’60 Minutes’: Nightmare At Guantanamo Bay (Doctor Assisted Torture)

From: 60 Minutes

An innocent man held as a terror detainee for years tells Scott Pelley, in his first U.S. television interview, how Americans tortured him in Afghanistan and then at Guantanamo Bay.

… He told 60 Minutes that American troops held his head underwater.

“They used to beat me when my head is underwater. They beat me into my stomach and everything,” he says.

They were hitting you in the stomach while you’re head was underwater so that you’d have to take a breath?” Pelley asks. …

Kurnaz says the Americans used a device to shock him with electricity that made his body go numb. And he says he was hoisted up on chains suspended by his arms from the ceiling of an aircraft hangar for five days.

Every five or six hours they came and pulled me back down. And the doctor came to watch if I can still survive to not. He looked into my eyes. He checked my heart. And when he said okay, then they pulled me back up,” Kurnaz says. …

At Guantanamo Kurnaz says he endured endless months of interrogations, beatings at the hands of soldiers in riot gear, and physical cruelty which included going without sleep for weeks and solitary confinement for up to a month in cells that were sealed without ventilation or were set up to punish him with extreme conditions.

“It’s dark inside. No lights. And they can punish you in isolation by coldness or by the heat. They have special air conditioners over there. Very strong. They can turn it very cold or very hot,” Kurnaz says.

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Disgusting! ‘Realtime’ Guest: “We have a right to curse out the people…we love the most”

From: Realtime with Bill Maher, 3/28/08

MAHER: We have to bring on our “Real Time” Real Reporter. … Let me ask you quickly, because you’re a radical—[laughter]—have you ever said, “G__ D___ America”? Because I think that’s the worst thing they find this guy said – “G__ D___ America!” Because I watch the TV – “the TV,” what am I, eighty? [laughter]—I watch the TV. [laughter] But I watch TV, and about three times a week, I see something going on where I feel – I say something akin to that. Because this country is so greedy and so…

DAN SAVAGE: Who hasn’t said, “G__ D___ blank” about things that they [love] – I’ve said, “G__ D___ my mother” when she’s gotten on my nerves.

MAHER: [overlapping] Right.

SAVAGE: Like, we have a right to curse out the people and things we love the most. [laughter]

MAHER: Right.

SAVAGE: What else would make you as angry as the things you love? [applause]


Snowmachine Critically Injures Mackey’s Most-Prized Dog

From: Anchorage Daily News

NOME — An unidentified man driving a snowmachine early Saturday morning crashed into the back of the dog sled driven by two-time Iditarod champion Lance Mackey during the All-Alaska Sweepstakes and seriously injured a key animal in his Comeback Kennel.

Mackey broke down in tears Saturday, telling how his most-prized dog, Zorro, was critically injured as the canine was riding in the sled’s basket from Safety to Nome — less than 22 miles left in the 408-mile race.

“I was flashing them like mad with my headlamp,” Mackey said. “I was shining my headlamp right in his face, but they kept on coming at me.

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Joe Sample’s Decision: “I’m NOT GOING TO HATE the white man. I’m going to the piano & CREATE THE LIFE that I want TO LIVE!”

The piano, to me, was that escape
from the boredom,
the segregation,
the racism

that existed in the deep south.

I had to fight this constant proclamation
that I was inherently born inferior.

So at 22-years old, I made a decision;
and I told all my friends:

I’ve got enough of civil rights;
I’m not going to hate the white man.
I’m going to the piano,
and I’m gonna create the life that I want to live!

And yes,
music can transform our lives.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:
“Live from Abbey Road,” the Sundance Channel

Obama’s Pastor Being Vilified—The Black Church Largely Misunderstood

From: WorldNetDaily

Black summit pastors defend Obama preacher
‘This former U.S. Marine is guilty of loving the United States enough to tell the truth’

… “What is eminently clear is the degree to which the black church is still largely misunderstood and routinely caricatured in U.S. popular culture. … We now realize why the 11 o’clock hour on Sunday is the most segregated hour of the week,” said Stacey Floyd-Thomas, who teaches ethics and directs black church studies at Brite. …

“If Martin Luther King Jr. were pastoring a church today, it would look very much like Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Ill., and the sermons you would hear him preach would sound very much” like Wright’s, Rev. Frederick Haynes III, senior pastor at Friendship West Baptist Church, said.

