"It's Destroying Jobs And Destroying Value" – Former Walmart US CEO Explains Why Trump Is Right About Amazon — Company's explicit goal is to drive its competitors out of business before seizing their market share

Amazon has operated its retail segment at a loss while relying on more profitable business segments – like Amazon Web Services – to offset these losses. The company’s explicit goal is to drive its competitors out of business before seizing their market share.


(vid) The Day Amazon Murdered History – On March 6, 2017, Amazon banned 155 ‘Holocaust’ truth books, mostly scholarly

Excellent video that tells the truth about Amazon banning scholarly, thoroughly researched and footnoted books that many now won’t know exist — so the truth stays hidden.
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IT’S ON: Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over ‘Hate Group’ Designation — D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM) filed a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center, Amazon… for defamation, religious discrimination, and trafficking in falsehood

Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map

Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map

On Tuesday, D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM) filed a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the charity navigation organization GuideStar, and Amazon for defamation, religious discrimination, and trafficking in falsehood. The SPLC listed DJKM as a “hate group,” while GuideStar also categorized it in those terms, and Amazon kept the ministry off of its charity donation program, Amazon Smile.

“We embarked today on a journey to right a terrible wrong,” Dr. Frank Wright, president and CEO at DJKM, said in a statement Tuesday. “Those who knowingly label Christian ministries as ‘hate’ groups, solely for subscribing to the historic Christian faith, are either woefully uninformed or willfully deceitful. In the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center, our lawsuit alleges the latter.”

The SPLC has labeled DJKM an “anti-LGBT hate group” for its opposition to same-sex marriage and transgenderism. “These false and illegal characterizations have a chilling effect on the free exercise of religion and on religious free speech for all people of faith,” Wright declared.

“After having given the SPLC an opportunity to retract, we have undertaken this legal action, seeking a trial by a jury of our peers, to preserve our own rights under the law and to defend the religious free speech rights of all Americans,” the DJKM president concluded.

The lawsuit laid out charges against the SPLC, GuideStar, and Amazon. “SPLC acted knowingly, intentionally, and with actual malice in publishing the Hate Map that included the Ministry and in publishing the SPLC Transmissions to GuideStar that included the ministry,” the suit alleged. “SPLC’s conduct in making these publications was beyond the reckless disregard for the truth standard required by Alabama law for punitive damages.”

The suit claimed that “the Ministry suffered special damages in its exclusion from the AmazonSmile program as a result of SPLC’s publication of the Hate Map and the SPLC Transmissions.”

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(video) David Icke Dot-Connector: ‘MONSTERS Inc’ – Amazon, Google and Facebook — “A handful of corporations will control the flow of information….”

Where this is heading unless something is done:

“A handful of corporations will control the flow of information….”

– David Icke

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Monsters Inc – Amazon, Google and Facebook – David Icke Dot-Connector

Published on Aug 11, 2017

(video) Jim Rizoli Interviews Germar Rudolf, July 2017 — ‘Holocaust’ Handbook Series Banned By Amazon

General Outline:

2:00 Germar’s ‘Holocaust’ Handbook Series banned by Amazon

52:45 What happened with Eric Hunt

1:18:00 The bottom line regarding Eric

1:19:00 David Irving

1:20:20 Mark Weber

1:24:15 Why the ‘Holocaust’ issue is crucial today

1:25:20 Racism: “During Nazi Germany, the blacks had the same rights as whites in Germany. It was America that was discriminating against still then. Not Germany.” – Germar Rudolf

1:28:40 How Germany’s current court system is as bad as banana republics’

1:41:50 How to help Germar’s work

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Jim Rizoli Interviews Germar Rudolf, July 2017

Published on Jul 5, 2017

THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY REVISIONISTS PRESENTS: Jim Rizoli Interviews Germar Rudolf, July 2017. This is a followup interview from the first one Nov 2015.

