Bob Chapman Critiques Lindsey Williams’ “The Next 12 Months” Theory

From: The International Forecaster, 7/26/08

Lindsey Williams, who has been an ordained Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. The Transalaska oil pipeline began its construction phase in 1974, and because of his concern for the spiritual welfare of the “pipeliners,” Mr. Williams volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the subsequent full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to the information that is documented in his book, “The Energy Non-Crisis,” which shows that peak oil is a scam because our domestic reserves in the North Slope of Alaska alone are at least as large as those in Saudi Arabia and are potentially large enough to power the US with domestic oil for two centuries. Recently this year, due to the sensitive nature of his book, Mr. Williams’ life was threatened and he was forced to shut down his web-site and stop selling his books and CDs. At the urging of Dr. Stanley Monteith of Radio Liberty, he called back the same oil executive who had warned him about the danger he would be in if he continued to disseminate certain information to ask if in fact there was any information that he could in fact convey to the public without upsetting the powers that be. The oil executive, who Mr. Williams had known for years, gave Mr. Williams some startling revelations which he could safely reveal to the general public. As you know, the Illuminati are arrogant enough to reveal some of their plans because they believe there is nothing we can do about it.

Basically, Mr. Williams was told that over the next twelve months, from mid-2008 to mid-2009, (1) news of super giant oil fields, ready to produce, would be announced for two locations, in the Northern Slopes of Russia and in Indonesia, which oil fields would together contain more oil reserves than the entire Middle East; (2) that this news would drive oil prices down to $50/barrel; (3) that OPEC countries, especially in the Middle East, would be bankrupted by this price decrease; (4) that this would cause the financing of our foreign trade and current account deficits through purchases of treasury paper by foreign nations with their surplus oil profits to collapse, leading to the collapse of the dollar; (5) that the collapse of the dollar would cause unprecedented financial strife and turmoil in the US, and that it would take many years for the US to recover from this financial debacle; (6) that they (big oil) support John McCain for President; and (7) that US domestic oil reserves would never be tapped, and that any legislation which might allow domestic reserves to be tapped would not be allowed to pass, leaving the US dependent on foreign oil forever.

News of the Russian oil field has been announced just as predicted, but whether the rest happens as stated above remains to be seen. Nevertheless, many of these revelations seem quite feasible, so we thought we would comment on how these revelations might play out under the current financial scenario.

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Lindsey Williams on the Two Year Globalist Timetable: “They have some definite plans. Now whether they will succeed and accomplish it or not is another story. I hope they don’t, but on the other hand, that is their timeline”

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Lindsey Williams’ Book Now Online: “The Energy Non-Crisis”

Skousen: Gas Price Manipulation—Public Needs to Demand Opening of the Gull Island Oil Field (Alaska)

Lindsey Williams: The Energy *Non*-Crisis—Alaska’s ‘Classified’ Oil Reserve Largest on Earth?

Lindsey Williams’ Life Threatened by Tycoon for Speaking Out About the Non-Energy Crisis

Hitler’s 2nd in Command, Hermann Göring: It’s EASY to Drag People into War. All You Have to Do is…

Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. …voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

– Hermann Göring

Gilbert, G. (1995). Nuremberg Diary. New York: Da Capo Press, 278-279. ISBN 0306806614.

Historic ADN Front Cover: Alaska Sen. Stevens indicted; ‘I am innocent’

May our airport, again, be called Stevenslessly, “Anchorage International Airport.” We should never name real estate after living, electable politicians, no matter what.

From: Anchorage Daily News

A federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., indicted long-term U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens Tuesday on seven counts of filing false financial disclosures, each a felony charge that carries a penalty of five years in prison and an unspecified fine.

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Download pdf front cover while you can

Tarpley: Obama chosen because he represents a facelift for U.S./British imperialism — elite could do false-flag again

“[Zbigniew] Brzezinski continues to run Obama….”

“Obama is the face of imperialism. Obama represents a facelift for U.S./British imperialism…. He has left cover.”

