[video] US Federal Law forbids Bilderberg Meeting — The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7yNWcROg9M]US Federal Law forbids Bilderberg Meeting

Published on May 31, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel

Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.
The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.
It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994.
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[Alex-at-Bilderberg video] Daniel Estulin: Nations Destroyed by Corporate Fascist Dictatorship

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Urt_chvoerw]Daniel Estulin: Nations Destroyed by Corporate Fascist Dictatorship

Published on May 31, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel

Alex talks with Daniel Estulin, long-time Bilderberg researcher and author of the indispensable book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com provide coverage throughout the day as an expected record number of demonstrators are expected to voice their opposition to the secretive elitist group.
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[video] Alex Jones reports from Bilderberg: The People's Media! — "People peacefully protesting tyranny!"

Pretty exciting! Alex Jones bullhorning and broadcasting live from Bilderberg, this morning.

Paul Watson and Rob Dew at the command center.
Alex loses his video feed. Gets really interesting again at minute-35:30, where Webster Tarpley gives some historical background.
“People peacefully protesting tyranny” – Rob Dew

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHOcNBRK_Vk]The People’s Media!

Published on May 31, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel

May 31 is the arrival day of the globalist rogues gallery at Bilderberg. Prison Planet.com editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson mans the command center as Alex and crew take to the street outside the Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, where the Bilderbergers are holding their confab.
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Presstitutes and Presstitution

I wrote this on Facebook, regarding the common practice of presstitution:

I first heard the term, ‘presstitutes’ from Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Show, who may have coined the term.

We all know that prostitution is wrong, but I think presstitution is far worse. It’s treason to lie to the American public about what is going on. They are aiding and abetting the globalists, who are carrying out Satan’s agenda to bring about the one-world government. Thankfully, we now have alternative media, as long as the internet remains free. But many still regularly visit the presstitutes, as they turn their tricks — US.

Presstitute neocons like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are among the best at it, and the most responsible for destroying this once, great republic. Glenn Beck has mislead many too. Glenn has even said he’s just an actor, not even believing what he says; though, they’ll give just enough truth to keep the people watching/listening.

[video] War Criminal Henry Kissinger confronted by Luke Rudkowski on Bilderberg and Mass Murder

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4xgfaBTlt4]War Criminal Henry Kissinger confronted on Bilderberg and Mass Murder

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This is one of the 12 videos you will see released on May 31st during our 12 hour Donation Drive broadcast at Bilderberg. Help WeAreChange reach our goal @ http://wearechange.org/donate watch live herehttp://ustream.tv/wearechange

For decades, a shadowy and secret elite organization called the Bilderberg Group has plotted policy together that subjugates humanity under the cover of darkness. On the first day of the Bilderberg Group meeting in Chantilly, VA on May 31st, from 10am to 10pm, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange will shine a much needed light on the group’s members and media pundits that have kept details about the group hidden from the American public. Tune intohttp://www.ustream.tv/WeAreChange for a twelve hour donation drive being broadcast outside the Bilderberg conference to watch TWELVE never seen before confrontations released LIVE every hour. If you want to continue to hold these politicians accountable and make sure the elites continue to hear the voice of the people, donate to WeAreChange.org athttp://www.WeAreChange.org/donate

WeAreChange’s Schedule for the release of the 12 never before seen confrontation videos. We will release these videos while streaming live from Chantilly, VA, outside the Bilderberg meeting. Starts Thursday, May 31st at 10am. http://www.ustream.tv/WeAreChange

1. Tony Blair (10am)
2. Lawrence O’Donnell (11am)
3. Alan Greenspan (12pm)
4. George Pataki (1pm)
5. Charlie Rose (2pm)
6. Ted Turner (3pm)
7. Henry Kissinger (4pm)
8. Jill Abramson (5pm)
9. Vernon Jordan (6pm)
10. Paul Wolfensohn (7pm)
11. Lou Dobbs and Paula Zahn (8pm)
12. Lord Jacob Rothschild (9pm)

[video] Mark Dice discusses his LIVE coverage of Bilderberg 2012 from Chantilly, VA

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNo32gNCb6k]Bilderberg 2012 LIVE coverage from Chantilly, VA

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www.Ustream.tv/Channel/MarkDice Mark

Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives. Check out Mark’s books in paperback on Amazon.com or e-book on Kindle, Nook, or Google Play.