King, Floyd-Thomas noted, once called America “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” adding that the slain civil rights leader had been scheduled to deliver a sermon titled “Why America May Go to Hell” [Isn’t this the road America is currently largely on? – ed.] on the Sunday after he was assassinated in 1968, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“Standing in the rich tradition of the African-American church, if he is guilty of anything, this loving father, this prophetic pastor, this former U.S. Marine is guilty of loving the United States enough to tell the truth,” she said. …

As WND has reported, Wright used his pulpit to accuse the U.S. of knowing about the planned attack on Pearl Harbor prior to the 1941 Japanese attack and to blame the government for developing the HIV virus to target blacks. [see the evidence for Write’s comments being actually true, below – ed.]

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Reverend Jeremiah Wright Is Right About Man-Made AIDS

From: Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty Newsletter – January 2001

Does our government really manipulate world events and create crisis situations? The answer to that question should be self-evident. Those who have read Robert Stinnett’s book Day of Deceit realize that President Roosevelt manipulated the Japanese government and forced them to attack Pearl Harbor. The 2800 servicemen who perished there were sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. [12] …

12. Robert Stinnett, Day Of Deceit, The Free Press, New York, 2000, p. 8.

From: OriginOfAIDS.com

Dr. [Leonard] Horowitz unearthed and reprinted stunning scientific documents and National Institutes of Health contracts proving that chimpanzees, contaminated with numerous viruses, were used to produce hundreds of hepatitis B vaccine doses administered to central African Blacks along with homosexual men in New York City at precisely the time Dr. Myers and colleagues claim the origin of HIV “punctuated event” occurred.

Regarding Martin Luther King’s comments (above), this interview with economic hit man, John Perkins is an excellent introduction as to how the corporatocracy in America has been manipulating and impoverishing much of the world for decades—which is well known in much of the world.

Just in Iraq, as many as one million Iraqi men, women, children and the elderely have died because Saddam Hussein refused to play ball with our corporatocracy. John Perkins explains how this is done. Much of it is done covertly. We only bring in the military when nothing else works.

Dalai Lama: ‘China Cloaking Soldiers as Monks to Incite Riots’

From: IBNLive

New Delhi: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Saturday alleged that Chinese soldiers disguised as monks were instigating riots in his homeland.

Dalai Lama joined religious leaders of several faiths at the memorial of Mahatama Gandhi, Rajghat, in New Delhi, to pray for those killed in the unrest in Tibet since March 10.

The exiled Tibetan leader told reporters later that he had come to New Delhi to take a course on Buddhist teaching and meditation, but his mind had been much distracted after the Lhasa uprising.

“Since March 10 (when riots begin in Lhasa), I am having the same experience that I had in 1959 (the year he fled to India from Tibet),” he said.

China was disguising its soldiers as monks to give the impression that Tibetans were instigating the riots, he added.

“In one picture, we see a lama holding a sword, but it is not a traditional Tibetan sword. We know that a few hundred soldiers have been dressed like monks,” said the Dalai Lama….

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Did the Government Entrap the 9/11 Hijackers?

From: George Washington’s Blog

Note: I am not arguing that the hijackers’ names should be cleared or that they are good people who were victimized. Anyone who took a single life on 9/11 is a murderer and a scoundrel. I am, instead, simply asking who the true masterminds of 9/11 were, and who provided the resources to carry out the plan.


We’ve all seen it on television. The defense attorney argues his client was “entrapped”. That is, that it wasn’t the defendant’s idea to commit the crime, but that the police planted the idea and urged him to do it.

Many of us have heard allegations that post-9/11 arrests of suspected Al Qaeda members were based on very thin information. Did you realize that all or virtually all of these arrests occurred due to entrapment? For example:

• PBS’ Frontline ran a special report focusing on the the alleged Al Qaeda plot in Lodi, California, which showed — based upon interviews with top law enforcement officials involved in the case — that the bust amounted to little more than entrapment and coerced and fabricated confessions from two men who, in fact, had nothing to do with the terrorist group

• The Washington Post ran a story about one alleged threat entitled “Was it a terror sting or entrapment?“, showing that the U.S. government lent material support to the wanna-be terrorists, and put violent ideas in their heads

• Raw Story reports that the alleged terrorist group that is alleged to have planned to blow up Chicago’s Sears Tower was non-violent before a government informant infiltrated the group and planted violent ideas in their heads

• There are numerous other instances of entrapment of peaceful or mentally incompetent people who are then arrested as “terrorists” (see this, this and this)
But surely 9/11 was different, right?