“One of the reasons the ruling elite wants Obama is they think with Obama you could do false-flag [operations] again. Because Obama could say it and then they would believe it, whereas if McCain or Hillary said it, they wouldn’t believe it.”

– Webster Tarpley
Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:

The Alex Jones Show – L I V E – July 29th With Webster Tarpley and Mark Koernke
Alex speaks to author, lecturer, and critic of U.S. foreign and domestic policy, Webster Griffin Tarpley. An intelligence expert and historian who has been studying and exposing covert operations for over thirty years, Tarpley talks about his new book Obama – The Postmodern Coup.


Ron Paul: Obama Presidency Will Not Bring ‘Change’ — “The Same Forces Will Still Have Their Control”

“Change?” — Hillary & Obama’s Atrocity-Linked Advisors

Obama Economic Controller is Skull & Bones Member—Austan D. Goolsbee

Skousen: US Kingmakers Get Their Way No Matter Which Party Wins

Skousen: The Political Art of Lying

Ron Paul: Both Obama & McCain are Controlled by People Behind Them

Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones 7/28/08: The Next 12 Months

Lindsey resurfaces with new information: how these elitists may open two major oil fields in order to drop the price of oil to support their man, John McCain.

The large oil fields in the U.S. will remain capped, however.

[youtube=]Part 1

Alex welcomes author and radio host Dr. Stanley Monteith and Lindsey Williams, author of The Energy Non-Crisis, to discuss oil prices and inside information they have been given concerning an expected collapse of the U.S. economy. Williams also details disturbing instances of death threats he has received. Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster also makes an appearance. Continue reading “Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones 7/28/08: The Next 12 Months”

House Judiciary Committee Holds Historic Hearings on the Case for Impeachment

From: Democracy Now! 7/28/08

The House Judiciary Committee held historic hearings on Friday about whether the White House overstepped its constitutional authority during the presidency of George W. Bush and whether or not such abuses would justify his impeachment. The hearing was billed as one on “Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations.” Although the title expressly did not include the word “impeachment,” several Democratic Congress members and witnesses used the opportunity to begin impeachment proceedings against the President and Vice President. We play highlights.


REP. TAMMY BALDWIN: The American public expects no less. We, the people, conferred upon the branches of government limited and defined power and provided for meaningful checks and balances. Over the past several years, serious questions have been raised about the conduct of high-ranking administration officials in relation to some of the most basic elements of our democracy: respect for the rule of law, the principle of checks and balances, and the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights. In other words, the American people are in doubt as to whether administration officials have fulfilled their oaths of office to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution.

And their concerns are not insignificant. Americans want to know whether our nation’s highest-ranking officials broke the law to justify the invasion of Iraq. Many in our nation and around the world wonder whether today the Bush White House is planning to illegally attack Iran. They wonder, too, whether their private conversations are being listened to by government officials unconcerned about restraints placed upon them by the Constitution; whether our nation is holding individuals in secret prisons, denying them even the right to appear before a judge or to be represented by an attorney or to confront their accusers. They wonder who authorized torture and rendition. They wonder whether this administration will forever change what it means to be an American.

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From: Web of Debt

Most people, evidently including Mr. Grant, actually think that the Federal Reserve is a federal agency; and that paper dollars are issued by the government; and that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are federal mortgage giants. The American people are silent because they have been duped into believing they have gotten what they wanted. In fact, what the people got was not at all what the Populists fought for, or what their leader William Jennings Bryan thought he was approving when he voted for the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. …

To get their bill past the opposition in Congress, the Wall Street faction changed its name to the Federal Reserve Act and brought it three days before Christmas, when Congress was preoccupied with departure for the holidays. The bill was so obscurely worded that no one really understood its provisions. …

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was a major coup for the international bankers. They had battled for more than a century to establish a private central bank in the United States with the exclusive right to “monetize” the government’s debt; that is, to print their own money and exchange it for government securities or I.O.U.s. The Federal Reserve Act authorized a private central bank to create money out of nothing, lend it to the government at interest, and control the national money supply, expanding or contracting it at will. Representative Charles Lindbergh Sr. called the Act “the worst legislative crime of the ages.” He warned prophetically….

