Alex Jones: The ‘Decade’ of Tyranny

Alex goes through Prison Planet’s The Decade of Tyranny article; even though, as he states, the decade doesn’t officially end until next year.


The Decade Of Tyranny

Loss of basic freedoms has spurred a mass awakening, next decade will be defined by restoration of liberties

Alex Jones, Steve Watson and Paul Watson
Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009

During the first nine years of the new millennium we have been witness to a rapid erosion of freedom. Our basic liberties have been systematically denigrated and diluted by a vast expansion of coordinated global tyranny.

The decade is not over yet, there is still another year to go, however, given that the mainstream media is obsessively compiling it’s own decade lists, we felt it necessary to draw up our own to highlight the major events that have shaped the world we now live in and the future we face.

It is important to stress the fact that while we have indeed experienced a decade of tyranny, we have also seen a mass awakening, an expansion of knowledge and an exponential increase in opposition to the agenda we have come to know as the new world order.

Here in chronological order, follow’s’s defining moments of the decade.

2001 – 9/11

9/11 was the precursor for everything that followed during the decade of tyranny. The immediate invasion of Afghanistan saw the U.S. go to war without a formal declaration.

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Alex Jones’ appearance on the excellent Secret Societies episode of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ with Jesse Ventura

This Secret Societies episode will repeat on TruTV.

Other guests in this show were Dr. Stanley Monteith (Yay! Even though he wasn’t able to say much), David Icke, Daniel Estulin, Jim Tucker, etc..

Alex explained how he was somewhat disappointed with Dr. Rima Laibow’s H1N1 vaccine segment, but overall, this is a very good intro to secret societies, done in an entertaining, fast-paced way!

[youtube=]Alex Jones discusses Secret Society depopulation scheme with Jesse Ventura

‘Conspiracy Theory’ authority Alex Jones explains the motives for and inner-workings towards a depopulation scheme that aims to eliminate some 80%+ of the current human population. Powerful globalists inside the Bilderberg group, along with the Big Pharma, Big Agra and vaccine cartels are working towards lowering sterility and attacking the immune system…


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura — Episode 5: Secret Societies

Ron Paul Getting His Spunk Back: Ben Stein calls Ron Paul antisemitic on Larry King

This reminds me of the much feistier Ron Paul in 1988: [1988] Feisty Ron Paul Castigated for Opposing CIA Drug Running, Shouting for State’s Rights!


[youtube=]Ron Paul on Larry King 12/28/2009

Ben Stein calls Ron Paul antisemitic in the second segment of this video where Larry King asks his guests about the recent thwarted terrorist plot to blow up a plane en route to Detroit from Amsterdam.

From: libertymaven

Ron Paul appeared on Larry King Live on CNN this evening along with Ben Stein and Sheila Jackson Lee to discuss the recent thwarted terrorist attack. After Paul gives his now famous view that they “attack us because we are over there” Ben Stein calls Paul antisemitic which solicits a demand for an apology by Paul. Paul characterizes it as a “vicious attack”.

Stein’s reaction is quite reminiscent of Rudy Giuliani’s reaction during that first debate back in 2007.

The two continue arguing over one another for nearly the rest of the entire segment. King ends by saying they will all be back for tomorrow evening’s show.

Paul Watson on The Alex Jones Show: Flight 253 Staged Event Reveals an Inside Job!!

[youtube=]Paul Watson on The Alex Jones Show 1/2: Flight 253 Staged Event Reveals an Inside Job!!

Prison Planet editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson talks with Alex about the botched Christmas bombing. Continue reading “Paul Watson on The Alex Jones Show: Flight 253 Staged Event Reveals an Inside Job!!”

(video) Bill O’Reilly Flips Out — Truly ‘Fair and Balanced’ People Don’t Do This

Watch how he warms up to America with a smile at the end, anyway.
These are conmen = confidence-men

O’Reilly is the abuser
Who are the enablers?

Why would anyone trust this man?
Sure, it’s years later, but he hasn’t changed.

Look at how he excoriates real patriots on-camera
Or consider his scandal while on FOX—the staff women he paid off to keep silent

This is The Spin Zone:
Those who watch him are being spun

[youtube=]Bill O’Reilly Flips Out – Full version uncut

Bill O’Reilly loses his cool while anchoring Inside Edition, after a teleprompter glitch, followed by an absence of clear direction from the crew. Keith Olbermann is only too happy to make the introduction to the clip.

