Studies: Vitamin D Key to Freedom from Covid Fear — Taking enough D3 early | Hospitals could cure almost all with calcifediol late (fast acting D)

Everyone is talking about Ivermectin, but having high enough vitamin D is the biggest key to freedom from fearing Covid!

Vitamin D3 with >50 ng/ml blood levels taken preventively would result in nearly 100% freedom from Covid, but is not the ideal form to take when severely ill. That’s where fast acting D, calcifediol can get into the cells fast, resulting in 78% improvement, compared to 36% for Ivermectin.

Having high enough D blood levels also helps bodies in many other ways, including general overall well being, longevity, quicker healing of injuries….

And it’s inexpensive and over-the-counter. A good brand, Nature Made D3 5,000 iu gelcaps are available almost everywhere. Some brands like Kirkland are probably garbage. Get your D levels checked with a simple blood test. Should be over 50 ng/ml.

Most people need at least 10,000 iu of D3 per day. Obese people need 2-3 times what standard sized people need. 100 pound people could maybe take only 5,000 iu per day.

66% improvement in early treatment
34% improvement in *late* treatment

Vitamin D3 – Cholecalciferol (even with most studies not using ideal amount)
86% improvement in early treatment (probably nearly 100% if >50 ng/ml)
45% improvement in *late* treatment (still better than Ivermectin)

Calcifediol – fast acting D — prescription only. Hospitals should use
78% improvement in *late* treatment

Late stage treatment with calcifediol/calcitriol shows greater improvement compared to cholecalciferol: 78% [67‑85%] vs. 45% [24‑60%].


Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 71 studies

Vitamin D for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 150 studies



Major new vitamin D study shows higher levels reduce mortality!

[Divide by 2.5 to get ng/ml. 150 nmol/ml = 60 ng/ml, and it’s still decreasing after that.]

Conclusion: Among patients with existing CVD, increasing levels in serum 25(OH)D were independently associated with a decreased risk of all-cause and cause-specific mortality.

Association of Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality Among Adult Patients With Existing Cardiovascular Disease

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“Hospitals are now death factories. You want to avoid hospitals at all costs.”

Erin Marie Olszewski‘s revelatory, NYC hospital undercover video: Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse | Episode Nine

27:40 Note from her nurse friend: “Erin…. We are killing these patients, and no one seems to be batting an eye. They’re lying about the number of patients ‘vaccinated’ verses ‘unvaccinated.’ We’re venting you, giving you Remdesivir, watching you go into kidney or multiple-organ failure, and marking your death down as an ‘unvaccinated’ patient with Covid pneumonia.”


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A Huge Change in Banking is About to Happen – and You Won’t Like It

Patent attorney John Titus said that the Federal Reserve (Fed) added $4.5 trillion to its balance sheet since March 2020, which is the largest monetary event in the history of the world! Not only did the Fed add a gargantuan $4.5 trillion in reserves, but they did it in such a way that it forced the creation of $4.5 trillion in new bank money, for the express purpose of deliberately causing mass inflation. The Federal Reserve is carrying out this plan under the cover of the so-called pandemic, but the plan was created before Covid-19 was introduced. The plan was drafted by BlackRock and given to the Federal Reserve in August 2019, four months before Covid struck.


Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity EVEN IF YOU ARE INFECTED AND RECOVER

URGENT: Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity EVEN IF YOU ARE INFECTED AND RECOVER

Alex Berenson

Oct 21

Don’t take it from me, I don’t even get to tweet anymore.

Take it from a little place I call the British government. Which admitted today, in its newest vaccine surveillance report, that: Continue reading “Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity EVEN IF YOU ARE INFECTED AND RECOVER”

Another man dies at Providence after hospital refuses repeated requests for Ivermectin

Terry said she thinks Providence has failed to live up to its mission statement which reads: “As expressions of God’s healing love, witnessed through the ministry of Jesus, we are steadfast in serving all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.” Continue reading “Another man dies at Providence after hospital refuses repeated requests for Ivermectin”

Steve Quayle almost died; Russ Dizdar has

Steve Quayle almost died, and Russ Dizdar has! Probably wasn’t taking enough vitamin D3, explained below.

Both are outspoken truthers who have exposed the NWO for many years. Russ Dizdar is an expert on Satanic ritual abuse. I haven’t listened to Steve for awhile because his material is mostly now subscription only.

I do subscribe to hear Joel Skousen, who is *much* more careful in his analysis, has a stellar track record compared to Quayle (and Mike Adams too). Quayle is interesting though, I used to listen to him a lot.

Steve likely wasn’t taking enough vitamin D. If anyone knows how much he was taking and what brand, I’d be interested. It’s impossible to get the cytokine storm lung issue when blood levels are above 50 ng/ml. Everyone should be tested. Much more important than Ivermectin, which Steve found out didn’t work well enough.

Most people should be taking 10,000 iu of a good brand of D3 daily; more if obese. 60-80 ng/ml is optimum, and 80-100 ng/ml is ultimate.

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Joel Skousen on employees given the testing option instead of complete jab freedom

Joel Skousen on employees given the testing option instead of complete jab freedom:

“I’m against all testing because of its unreliability and the false stigma it puts upon you, not to mention the irritating possibility of quarantine over nothing.” Continue reading “Joel Skousen on employees given the testing option instead of complete jab freedom”

Raised on Porn | Documentary Film — Similar to morphine

How to be free:

LUST ‘the poison that kills the soul’ FREEDOM! My experience: How DEMONS DRIVE heterosexual and homosexual lust in ‘Christians’ — When we realize demons drive lust we can be free!

We MUST be free — my article that no one can refute:

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — “There is therefore now *no condemnation* to those who are IN CHRIST Jesus, who don’t WALK according to the flesh, but ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT”

– –

The high is similar to morphine.

“In previous eras, in order to get sexually explicit material, you had to go to a pornographic theater, or you had to go to a bookstore. Now, you can access pornography sitting at home at no cost, over the internet.”

• • •

Raised on Porn exposes the ways pornography has become the new sex education for children and unpacks the dangerous lifelong implications of this global phenomenon.

Through riveting firsthand accounts, cinematic re-enactments, 3D animation, and interviews with the world’s leading neurologists, sociologists, psychologists, and therapists, Raised on Porn is filled to the brim with raw, compelling insight on how pornography is poisoning us and our relationships. This film shatters cultural myths about the “harmless” nature of pornography and provides a sobering framework to understand how this graphic genre of media has shaped our world, eliciting a desperately-needed call for change.

CONTENT WARNING: While the film doesn’t contain any nudity, it features discussions and images of a sexual nature that some viewers will find disturbing. Our editors have worked hard to create something that is watchable for most viewers while still conveying the essence of the problem. We recommend the film for mature teens and above.

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Charlie Kirk: Fauci Virus Thought Crimes with Daniel Horowitz

October 19, 2021

Host of the Conservative Review podcast, Daniel Horowitz, sits down on The Charlie Kirk Show to discuss COVID thought crimes the mainstream news media doesn’t want you to hear about. From Ivermectin, the vaccine, miracles in India, and how the vaccine is affecting our current COVID treatment strategies, Daniel bring some provocative ideas that are not allowed to be voiced in polite society. If you have questions about COVID, about the vaccine, about alternative treatments, this is the episode for you.

Fauci Virus Thought Crimes with Daniel Horowitz