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Can You Trust Chemotherapy to Cure Your Cancer?

From: Natural News

Former White House press secretary Tony Snow died in July 2008 at the age of 53, following a series of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer. In 2005, Snow had his colon removed and underwent six months of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Two years later (2007), Snow underwent surgery to remove a growth in his abdominal area, near the site of the original cancer. “This is a very treatable condition,” said Dr. Allyson Ocean, a gastrointestinal oncologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. “Many patients, because of the therapies we have, are able to work and live full lives with quality while they’re being treated. Anyone who looks at this as a death sentence is wrong.” But of course we now know, Dr. Ocean was dead wrong.

The media headlines proclaimed Snow died from colon cancer, although they knew he didn’t have a colon anymore. Apparently, the malignant cancer had “returned” (from where?) and “spread” to the liver and elsewhere in his body. In actual fact, the colon surgery severely restricted his normal eliminative functions, thereby overburdening the liver and tissue fluids with toxic waste. The previous series of chemo-treatments inflamed and irreversibly damaged a large number of cells in his body, and also impaired his immune system — a perfect recipe for growing new cancers. Now unable to heal the causes of the original cancer (in addition to the newly created ones), Snow’s body developed new cancers in the liver and other parts of the body.

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Neil Young’s Film Documents Hate in America During Anti-War Concert Tour


NEW YORK – Not every musician will make a film that features a fan facing him from a concert audience with two arms raised, middle fingers extended — more than one fan, in fact.

Neil Young was singing protest songs on a “Freedom of Speech” tour with David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash at the time. Ignoring that kind of nonverbal speech would contradict the message, wouldn’t it?

It was an easy call. Using the nom de plume Bernard Shakey, Young directs “CSNY: Deja Vu,” a film that uses the tumult surrounding CSNY’s 2006 concert tour as a backdrop for exploring divisions in the country over the Iraq war. It opens in theaters on Friday. …

Young never wants to do such a tour again, and not just because he hopes for peace. “It’s too draining and terrifying,” he said. “I was committed to it … and I followed it all the way through to the end, but it’s very dangerous and it’s not fun.”

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Manuka Honey Kills Resistant Superbug Bacteria that Antibiotics Can’t

From: Natural News, July 21

A honey-based dressing for wounds is effective even on injuries that are resistant to antibiotics, according to New Jersey manufacturer Derma Sciences Inc.

The product, called Medihoney, is made from an absorbent material based on seaweed, and saturated with a variety of honey known as manuka, or Leptospermum, honey. The honey is produced by bees that have collected nectar from manuka and jelly bushes, which grow in Australia and New Zealand.

According to biochemist Peter Molan, who has researched natural antibiotics including honey for 25 years, manuka honey is effective at killing even the most antibiotic resistant bacteria even when it has been diluted to a tenth of its original concentration.

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Pat Robertson Advocates Israel Bombing Iran Before 2008 Election


Who would Jesus bomb?

Who would the HOLY Spirit lead “pastors”
to encourage Israel or US to bomb (or assassinate)?

Aren’t pastors to call US into loving all of our neighbors (Iran)
& to repent for the last time we didn’t (Iraq/Afghanistan)?

How many years away is Iran from maybe having nukes?

Whatever happened to diplomacy—actually talking?

Where are the anti-missile missiles?


From: Think Progress

On yesterday’s edition of The 700 Club, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson sharply criticized the “moderate tone” the Bush administration has allegedly taken toward Iran and its nuclear weapons program. Robertson advocated that Israel look out for the “survival of its nation” and “make some kind of a strike” against Iranian nuclear facilities. He also predicted that it will likely happen before the 2008 elections:

But nevertheless, I think we can look in the next few months for Israel to make a strike — possibly before the next election — because I think George Bush — to use the term an “amber light” — he’s given the amber, the yellow light, saying, “Caution, but go ahead.”