Unbleeped version for those who are still unconvinced
[youtube=]Bill O’Reilly Goes Nuts

Bill getting upset during a filming of Inside Edition.

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More Ultra-Vivid Headlines from
G. Edward Griffin’s

2009 DECEMBER 19 – 25

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China: Dissident writer sentenced to 11 years for “subversion of state power.” He had told his readers not to confuse love of country with love of government. Very subversive thought, indeed. Washington Post 2009 Dec 25 (Cached)

US: At the first Christmas Eve session since 1895, Senate passes health care bill along a party-line vote. Now the House and Senate bills must be reconcilled after the Holidays. The collectivist steam roller is in motion. NY Times 2009 24 (Cached)

US: Obamacare will cost middle-class families $15,000 a year for mandatory coverage, and there is an incentive for employers to drop employees’ insurance, which will push even more people into the government program. This is an economic train wreck in the making and yet another attack on the middle class. InfoWars 2009 Dec 23 (Cached)

Prescription drugs cause more deaths than both heroin and cocaine. Natural News 2009 Dec 23 (Cached)

US: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEO’s are scheduled to receive $4 to $6 million dollars in bonuses – with the approval of friends in the Treasury Department. Fannie and Freddie previously were bailed out with $111 billion of taxpayer money. AP 2009 Dec 23 (Cached)

US: Government reports 3,777 soldiers killed in Gulf War, but real number was close to 73,000. That’s 2000% higher. Here is how the numbers were manipulated. OpEdNews 2009 Dec 22 (Cached)

US: Former head of CDC is hired as President of the $5 billion vaccine division of Merck Pharmaceutical. Another example of the “revolving door” that moves people from health regulatory agencies into lucrative careers with Big Pharma. The possibilities for corruption are unlimited.
Natural News
2009 Dec 22 (Cached)

US: Jobless toll is draining state unemployment-compensation funds. 25 states are are borrowing from the federal government and the rest soon will follow. That means more federal control over states and further inflation. Washington Post 2009 Dec 22 (Cached)

US: Lobby spending reached an all-time high of
$3.3 billion dollars in 2008 and is expected to be even more in 2009. All of that comes from corporations and special-interest groups seeking laws to legally plunder taxpayers — in the name of the greater good of society, of course. The name of that game is Collectivism.
CBS 2009 Dec 22 (Cached)

New research: Natural exposure to everyday germs may protect kids from disease as adults.
Natural News 2009 Dec 21 (Cached)

UK: Christmas display of live reindeer is cancelled by health and safety officials because they said it MIGHT snow and, if it did, someone attending the display MIGHT slip and fall! Collectivism gone amuck! Daily Mail 2009 Dec 21 (Cached)

America’s new growth industry? Civilians working for the military! This is the militarization of society, and Fox News makes it all sound so wonderful. Brasscheck 2009 Dec 21

Schwarzenegger says California is on fast track for cap-and-trade and carbon-emission-reduction laws to take effect in 2012. Neighboring states are poised to follow suit. Most people have no clue of what hardship lies in store for them because of these measures. InfoWars 2009 Dec 21 (Cached)

Over 500 Internet entries showing that global warming is not man-made were erased by an administrator of Wikipedia who is a Green Peace activist. This Internet encyclopedia has become a propaganda organ for the global-warming myth and other collectivist agendas. WND 2009 Dec 21 (Cached)

Goldman Sachs threatens to move its UK managers to Spain if the government applies a “super tax” on their bonuses. If they leave the country, the government would lose over 1 billion pounds in tax revenue. Does the word extortion seem appropriate? On the other hand, taxing some citizens at a rate different from others is not equality under law. BusinessWeek 2009 Dec 21 (Cached)

US: States can reject federal health care under the 10th Amendment (state sovereignty), and Arizona is leading the way. It remains to be seen how states can prevent the federal government from taxing citizens for the program even if they reject it. Nevertheless,  this is a positive sign of awakening and resistance. CFP 2009 Dec 21 (Cached)

