Coast To Coast AM Censored Dr. Bill Deagle at Last Minute—Feb 26th

I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. Deagle on everything, but he has a lot of information that Americans should be privy to. I was looking forward to hearing this Coast to Coast AM interview with host, George Noory.

Then just hours before the interview, I saw his name replaced on the Coast to Coast schedule.

But all things considered—in George Noory’s defense—if George exposed too much, and didn’t have enough seriously disinfo programs (like he really does have), he would no longer be host on this widely listened to Clear Channel program.

So although it’s easy to become disappointed with some of George’s priorites, at least some of the truth is getting out over the public radio waves—which sometimes happens on Coast to Coast in a big way.

Like last night, when a creationist, scientist spoke the truth about how Genesis 1-11 can be totally trusted [However, my personal opinion is that the Noah’s ark discovery info was disinfo, as I think Ron Wyatt already discovered it]. And the guest who replaced Dr. Deagle, Kathryn Albrecht was outstanding! George even pledged that he would tell the truth about the microchips and the Mark of the Beast as long as he is on radio.

So despite some of the negatives, I’m very thankful for George. In many ways he’s a true gentleman and is probably taking the show as far as Clear Channel will let him.

Every once in awhile he’ll have a really great show. And so far this week he’s had two! And Steve Quayle is scheduled to be on tonight. So three great shows this week—which is very rare for Coast—in my opinion! Sometimes, for weeks it seems it’s very much yucksville.

I try to look at the schedule regularly to see if anything good will be on.

Power to the people—sort of!

Jeff Fenske


From: Clay and Iron

Tonight , Feb 26th 2008, hours before a scheduled interview on CoastToCoastAM radio with George Noory, Hours 2, 3 and 4, I was called at the last minute by Lisa Lyon of CoastToCoastAM Radio cancelling at the last moment…my show interview on Tuesday, Feb 26th 2008, from 11 PM Feb 26th to 2 AM Feb 27th 2008.

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About Bill Deagle

Deagle’s Radio Show

Project Camelot interviews Bill Deagle: We need to be ready — “Speak out now because you’re going to be silenced shortly”

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China: Olympics water diversion threatens millions

From: Financial Times

The diversion of water to Beijing for the Olympics and for big hydropower projects threatens the lives of millions of peasant farmers in China’s north-western provinces, according to a senior Chinese government official. …

Beijing will need an estimated 300m cubic metres of additional water just to flush out the polluted and stagnant rivers, canals and lakes in its central areas to put on a clean, environmentally-friendly face for Olympic visitors, according to municipal officials.

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North American Army Created Without OK by Congress

From: World Net Daily

In a ceremony that received virtually no attention in the American media, the United States and Canada signed a military agreement Feb. 14 allowing the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency, even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis.

The agreement, defined as a Civil Assistance Plan, was not submitted to Congress for approval, nor did Congress pass any law or treaty specifically authorizing this military agreement to combine the operations of the armed forces of the United States and Canada in the event of a wide range of domestic civil disturbances ranging from violent storms, to health epidemics, to civil riots or terrorist attacks.

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Ron Paul: “We’re Never on National News”

Ron Paul Austin Rally coverage on KTBC FOX 7


“We’re never on national news. We can have a crowd five, six, ten thousand people. it never makes the national network.

If another candidate did that? I mean there’s other candidates who would have 300, and it would be on national news.

So you get marginalized there. You get marginalized in the debates.

Basically, I had 1/3 the time the other ones had.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Pastor Baldwin: Moneychangers Destroying America—And Christians Don’t See It

From: News with Views

… The moneychangers of Jesus’ day were the equivalent of the international bankers of our day. With the consent and approbation of the Jewish leaders, these bankers set up shop in the Temple. Their purpose was to exchange whatever currency the Jewish worshipper brought with him or her into Jewish currency, which would then be used to purchase whatever sacrifice the worshipper required. Of course, the exchange rates benefited only the bankers and Jewish leaders (and Caesar, who collected a tax on the exchange, of course). For everyone else, the system was nothing more than legalized extortion.

When Jesus saw what the bankers were doing, He was incensed. And throughout the Gospel narratives, this is the only occasion where Jesus is recorded as resorting to violence. He made a scourge (or whip) and drove the bankers out of the Temple by force and destroyed their tables, along with their records, receipts, etc.

It is too bad that today’s pastors and Christians do not share Jesus’ disdain for the current generation of moneychangers, because it is the moneychangers who are in the process of destroying these United States of America–and our pastors and Christians either do not see it, or, if they do see it, do not seem to care. Continue reading “Pastor Baldwin: Moneychangers Destroying America—And Christians Don’t See It”