylitis, or polio for short, is a disease that has been around since ancient times, and despite the medical advances we have made in the United States in terms of regular and natural health, there is still…

Are you eating pesticides? Canola oil, soybean oil used as key ingredients in pesticide products

By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
June 29 – In a shocking new video, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) reveals that common cooking oils such as canola oil and soybean oil are used as key active ingredients in pesticide products because they work so effectively…

Japan’s ‘most dangerous reactor’ severely damaged, could become worse than Fukushima

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
June 29 – If you have been following the events surrounding the unfolding Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe here on NaturalNews over the past several months, you are already likely aware that it is now considered…

Organic Consumers Association boycott forces Silk soymilk to get honest with Non-GMO Project

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
June 29 – The Silk beverage company, which is owned by the nation’s largest dairy conglomerate Dean Foods, shot itself in the foot in 2009 when it quietly switched its line of organic soymilk beverages to conventional…

Nuclear facilities in the US at risk of disaster this week

By Randall Neustaedter OMD
June 29 – Are you worried about nuclear facility safety? Could the US have a disaster similar to Japan? Just this week three nuclear facilities have been threatened by the power of nature. The Fort Calhoun nuclear reactor…

Stop USDA from allowing commercial plantings of GM eucalyptus trees

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
June 29 – In 2010, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) granted approval to ArborGen, a multinational company that produces genetically-modified (GM) trees, to plant its GM eucalyptus trees on dozens of test sites…

The Six Pillars of Vibrant Health on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour

By Jonathan Landsman
June 29 – Does your medical doctor understand what you really want? Find out what you’re missing from your healthcare professional. The NaturalNews Talk Hour presents The Six Pillars of Vibrant Health with our special…

Olestra fake fat actually increases body fat, says study

By Sally Oaken
June 29 – Popular wisdom suggests that substituting high fat foods with equal amounts of reduced fat and reduced calorie foods will lead to weight loss. It’s long been assumed that weight fluctuations influenced by nutrition…

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Southern Baptists Reject Updated NIV Bible — But still accept the disgustingly deceptive original NIV (New Illuminati perVersion) gutted translation


What is HORRIBLY WRONG with Modern Bible Translations like the NIV? Most modern versions slavishly depend on the Egyptian and Vatican corruptions of the New Testament!

Is Murdoch’s NIV the ‘N’ew ‘I’lluminati ‘V’ersion? Has the Word of God Been Corrupted to Bring US Into the New World Order?

NIV alterations that greatly affect Christian doctrine — including my pet peeves. The NIV is destroying the church! Here’s proof.

Westcott and Hort Magic Marker Binge! Would you take a magic marker to your Bible and cross out words from passages? Do you read the NIV?

– –

From: Christian Post

Southern Baptists Reject Updated NIV Bible

Southern Baptists recently announced their rejection of the new NIV Bible at their annual convention in Phoenix, Ariz., saying they could not commend the translation and its use of gender-neutral language.

The resolution introduced by author Tim Overton of Muncie, Ind., passed by at least a 2-to-1 margin, and only received a handful of opposing votes, Baptist Press reported.

“Southern Baptists repeatedly have affirmed our commitment to the full inspiration and authority of Scripture,” the resolution states. “This translation alters the meaning of hundreds of verses, most significantly by erasing gender-specific details which appear in the original language.”

Expressing “profound disappointment” with Biblica and Zondervan Publishing House, who printed 1.9 million copies of the updated Bible in the first run, the SBC “respectfully [requested]” that Lifeway Bookstores not sell the new version in their stores and encouraged pastors to let their congregations know of the translation errors.

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[video] Texans Take On TSA Tyranny

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4eTldMDdcA]Texans Take On TSA Tyranny

Uploaded by on Jun 28, 2011

This video highlights what Alex calls a ‘citizen’s filibuster’; an attempt to force another special session in the Texas legislature to keep the TSA anti-groping bill on the table while rejecting the newer bill which compromises our guaranteed fourth amendment protections.

On June 27 2011, aided by several hundred angry citizens at the Texas capital, Alex Jones made it perfectly clear to the Senate that we’re not going to allow the TSA to molest Texas anymore. Texas Governor Rick Perry is proving to be one the most duplicitous politicians yet by putting the TSA anti-groping bill on the table and then killing it behind the scenes during a special session. The Texas house was set to pass a much softer version of the original bill. This new toothless resolution will be framed as a victory against the TSA when really the resolution will bolster the TSA’s actions.

[video] Glenn Beck: Teaches NO HATE/ Love No Matter What after what happened to him and his family

We have many reasons not to trust Glenn Beck,
including how he can turn on those tears.
He’s been a disinfo agent far too often.

But who knows?
Maybe he’s getting it.

Maybe he won’t openly make fun of good people anymore,
and he won’t shill for the establishment?

Tearful Glenn Beck Describes How He And His Family
Were Attacked In New York Park

Alex Jones TV: Excellent Ron Paul interview — Ron encouraged that people are starting to wake up, but most still willingly line up for the naked body scanners, which he calls the litmus test, along with the enhanced pat downs. And the future of the dollar doesn’t look good. The media no longer openly laugh at him, yet they still ignore him.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Z7mhcWACo]Ron Paul: People Are Finally Waking Up To The Tyranny 1/2

Uploaded by on Jun 28, 2011

Alex talks with Texas congressman Ron Paul about the TSA and the unconstitutional war on Libya.



Alex Jones TV: Lt. Col. Craig Roberts: America Under Siege — “We are ripe for the picking.”

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5Nd4lTljAE]Lt. Col. Craig Roberts: America Under Siege – Alex Jones Tv 1/3

Uploaded by on Jun 28, 2011

Alex talks with retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Craig Roberts, who served 12 years working as the Ground Liaison Officer in the Intelligence Section of the 138th Tactical Fighter Group.

Continue reading “Alex Jones TV: Lt. Col. Craig Roberts: America Under Siege — “We are ripe for the picking.””

The News from Prison Planet

From: PrisonPlanet.tv…

10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

From: Activist Post

10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

Many readers will expect to see Matt Drudge or Arianna Huffington on this list.  Although they both indeed have leading Internet news websites that cover some fringe stories and report on systematic injustices more so than the mainstream media, they primarily aggregate mainline news.  Therefore, they are excluded from our “alternative media” label.

The criteria we’ve chosen to base these rankings of the most influential alternative media figures are the following;

  • people that have the courage to seek the truth no matter where the information leads them;
  • those with the courage to question 9/11;
  • those who don’t buy into the false left-right political paradigm;
  • those who are grounded in peace and liberty;
  • those with the communication skills and platform to affect real change.

Significantly, each of the people who made our list is clearly driven by unyielding passion.  Despite some natural disagreements, they each provide a unique bridge to forbidden knowledge and they all deserve high praise for their efforts and commitment to inform the public. Sincerely, it is very encouraging to have so many talented voices leading the stampede for truth, liberty, justice, and peace.

With so many people doing great work in the real alternative media, we are sure that some deserving reporters will be left off the list. Although Activist Post has forged relationships with some of the people on this list, we’ve tried to remain as non-biased as possible in our observations.  At the end, we’ve also included a list of those who deserve honorable mention for their tireless work and talent providing the truth.

10. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


Click for the rest — Guess who is #1