ROBERTSON: I’ve been very surprised that we’ve taken the moderate tone we have so far. I think we’re making a mistake.

Watch Interview; Read Entire Article

Kucinich Impeachment Resolution To Be Heard Friday — Could Avert War with Iran


TRANSCRIPT: I want to thank you for the support which you have given to my efforts to hold this administration accountable for taking us into a war based on lies and for the destruction of the rule of law and the destruction of cherished constitutional principles.

Because of your support, this Friday in Washington, DC, I will make a presentation before the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives at which time I will make the case that this president has violated his oath of office, violated United States law and international law, has separated our nation from our constitution, and has taken us on a course that has been so profoundly anti-democratic that it has threatened the core of our nation. Continue reading “Kucinich Impeachment Resolution To Be Heard Friday — Could Avert War with Iran”

Michael Franti: “It’s Never Too Late” — A Song of Reconciliation

This is a song of reconciliation between children and their parents—between friends. And it’s even a song of reconciliation for nations.”

– Michael Franti introducing Never Too Late in the Live in Sydney DVD

If some of you find the way he phrases his lyric about not fearing our fathers a bit peculiar, please consider that Michael’s step-father was an alcoholic. And now Michael is overcoming that and the other junk, trying to lead all of us into reconciliation! This is a beautiful, incredible human being, y’all—even if we’re not all on the same page spiritually, yet. We’re heading there : )

At the end of the Sydney concert, Spearhead’s bass player, Carl Young, says this to the audience about Michael.

“You know, you got to give it up to this big man who stands about 6-foot-6 above sea-level. And you know he grabs this microphone to take us to another mental level. The big man that always takes a big stand. From San Francisco, California, give it up for Mr. Michael Franti!”

[youtube=]Live from the TLA 10/3/07 Philadelphia, PA

Don’t fear your best friends,
because a best friend will
never try to do you wrong.
And don’t fear your worst friends,
because a worst friend is just a best friend
that has done you wrong. …

And it’s never too late to start the day over
It’s never too late to pick up the phone
(pick up the phone and call me)
It’s never too late to lay your
head down on my shoulders
It’s never too late to come on home,
come on home

2008 Bohemian Grove Guest List Obtained By 9/11 Truth Activists

From: InfoWars

An official guest list for Bohemian Grove’s 2008 midsummer encampment along with a map of the Grove’s facilities has been obtained by a San Francisco based action group who held protests and information drives outside the entrance to the elite summer retreat.

The list reveals that amongst the hundreds of corporate representatives, government officials and banking elites, guests also included former president George H.W. Bush, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, as well as several former directors of the CIA, including James Woolsey.

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[music video] Michael Franti’s Feet & Why He Yells ‘Fire’!

You never ever ever make a deal with the Devil!


They tellin’ you to never worry about the future
They tellin’ you to never worry about the torture
They tellin’ you that you’ll never see the horror
Spend it all today and we will bill you tomorra’
Three piece suits and bank accounts in Bahamas
Wall street crime will never send you to the slammer
Tell all the children in the arms of their mommas
The F-15 is a homicide bomber

Michael Franti’s Goal & How the Neocons Used Our Pain


My goal has not ever been to change minds.
My goal is to open minds

So when people see my film or come to a show,
I want them to say: “Well, that’s a different way of looking at things,
and I’m maybe going to find out more.

I also want people to feel inspired,
so I try to make art that is uplifting


After 9/11,
when we were in our moment of greatest sadness as a nation
when we were mourning those deaths,
and all of us were in pain,
this small group of neoconservatives used our pain
in order to set their agenda on its course
.” Continue reading “Michael Franti’s Goal & How the Neocons Used Our Pain”

Michael Franti & Spearhead: One Step Closer To You


‘Til I let go of a broken heart
I let go to an open heart

I let go of my broken dreams
I let go to the mystery

And I believe in the miracle
I believe in the spiritual

I believe in the One above
I believe in the one I love

Even when I’ve fallen down
My heart says follow through

I take one step closer to you