(video) John Kaminski, Censorship at Talmudist Institutions: Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube – the Truth is Now Against the Law

Interesting discussion covering many issues:


John Kaminski, Censorship at Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube – the Truth is Now Against the Law

(video) Amazon Book Ban: Media Blackout Exposed – Author Nick Kollerstrom

Amazon have banned hundreds of revisionist history books in an act of censorship which has been ignored by all mainstream media.
Related: (video) Breaking The Spell (of the ‘Holocaust’) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom — “The greatest lie ever told is disintegrating in our time”
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Amazon Book Ban: Media Blackout Exposed

(audio) Texe Marrs Predicted Amazon Book Banning of 'Holy Serpent of the Jews' – June 25, 2016 – "Maybe it will become forbidden at Amazon" (happens in 2017!) — Today, we are on the threshold of a horrifying new epoch of Jewish history, the Holy Serpent wreaking havoc upon humanity • Jesus once declared, “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers. How can ye escape the damnation of hell?” • Amazingly, the Jews have proven to be exactly what Jesus prophesied. They are the People of the Serpent, unregenerated hypocrites whose religion is unparalleled in its treachery, its wickedness, and its unbounded filth. The Kabbalah and the Talmud, authored by the rabbis, are the very code of hell, the doctrines of devils • "Friends, don't go into this 'Messianic' Judaism stuff. It's patently evil"


(audio) Amazon Bans Texe Marrs’ Book “Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbi’s Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion” w/ Jeff Rense 3/13/17 — Claiming free speech, Amazon sells millions of books, including witchcraft, rape, torture, murder, sexual perversion and cannibalism. They sell ‘Jesus in the Talmud,’ which covers the Judaic belief that Jesus was a bastard child of a whore and is burning in a vat of fiery excrement in hell • ‘Holy Serpent of the Jews’ has struck a raw nerve, exposing the true religion of Judaism • Both the Talmud and the Kabbalah are racist documents, claiming the Jew as the ultimate in evolution and as gods on earth. Their ‘Great Purification’—espoused by rabbis today—is at hand, where Gentiles will either capitulate and become slaves to the Jews or they shall die—a truth that must not be known • Jesus warned about the ‘leaven’ of the Pharisees, saying they ‘follow their father the Devil’ • Most pastors today enable these Talmudic, Satanist destroyers, claiming they’re obeying Gen. 12:3, which is about Abraham, not Talmudic, anti-Christ Israel

Order this very important book from Texe HERE!
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36:00 “I really don’t know how long this will be on the market. … Maybe it will become forbidden at Amazon and the ‘Christian’ bookstores.” – Texe Marrs said in 2016, fulfilled in 2017
42:20 ‘Christian’ Zionism: “I’m afraid that millions of Christians have been seduced and drawn into this Judaic religion. And they are Judaizers. And Paul said in Galatians 3:1 that they’re into witchcraft. He says: ‘who has bewitched you that you would step aside from what you learned early in Jesus Christ and go back into Judaism. Friends, don’t do that. Don’t go into this Messianic Judaism stuff. It’s evil; it’s patently evil.”
49:10 “Judaism is a sex cult.”
55:35 ‘Shekinah’ is the Jewish goddess!
58:30 “The worst aspect of Judaism is the worship of the holy serpent named Leviathan. And the Jews believe that they can do both evil and good works, and yet they expect godhood.”

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TEXE MARRS – Holy Serpent of the Jews – JUNE 25, 2016

(video) “Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance” – real-history, full-length film by Ted Pike — “They [pastors] were supposed to be WATCHMEN on the wall, yet they failed to utter even a hint of warning”
(video) Sick Evil Jewish Talmud — Source of sexual deviance, vile blasphemy of Christ, hatred of Christianity & Christians • “Only Jews are men” (human) • “Christians, as followers of the ‘false prophet’ Jesus, deserve death” • Through the Talmud, the Pharisees rejected God’s new covenant agenda and gave Jews an ethic that encouraged bigotry and isolation — and invited persecution
(video) Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy — The ‘Angry’ Evangelicals – Praying for War instead of “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God” – Jesus

Real history of Cyrus Scofield at 27:20
Scofield Reference Bible at 31:15
• God’s words to Abraham in Gen. 12:3, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” does NOT refer to the modern state of Israel
• Oxford Press further Zionized the notes
Praying for war instead of peace at 46:45
• Christian Zionists enable war
• “Blessed are the peacemakers” bothers them