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Death of the Bees: GMO Crops & the Decline of Bee Colonies in North America

From: Global Research

Commercial beehives pollinate over a third of [North]America’s crops and that web of nourishment encompasses everything from fruits like peaches, apples, cherries, strawberries and more, to nuts like California almonds, 90 percent of which are helped along by the honeybees. Without this pollination, you could kiss those crops goodbye, to say nothing of the honey bees produce or the flowers they also fertilize’.1

This essay will discuss the arguments and seriousness pertaining to the massive deaths and the decline of Bee colonies in North America. As well, it will shed light on a worldwide hunger issue that will have an economical and ecological impact in the very near future.

There are many reasons given to the decline in Bees, but one argument that matters most is the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and “Terminator Seeds” that are presently being endorsed by governments and forcefully utilized as our primary agricultural needs of survival. I will argue what is publicized and covered by the media is in actuality masking the real forces at work, namely the impact of genetically modified seeds on the reproduction of bee colonies across North America.

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Pastor Baldwin: Are We Headed for ‘Jericho’ (CBS)?

From: News with Views

A friend recently turned me on to the CBS television series, Jericho. I watch so little network television that I confess to never having seen the show before this week. Obviously, then, I am quite uninformed as to the overall plot and previous episodes. What I saw Tuesday evening, however, stunned me. Why? Because it very aptly depicted what could become a very real-life scenario for these United States in the not-so-distant future.

If I accurately picked up the basic plot of the show, average, freedom-loving citizens in the Western U.S. are fighting against tyrannical elements of their own government, including military forces. The State of Texas has declared its independence from the corrupt new government and another civil war is breaking out in America. And all this was predicated upon a nuclear attack, which some believed was an inside job. Am I close?

Contributing further to my amazement was the way Jericho used real-life political events to depict America’s fall into tyranny. I was flabbergasted to see the characters of Jericho refer to the Continuity of Government act as the foundation for the government’s declaration of martial law after the nuclear attack had occurred.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Continuity of Government (COG) act is not television make-believe: it is the real deal.

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Ron Paul Alaska: Reports from the Alaskan Republican Party Convention

From: Ron Paul 2008

Alaska is Ron Paul Country

The news was buzzing earlier in the week with stories of our successes in last weekend’s Missouri caucuses. You can still find reports on that coverage on our Daily Dose campaign blog.

There is also much good news to report from Alaska, where the hard work, dedication, and great attitude of Ron Paul supporters resulted in several planks being added to the official Alaskan Republican Party platform. Several resolutions, which will stand for the next two years, were also agreed upon.

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From: Ron Paul Alaskans

Chris McGraw: Ron Republicans Report!

This is what Chris wrote on Saturday night after returning from the Convention:

The Alaskan Republican Party State Convention took place in Anchorage from March 13th to 15th. I just got back home. This is my informal report.

There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 to 360 total delegates to the State Convention, as I recall (I don’t remember the exact number and I could be significantly wrong on that).

As you may have heard, the Alaskan Ron Paulites were very organized and aggressive during our February 5th and 9th district conventions. We organized state-wide to crash the Republican convention, passed amazing platform changes and resolutions, and got a lot of us elected as delegates to the State Convention. After those successful district conventions, we kept working hard to organize and prepare for the State Convention. All told, we were able to secure 105 delegates to State, or roughly 30% of the total by my estimation. While we were not a majority, this made us a force to be reckoned with.

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Moose’s Sharp Hearing Attributed to Antlers

From: The Guardian

They are some of the most extravagant headgear in the animal kingdom, but a moose’s antlers are not just for show. Scientists believe they act as elaborate hearing aids that help males to find calling females.

A study has found that the antlers’ sound-gathering qualities boost the hearing of the animals by 19%.

Moose, which are called elk in Europe, are well-known for their impressive hearing. Their ears are more than 60 times larger than those of a human, and their calls can travel nearly two miles.

Scientists had previously suspected the antlers helped with locating mates because males with them were found to be better able to locate females than those without.

George Bubenik, of the University of Guelph, Ontario, and his son Peter, of Cleveland State University in Ohio, decided to test the antler amplifier hypothesis by using a moose skull and a fake ear made by a TV special effects team.

The two scientists put a microphone inside the fake ear, placed between the sweeping Alaskan moose antlers.

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Electroshock Bracelets Could Replace Airline Tickets (for our ‘convenience & safety’ of course)

From: BlackListedNews.com

The patent actually reads this:

Upon activation of the electric shock device, through receipt of an activating signal from the selectively operable remote control means, the passenger wearing that particular bracelet receives the disabling electrical shock from the electric shock device. Accordingly, the passenger becomes incapacitated for a few seconds or perhaps a few minutes, during which time the passenger can be fully subdued and handcuffed, if necessary. Depending on the type of transmission medium used to send the activating signal, other passengers may also become temporarily incapacitated, which is undesirable and unfortunate, but may be unavoidable.