Copenhagen: China agrees to international verification of carbon emissions but says its participation will be voluntary — which means it will not comply. Obama, on the other hand, has committed the U.S. to Cap & Trade and industry-smashing cuts in emissions no matter what other nations do. Remember, this is about political power, not climate. Washington Post 2009 Dec 20 (Cached)

Alex Jones delivers a excellent summary of the wins and losses for freedom at the Copenhagen Climate Summit, and a look at the next phase of the battle against the New World Order.
InfoWars Posted 2009 Dec 19

US: Farmers win $2 million against German-based Bayer company (CropScience) for contaminating natural rice with genetically engineered rice. No punitive damages were awarded, and the individuals responsible get off scott-free. Shareholders and insurers absorb the cost.
Posted 2009 Dec 19 (Cached)

US: Banks continue to fail with little media attention. The FDIC expects losses from bank failures to reach $100 billion over the next four years. Faltering commercial real estate could make it much worse. My Way Posted 2009 Dec 19 (Cached)

[video] Santa Unmasked: The Origin of the St. Nicholas Cult — Why Europe is so messed up … and US!

[Warning: graphic!]

[youtube=]Trailer Santa Unmasked .avi


My miraculous travels with Santa

A journey to the roots of European culture through St Nicholas

Beyond the feast of St. Nichlas lays a rather frightening Indo-European myth; Odin’s army of dead warriors: The Wild Hunt.


He braught gifts and fertility, welfare, plentiful crops as well as bounties of fruits and nuts. And as tradition has it, he coummunicated through the chimneys, riding his white horse or reindeer through the skies, along with his black faced sidekick, named Black Peter, using his rod of fertility.

Holland played a major role in the spread of the St. Nicholas or ‘Sinterklaas’ cult. Odin’s army still exists not only in myth, but also in ritualistic practices.


While other investigators studied the subject from behind the books in their libraries, he [Arnold-Jan Scheer] took trains, cars, even helicopters and went climbing in search of remote villages within Europa (some villages before 150 years so isolated, they had almost no contact with the outside world) where still until this day annual primitive and unknown Saint Nicolas rituals are celebrated.

These rituals can strongly differ from the feast rituals in more urban area. Scheer discovered throughout these travels in places in Europe (and even in his own country) the thin lines connecting these rites to the ancestors of Europeans and many Americans.

This myth and ritial forms, annually celebrated by the ancient Europeans, became mixed with other traditions during and after the middle ages through the influence of the Roman Catholic Church with the Bishop of Myra (nowadays Turke; the Bisshop died around 340 AD).

Meanwhile this cult reached Northwestern Europe via the Rhine and the sea, later arriving in Holland and its capital Amsterdam. Much later this cult came with the first Dutch settlers to their colony New Amsterdam (New York), where St. Nicolas (Dutch Sinterklaas) over the ages transformed into todays Jolly Old St. Nick.

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Santa Claus: The Great Imposter — “Ho! Ho! Ho! I Am God” — Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent | Santa = Satan; elves = demons | Saint Nicholas never existed?

[photo] Still not convinced? Proof that Santa Claus isn’t real

The Origin of Christmas: Should a Christian Celebrate X-Mas?

From: scribd

You Probably Know This Woman!

Issue Date: January/February 2007
By David W. Daniels

To the Aztecs, she was known as Tlazolteotl (TLAS-ohl-tay-OH-tul), the goddess of filth, gambling, prostitution and witchcraft, among other things. She was also known to the Aztecs as Coatlicue (co-AT-li-KWAY).

In the form of Coatlicue, she was a “virgin goddess” who became pregnant. The son she bore was supposed to be Huitzilopochtli (WHIT-sil-oh-POHKT-lee), the chief god of the Aztecs, reincarnated as a baby.

She was the goddess of the moon and of the morning/evening star (Venus). People who spoke different languages called her by other names. Some of them are Hecate, Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus, Isis, Semiramis and Ishtar (The fertility goddess which is where we derive the word Easter). Note: Easter is the first Sunday after the first new moon of another pagan holiday known as Ostara which March or 21st or 22nd. The Goddess Ostara (AKA: Ishtar), for whom “Easter” is named — Ostara as well as Easter is one of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights

She is also known as the Roman Catholic “Virgin Mary” goddess.

