[audio] Joel Skousen on ‘Coast’ with Excellent Interviewer John B. Wells, 12/29/10: What’s Really Going On?!!


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“There’s never a report about Russia.”

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EMP Strike — without electricity for a year!

~ 2020: “Probably 8 years before this holocaust….”

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5kPYkPGKEw]Geopolitics, War, & the New World Order – Coast to Coast AM

Published on Aug 4, 2012 by Astraltravelex

Description from ‘Coast to Coast AM’:


On Wednesday night, guest host John B. Wells ( email) spoke with political scientist and personal security expert Joel Skousen about the growing government assault on privacy and liberty, as well as New World Order and war scenarios. The current security precautions such as at airports are not really to stop terrorists, but to ferret out potential dissidents and resistors who could pose a problem for the future police state, he suggested. We are already seeing the three aspects necessary to establish this police state, Skousen outlined– a false threat of terrorism, thug-like individuals in the police, and a judiciary that won’t prosecute the police.

He laid out a financial end game in which the US national debt will become untenable, with the rise of inflation, sometime between 2020-2025. People have been diverted with the false threat of terrorism in order to cover up “our real enemies,” Russia & China, with whom the US will battle in a World War, he continued. “In the aftermath of that, they’re going to have an excuse to walk away from the debt,” because the US financial centers and computers will be destroyed.

Skousen described a Russian surgical nuclear attack on 15 American cities with military facilities such as San Diego, Seattle, Jacksonville, Norfolk, Colorado Springs, and Washington DC. While 20% of Americans will die in such attacks, he argued that nuclear attacks are survivable and promoted the idea that people construct fall-out shelters in their basements, as well as increase their self-sufficiency, as an EMP attack will knock out electricity for up to a year. He also foresees that America will go to war against Iran, probably in 2011— the U.S. is just waiting for the right provocation.

Why Joel Skousen Preaches Against Hyperinflation

3 thoughts on “[audio] Joel Skousen on ‘Coast’ with Excellent Interviewer John B. Wells, 12/29/10: What’s Really Going On?!!

    1. Jeff Fenske


      I was VERY impressed too. The voice, of course, and also what is behind that voice.

      What a straight shooter who doesn’t seem to have any alternative agenda than what really is the truth.

      It would be nice to listen to his radio show, if he has one, but I can’t seem to find any (or even his website) by a quick Google search of “John B. Wells.”


  1. deg

    The content of Skousen in this interview of one of those rare C2C guest shows that the gut tells you there is just too much truth, while the conclusion, even direction, is enough to bring one to tears. This is serious stuff, and even if true by only fraction (which everything he lays out can only be assailed by those with vested interests), it will lay the listener out.

    While when listening to Celente, we all are forced to pray he is wrong. More grimly, with Skousen, you think, well even if he is wrong, perpetual slavery and other gloom is still the brightest alternative as you go down his line of reasoning, hefty background of knowledge, and evidence.

    On the more frivolous side: I personally don’t like the voice of John B. Wells. It is hard to hear and the vibrating bass is a bit lacking mid-tones, making it tedious to follow. But they have had worse fill in guest’s.

    As of this writing, the C2C 2010 Triad of hosts were: 1. George Nory: who has a tremendous grasp the macro economic, beyond the two other hosts. As well as a great grasp of the Constitution and rights, especially those violated by judicial rulings. (And a refreshing first hand knowledge of the illegality of the tax system, especially against the lower income workers and producers.) He is so polished and professional, that he does come off as mindlessly patronizing some of the insane callers. (Per the Art Bell invented forum.) 2. Ian Punnet: an incredibly funny guy and educated guy, who is just fun to listen to, especially as the weekend host is better prepared and typically has better guests than the weekday host. His politically correct conservative world views often bleed through, causing him to unwittingly attack more alarmist, and truer conservative. This may fade as his education level rises beyond the “Fox news mainstream”. He seems to keep more tightly to the ad schedules, probably to keep his job. But this can seem to make him seem more predictable. 3. Art Bell is the occasional holiday host: No one sets up a spine tingling mood better than Art Bell. More open to views of others, he invented the idea of the forum, where you let anyone articulate lay out their arguments for the night, treat them all as the mainstream would treat a PhD, without attacking them too hard. This does by and large work, letting the arguments prevail, not just what is filtered for the listener based of some irrational or biased per-concieved notions.

    So, these three are a really good mix. We have seen in the past many that lacked the rational or were a good fit.

    4. Oh, I almost forgot George Knapp: My least favorite. Every show he enters with the same predictable speech. No notable things about him that I like or have had been won over by, except to say, really nothing that I can say that I don’t like about him, save the stupid speech with which he uses every show. Yes, and the one show where he became abusive with the aspergers guy for his lack luster presentation of the spritual nature of aspergers people. But what can you say.

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