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People-Cursing-People Example: “David Beckham’s Latest Challenge”

From: 60 Minutes, March 23, 2008

(CBS) You’ve probably heard of soccer player David Beckham, but what might surprise you is that with the possible exception of Tiger Woods, the 32-year-old Englishman is the most well-known and well-compensated athlete in the world. …

While his career has been marked by stunning victories, there’ve also been very public failures. In 1998, Beckham was ejected from the World Cup for a kick against an opposing player. England lost the match against rivals Argentina and was eliminated from the tournament. Almost everyone in England blamed it on Beckham. His family was harassed, and he received death threats.

“There was a sort of dummy of me with an England shirt on, with a noose around, hung up outside a pub in England,” Beckham remembers.

Asked if the English take soccer too seriously, Beckham tells Cooper, “I’m not sure I’d say they take it too seriously. But, you know, sometimes it oversteps the mark. Like I played in European championships two years later, and as I was walking off the pitch, some England fans shouted up, ‘I hope your child dies of cancer.'”

Beckham’s reaction? He gave them the finger.

“It was reported at the time of me just being, you know, my petulant self. Until the actual truth came out about what people had shouted at me,” Beckham says.

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Alaska: Palmer Golf Course Opens All 18 Holes for Business

From: Anchorage Daily News

Blessed by an early spring, Palmer Golf Course opened 18 holes with two temporary greens on Friday.

Word spread quickly. On Friday, about 50 players showed up, Palmer director of golf George Collum estimated. By Saturday, as many 80 were on the course — including one who buried an early-season eagle.

“It’s very early,” Collum said Saturday. “We opened in 2002 on the 28th of March. This is a week earlier, but we’re opening all 18 holes this time.” …

Collum said this is the course’s earliest opening.

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10 Million Tons Floating: The Plastic Sea

From: News with Views

If you should see this amazing floating pile of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, it’s called “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” It features three million tons of plastic debris floating in an area larger than Texas. An eye-popping 46,000 pieces of plastic float on every square mile of ocean! Humans toss another 2.5 million pieces into our oceans hourly.

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Ron Paul on Coast to Coast AM Tonight, 1st Hour—March 24th | MP3 Audio


MP3 of George Noory’s Ron Paul Interview


From: Coast to Coast AM

Schedule for 03.24.08 – 03.28.08

Hosted by
George Noory

David Orrell, Ron Paul

Monday, March 24
First Hour: Congressman Ron Paul will talk about limited constitutional gov’t, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies, as well as discuss his 2008 presidential bid. Dr. Paul will also take questions.

Next up, mathematician and author David Orrell will discuss the limits of scientific prediction and how chaos theory and complexity limit our ability to predict weather, health and wealth.

Hosted by
George Noory

Jon Biloon

Tuesday, March 25
Subsistence Farmer in Hawaii who as studied alternative agriculture, Jon Biloon will discuss the dangers of Genetically Modified Foods and how Agri-business is robbing individuals of health, spirituality and sovereignty.


Coast to Coast AM is live nightly from 10pm to 2am Pacific.


Fed ‘Bailout’ of Bear Stearns First of its Kind Since Great Depression

From: Democracy Now

MAX FRAAD WOLFF: …I take a bit of an issue with the description that Bear Stearns was bailed out. Everybody Bear Stearns does business with was bailed out. Bear Stearns was taken out by the Federal Reserve and JPMorgan, which then served Bear Stearns’s still-warm remains to JPMorgan Chase [one of the owners of the “Federal” Reserve – ed.]. …

NOMI PRINS: … So when I was talking to my old friends there and my old colleagues there, I was getting comments like, you know, this is like getting literally punched in the face. This is like—one of the fellows who runs one of the areas said, “You know what? This is literally like having, you know, a child die. It’s like being raped.” It’s all of these things. You know, you leave work on Friday after the stock is down $30, you come in on Monday morning, having heard Sunday that you’re being taken out at $2 a share, and you know. And one of the guys in there who actually kind of was knowing what was going on said, you know, this was the government shutting us down.
So, as Max was saying, a bailout is one way to look at—the Fed bailed part of the banking industry out by shutting down Bear Stearns and coming in there to look like it was saving the day.

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Anchorage, Alaska: Less Light Pollution from High-tech Street Lights—Yay!

From: Anchorage Daily News

The color of night is about to change.