Her son had many names as well. Some of them are Horus, Harpocrates, Mithras, Sol Invictus, Hercules, Attis and Tammuz. What do these god-babies have in common? Well, for one, they were all born on December 25th.  Which is where we derive the pagan celebration of Christmas from, which was originally known by the Romans as Saturnalia.  December 21-22 — Winter Solstice/Yule. One of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Nights December 21- 22 — Yule — When the sun begins its northward trek in the sky, and days began to grow longer again, pagans celebrated the Winter Solstice by burning the Yule log. Since the sun had reversed itself and was now rising in the sky, pagans believed this was a sign that the human sacrifices carried out in Samhain (Halloween) had been accepted by the gods. The Roman Catholic Church later changed the day of celebration to December 25, calling it Christmas.

Roman Catholicism  is a demonic blend of ancient pagan religions made to look like Christianity.


Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the Church. It was celebrated, commemorated, or observed, neither by the apostles nor in the apostolic church — not for at least the first 300 years of church history!

Entire Article Here

Producer of the Landmark “Conspiracy Theory” (with Jesse Ventura) TV Series On Alex Jones

[youtube=]Producer Michael Braverman on The Alex Jones Show 1/3:Conspiracy Theory is a Hit!!

Alex also talks with Michael Braverman, the producer of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory, on the next eposide of the popular show. Continue reading “Producer of the Landmark “Conspiracy Theory” (with Jesse Ventura) TV Series On Alex Jones”

Alex Jones: Copenhagen births World Gov’t framework despite fallout over science fraud

[youtube=]Alex Jones: Copenhagen births World Gov’t framework despite fallout over science fraud

Alex Jones breaks down the conclusion of the Copenhagen United Nations Conference on Climate Change (UNFCC), including the foundations of a new era of Global Governance– as evidenced by quotes directly from the mouths of Al Gore, UN Head Ban Ki-Moon and bankster heir David de Rothschild.

Though new taxes have been levied and mechanisms for world regulation have been layed down, the Climate Change agenda has taken a lot of political damage. The beginnings of Climategate with the East Anglia CRU email leaks were just the beginning of a chain reaction of revelations that has fueled anger, doubt, denial and speculation worldwide. Compromised or fudged data have been identified from research centers in Russia, New Zealand, Australia and beyond.

Further, many leaders from Third World nations became angered at the ‘Danish text leak’ revealing plans to burden lesser-developed nations with greater emissions cuts and plans to levy a proposed $100 Billion in ‘green’ debt system. George Soros has proved to be at the center of what has been critiqued as ‘Climate Colonialism’ and would prove deadly to at-risk for starvation populations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, in particular. Already, growing ethanol in the place of food has been blamed for millions of deaths in the LDCs.

Alex also breaks down revelations about the carbon trading and other green schemes. It’s not only players like Al Gore, the Rothschilds and George Soros who stand to make a killing. President Barack Obama– with a great conflict of interest– was a founding investment partner in the Chicago Climate Exchange alongside Maurice Strong, a top Rockefeller agent and leading climate change schemer. Chicago Climate Exchange is written into the architecture of many of the proposals for alternative energy credits, carbon derivatives and other green financial products and stands to enrich its membership.

In the end, the forced-incrementalism towards total world government, with complete dominance over money, debt, food, engery and resources, paid a price in exposure at COP15. Many politicians, journalists and people in general are now well aware that a scam has been forced down upon them– and both their freedom and sovereignty are certainly at stake.

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More Ultra-Vivid Headlines from
G. Edward Griffin’s

2009 DECEMBER 12 – 18

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UK: Briton wants to pry into private lives as condition of crossing border, but EU law stands in the way. One must have mixed emotions about this. Invasion of privacy should be prohibited, but EU should not have power to supersede British law. Citizens lose either way. Mail Online 2009 Dec 18 (Cached)

Copenhagen: Climate skeptic activists board Greenpeace ships and, using tactics made famouse by Greenpeace itself, show large banners that say “SHIP OF LIES.” How refreshing to see the tables turned. Infowars 2009 Dec 17 (Cached)

Copenhagen Climate Summit: US government offers $100 billion per year toward climate-change slush fund in effort to forge agreement among delegates many of whom who covet the money. U.S. taxpayers once again are forced to pay for the forging of their own shackles. Yahoo 2009 Dec 17 (Cached)

Study shows that aspartame in diet sodas attack kidney function. Natural News 2009 Dec 17 (Cached)

