PA Governor’s Covid Restrictions Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Judge – Violates 1st & 14th Amendments


Federal judge rules Gov. Wolf’s shutdown orders were unconstitutional

September 14, 2020

A federal judge in Pittsburgh on Monday ruled that orders issued by Gov. Tom Wolf restricting the size of gatherings and closing nonessential businesses to protect against the spread of covid-19 were unconstitutional. …

U.S. District Judge William S. Stickman IV wrote in his 66-page opinion that, even though the actions taken in the spring by Wolf and Health Secretary Rachel Levine were laudable, they violated the First Amendment right to freedom of assembly, and the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the 14th Amendment.

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6-Minute Film Documentary – Anchorage Protest 2020

Powerful, 6-min film about our protest last night in Anchorage! Our state senator, Lora Reinbold exposes our mayor’s violations of the US Constitution, enabled by the city counsel. Young woman addresses Berkowitz shut down of churches as a violation of the First Amendment, freedom of religion.


Mini Documentary Anchorage Protest 2020 👉 Film Documentary Anchorage Protest 2020 Official Video

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RAND PAUL: LOCKDOWNS ARE ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL’ – Didn’t Contain the Virus, Crippled the Economy, a Big Mistake!

Ron Paul on Fox News Rundown podcast, 7/23/20:

“The governors should be told that it’s unconstitutional to forbid businesses from opening. Business should be allowed to open, and customers should be allowed to choose and make their own risks.”

“We’ve seen surges in coronaviruses in the midst of lockdown. New York had a lockdown and had 30,000 people die. New York had the worst death rate of any place in the world amid a lockdown so perhaps a lockdown didn’t do any good and perhaps a lockdown killed our economy, but didn’t do anything to stem the tide of the virus. So I see nothing to be admired in New York’s lockdown. I see a mountain of people who died, particularly in the nursing homes. I don’t think the lockdown did them any good. I think it killed the economy, but didn’t do any good for trying to contain the virus.”

“I think we’ve made a big mistake in the lockdown. We’ve crippled the economy.”


Lockdowns were ‘big mistake,’ crippled economy and haven’t ‘done much’ to curb COVID-19: Rand Paul

‘I see nothing to be admired in New York’s lockdown,’ Paul says