In a move expected to save millions, improve nighttime visibility and make it easier to see the stars, the city plans to phase out its 16,500 pinkish-orange streetlights and replace them with energy-efficient white lights. In this northern metropolis, where residents live so much of their lives under artificial light, the switch means seeing everything differently.

“The one thing about the orange light, it makes everything fuzzier. White light, it makes everything crisper,” said Nancy Clanton, a Boulder, Colo., street lighting expert helping with the new lighting plan.

Light planners are also looking at ways to make street light more precise. What if lights dimmed slowly, responding to the rising sun? Is there a way to keep them from shining into bedroom windows? How many subtle undulations of northern lights could we see if we dampened Anchorage’s nighttime glow?

The city’s light replacement plan, one of the most ambitious in the nation, … would probably happen gradually as traditional lights burn out…. Streetlights burn out every three to four years.

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Lee Rogers: The Federal Reserve Is Destroying America

From: Funny Money Report

At this point it seems pretty certain that we are facing an inflationary depression. What’s awful is that much of this is being done by design. The Federal Reserve would prefer to save the banking cartel instead of doing what’s best for the American people. A stable U.S. Dollar would be what’s best for the American people but of course they aren’t moving in that direction. It is likely that we are seeing the start of a domino collapse in the U.S. financial system and it’s going to get ugly.

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Winter Soldier: US Vets, Active-Duty Soldiers from Iraq & Afghanistan Testify About the Horrors of War

From: Democracy Now

US veterans gathered in Maryland this past weekend to testify at Winter Soldier, an eyewitness indictment of atrocities committed by US troops during the ongoing occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers spoke of free-fire zones, the shootings and beatings of innocent civilians, racism at the highest levels of the military, sexual harassment and assault within the military, and the torturing of prisoners. While the corporate media ignored the story, we broadcast their voices. [includes rush transcript] Continue reading “Winter Soldier: US Vets, Active-Duty Soldiers from Iraq & Afghanistan Testify About the Horrors of War”

Bear Bailout: Why Aren’t We Furious?

From: ProLibertate, by William N. Grigg

A few nights ago, at the end of a day devoted to productive and pacific pursuits, after you had surrendered to a few hours of well-earned sleep, the people who presume to rule us raided your bank accounts.

No, I’m not referring to the Regime’s ability to monitor your financial transactions, a power displayed to dramatic effect in the prostitution sting that ended Eliot Spitzer’s lamentable career. Yes, you’ve probably been subject to totalitarian scrutiny of that sort at some point as well, but that’s a topic for another occasion.

Right now, I’m talking about the Federal Reserve’s most recent wealth redistribution plan, through which hundreds of billions of “dollars” will be created in an effort to stave off bank failures — an effort that will not succeed.

To create this so-called “money,” the Fed has to steal the value of what each of us has earned, saved, or invested.

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Denmark-based Saxo Bank Predicts Ron Paul for 2008

From: Nolan Chart

Saxo Bank experts believe that oil prices will hit the level of 175 dollars per barrel in 2008, whereas grain prices will double. The U.S. and the Chinese markets will collapse by 25 and 40 percent respectively by the end of the summer of 2008. Every third of ten U.S. large building companies will go bankrupt. The British economy will also start declining.

The bank has its forecast on the new U.S. president too.

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Ron Paul Advisor Peter Schiff On Cavuto: “Let Them Go Under”



“Why should the average American have to pay more for gasoline and more for food because these Wall Street guys screwed up? Let them go under.”

“All they’re doing is buying time.”

“We have all of the ingredients for a major market meltdown.”

“It was a bubble economy all along. It was never real.”


Ron Paul: “Since 2001 the dollar has been devalued by 60%” (April 2006)

From: www.house.gov/Paul, April 25, 2006

What the Price of Gold is Telling Us


Since 2001 the dollar has been devalued by 60%.

In 1934 FDR devalued the dollar by 41%.

In 1971 Nixon devalued the dollar by 7.9%.

In 1973 Nixon devalued the dollar by 10%.

These were momentous monetary events, and every knowledgeable person worldwide paid close attention. Major changes were endured in 1979 and 1980 to save the dollar from disintegration. This involved a severe recession, interest rates over 21%, and general price inflation of 15%.

Today we face a 60% devaluation and counting, yet no one seems to care. It’s of greater significance than the three events mentioned above. And yet the one measurement that best reflects the degree of inflation, the Fed and our government deny us. Since March, M3 reporting has been discontinued.

For starters, I’d like to see Congress demand that this report be resumed. I fully believe the American people and Congress are entitled to this information. Will we one day complain about false intelligence, as we have with the Iraq war? Will we complain about not having enough information to address monetary policy after it’s too late?

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