Copenhagen: Global-warming skeptic, Lord Monckton, with his hands in his pockets, is assaulted and knocked unconscious by Danish police outside climate conference. Here is his account.
SPPI 2009 Dec 17 (Cached)

UN sponsors slick movie posters with strong visual images to implant into the subconscious mind the message that humanity is the enemy. If so, then humanity must be conquered. Powerful propaganda, indeed. Infowars 2009 Dec 17 (Cached)

Copenhagen: At Climate Summit, Schwarzenegger promotes so-called “public-private partnerships,” which are mergers of government and corporate interests with corporations usually in control. That is the definition of fascism. COP15Post 2009 Dec 17 (Cached)

UK: Banks reveal plans to stop using checks by 2018, and some stores are already refusing them. Transactions requiring positive action of the depositor are being replaced by those that can be automated. Daily Express 2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

UN climate expert reviewer lays out the facts on climate science. This is an excellent overview, which flies in the face of the supposed “scientific consensus”. Lawrence Journal 2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

US: Biden says 40 million homes will have ‘smart meters’ within 6 years. This article makes it sound like a wonderful benefit to conserve energy and lower utility bills but makes no mention of capacity to allow authorities to remotely control your power usage and turn off your appliances.
USA Today
2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

Copenhagen: 230 activists arrested protesting Climate Summit, but don’t assume they are opposing cap-and-trade or expansion of government. Just the opposite. They are controlled opposition and are complaining that the conference may not produce those results. Mainstream media conceals this fact. Guardian 2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

The “Public Option” explained in 40 seconds. YouTube 2009 Dec 16

US: Time Magazine names Bernanke as Person-of-the-Year. This is timed to boost his reputation in the face of Congressional pressure for his alarming performance as Fed Chairman. There can be no better illustration of how mainstream media is aligned with the financial power structure.
Reuters 2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

UK: Prince Charles created a 6-ton carbon footprint in one day on his private jet to Copenhagen where he gave a speech on the need to reduce everyone else’s carbon footprint. He creates over 2600 tons of carbon a year compared to 11 tons from average citizens. 98% of Britons believe they are being snowed by the “man-made global-warming” myth. Daily Express 2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

FDA seizes American expatriate in Ecuador for selling unapproved herbal cancer treatment. Scratch Ecuador as a safe haven from the long arm of U.S. control. Natural News 2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

UK: New surveillance cameras that can recognize faces also have speakers, so authorities can deliver messages and orders for the public good, of course. Hounslow Guardian 2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

Afghanistan: The “surge” of 30,000 more troops will be augmented by up to 56,000 more military contractors. That would bring the total number of mercenaries to 130,000 to 160,000, and the count continues to climb. This is orchestrated by a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Washington Post
2009 Dec 16 (Cached)

Arab Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar agree on a single currency, the “Gulfo,” with other countries to join later. A united military strike force is also planned. First the Euro. Then the Gulfo and the Amero. The New World Order grows, region by region. Telegraph 2009 Dec 15 (Cached)

Australia will censor the Internet by blocking web sites not acceptable to the government. Supposedly this is to protect children from porn, but the list of targeted sites already includes religious groups, certain dentists, and selected entries on Wikipedia. The list can and will be expanded.
Sydney Morning Herald 2009 Dec 15 (Cached)

Radiation from medical CT scans is suspected as the CAUSE of 2% of all cancers that’s almost 25,000 new cases per year. Women are more susceptible. Globe and Mail 2009 Dec 15 (Cached)

Citibank and GM say they will repay TARP loans by issuing new stock. Legislators want the money for new spending projects instead of returning it to taxpayers. [As we said after a similar announcement from Bank of America, this story has the smell of fish. Where will these firms get that much money? It will not likely come from eager investors. Is it possible that the Fed is “buying” the new securities with taxpayers’ money? If so, it is a bookkeeping trick to take the heat off Congress and the banks. We will follow this and report what we learn.] Miami Herald 2009 Dec 15 (Cached)

UK: School teacher reprimanded for having sweets on hand to reward good students. The Nanny State has decreed that this is not acceptable nutrition. Government is everywhere and controls everything. Daily Mail 2009 Dec 15 (Cached)