Mark frequently stirs up controversy from his commentaries, protests, and boycotts, and has repeatedly been featured in major media outlets around the world.

Several of Mark’s YouTube videos have gone viral, earning him a mention on ABC’s The View, Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, TMZ.com, and other mainstream media outlets. Mark has also been featured in (or attacked in) the New York Post’s Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and in major papers in Pakistan and Iran.

Mark Dice appears in several documentary films including Invisible Empire, The 9/11 Chronicles, and has been featured on the History Channel’s Decoded and the Sundance Channel’s Love/Lust: Secret Societies and more. He enjoys enlightening zombies, as he calls them, (ignorant people) about the mass media’s effect on our culture, pointing out Big Brother’s prying eyes, and exposing elite secret societies along with scumbag politicians and their corrupt political agendas. You can support Mark’s work by sending a PayPal donation to Donate@MarkDice.com or by using the Donate link on MarkDice.com.

He has called into several top-rated talk shows dozens of times, including the Sean Hannity Show, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage, and verbally battles with the hosts on various issues since he has never been asked to be a guest on them as of yet. Audio of some of these calls are then posted online.

The term “fighting the New World Order” is used by Mark to describe some of his activities, and refers to his and others’ resistance and opposition (The Resistance) to the overall system of political corruption, illegal wars, elite secret societies, mainstream media, Big Brother and privacy issues; as well as various economic and social issues.

Dice and his supporters sometimes refer to being “awake” or “enlightened” and see their knowledge of these topics as part of their own personal Resistance to the corrupt New World Order. This Resistance involves self-improvement, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and spiritual growth.

Mark Dice is the author of several books on current events, secret societies and conspiracies, including his newest book, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True which is available on Amazon.com, Kindle and Nook. While much of Mark’s work confirms the existence and continued operation of the Illuminati today, he is also dedicated to debunking conspiracy theories and hoaxes and separating the facts from the fiction; hence the “Facts & Fiction” subtitle for several of his books. He has a bachelor’s degree in communication.

If you have an iPad or Android tablet, then you can download the Kindle app and then download any of Mark’s books from the Kindle store for only $6.99 or $7.99. Some of them are also available in e-book on Google Play. Or you can get paperback copies from Amazon.com too if you prefer a physical book. They are not available in stores. A lot of work and research went into them and they’ll save you countless hours of web surfing or YouTube watching in your search for pieces of the puzzle. Your support also funds more of Mark’s videos and other operations. Equipment, software, travel, and the props all cost money, so by purchasing his paperback books and e-books, you are helping The Resistance continue and your help is greatly appreciated. Be sure to subscribe to Mark’s YouTube channel, and look him up on Facebook, and Twitter. YouTube.com/MarkDice Facebook.com/MarkDice Twitter.com/MarkDice MarkDice.com

[video] Mark Dice: Bilderberg 2012 – Alerting the mainstream media — Mark shows proof of CIA involvement with media who have covered up Bilderberg for decades

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI1DgqVG-LE]Bilderberg 2012 – Alerting the mainstream media

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Here are the phone numbers to the national and local Chantilly, VA/Washington DC TV stations. Please call them and tell them about the Bilderberg protest. Maybe tell them I’m one of the organizers and give them my email if you want. Mark (at) MarkDice.com CNN Breaking Tip line: 404-827-1500. Fox News Channel: 212-301-3000. MSNBC: 212-664-5222. ABC National: 212-456-2700 CBS National: 212-2086 NBC National: 212-664-4444. Local ABC 703-236-9555. Local CBS 202.895.5999. Local NBC: 202-885-4111. Local Fox: (202) 895-3000. Bilderberg meeting address: Westfields Marriot — Washington-Dulles 14750 Conference Center Drive • Chantilly, Virginia 20151 USA