NY pension fund sues Goldman Sachs over excessive employee bonuses. Basis of suit is that pension fund holds Goldman Sachs stocks, and their value is reduced by excessive executive pay.
NY Times
2009 Dec 14 (Cached)

Director of UN climate-change panel (IPCC), who is a major promoter of the global-warming myth, is exposed as having financial interest in businesses that will profit from cap-and-trade legislation. He has dismissed the importance of Climategate, of course. Telegraph 2009 Dec 14 (Cached)

Copenhagen: Communists demonstrate to “scrap capitalism” to save the planet from [non-existent] global warming. Little do they realize that capitalism was scrapped decades ago. They are merely demanding more of the same collectivism they already have. Did someone say that Communism is dead? CFACT 2009 Dec 14

Clean Water Restoration Act will expand government control of water on private land, including seasonal puddles and snowfall, with particular impact on farms and ranches. This is the ultimate excuse to grab control over private property. Fox 2009 Dec 14 (Cached)

China: Investigators speak to an eyewitness of organ-harvesting of a live victim. Falun Gong practitioners, among others, are subject to such horrific treatment. Epoch Times 2009 Dec 14 (Cached)

US: Kids have become a gold mine to companies making psychiatric drugs. The adult market is not far behind. It’s popular now to have a mental disorder that, supposedly, can be controlled only by drugs. If alive today, Barnum and Bailey would be in the pharmaceutical business.
Truth Out Posted 2009 December 14 (Cached)

Tamiflu anti-viral drug revealed as complete hoax; Roche studies based on scientific fraud.
Natural News 2009 Dec 14 (Cached)

UK: Tony Blair admits climate science may be in error but says that’s not important. He urges government controls anyway “just to be safe.” [We say that freedoms must be protected against tyrannical government “just to be safe.” But then we are not collectivists.] Telegraph 2009 Dec 13 (Cached)

US: The crime syndicate is at it again. Congress passes $1.1 trillion spending bill authorizing increased budgets in all areas of government. This money will be created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and eventually dump even more inflation on the taxpayer. MSNBC 2009 Dec 13 (Cached)

Scott Ridder: Our Murderers in the Sky

From: truthdig

War is hell, as the saying goes. Murder, on the other hand, is a crime. In this age of the “long war” pitting the United States against the forces of global terror, it is critical that the American people be able to distinguish between the two.


The “war on terror” has shredded the concept of the rule of law, at least as applied by the United States within the context of this struggle. While Obama has made moves to fix some of the symptoms of the flawed policies of his predecessor, the underlying foundation of American arrogance and exceptionalism [reverse-Christianity, not loving our neighbor as ourself – editor] from which such policies emerged remains unchanged. There is no more telling example of this than the current program of targeted assassination taking place under the guise of armed unmanned aerial drones (also known as remotely piloted vehicles, or RPVs) operating in the Af-Pak theater of operations.

All pretense of either Afghan or Pakistani sovereignty disappears when these drones take to the air. Ostensibly used for intelligence gathering and lethal direct-action operations against so-called high-value targets (i.e., senior al-Qaida or Taliban leadership), RPV missions have become increasingly popular within the U.S. military and intelligence communities as a risk-free means of bringing maximum harm, in highly discriminatory fashion, to the enemy. Expansion of the United States’ RPV effort in Af-Pak has become a central part of the surge ordered by Obama, complementing the 30,000 combat troops he has ordered deployed to the region. But exactly who is targeted by these RPV operations? While the U.S. military and intelligence community maintains that every effort is made to positively identify a target as hostile before the decision to fire a missile or drop a bomb is made, the criteria for making this call are often left in the hands of personnel ill-equipped to make it.

In the ideal world, one would see the fusion of real-time imagery, real-time communications intercept and human sources on the ground before making such a call. But in reality this “perfect storm” of intelligence intersection rarely occurs. In its stead, one is left with fragmentary pieces of data that are cobbled together by personnel far removed from the point of actual conflict whose motivations are geared more toward action than discretion. Often, the most critical piece of intelligence comes from a human source who is using the U.S. military as a means of settling a local score more than furthering the struggle against terror. The end result is dead people on the ground whose demise has little, if any, impact on the “war on terror,” other than motivating even more people to rise up and struggle against the American occupiers and their Afghan or Pakistani cohorts.

Entire Article Here

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