[1988] Ron Paul Accuses the CIA, Bush Sr, and the Democrats of Drug Trafficking — #1 reason for the drug laws is to finance CIA black ops

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV8x9vfEres]Ron Paul accuses the CIA, Bush sr, and the democrats of drug trafficking 1988

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August 26, 1988 http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?ie=UTF8&location=http%3A%2F%2Fwww…. Watch the full interview: http://thefilmarchived.blogspot.com/2010/09/ron-paul-on-running-for-us-presid

Released on April 13, 1989, the Kerry Committee report concluded that members of the U.S. State Department “who provided support for the Contras were involved in drug trafficking…and elements of the Contras themselves knowingly received financial and material assistance from drug traffickers.”

In 1996 Gary Webb wrote a series of articles published in the San Jose Mercury News, which investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA-backed Contras who had allegedly smuggled cocaine into the U.S. which was then distributed as crack cocaine into Los Angeles and funneled profits to the Contras. According to Webb, the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of drugs into the U.S. by the Contra personnel and directly aided drug dealers to raise money for the Contras.

In 1996 CIA Director John M. Deutch went to Los Angeles to refute the allegations raised by the Gary Webb articles, and was famously confronted by former LAPD officer Michael Ruppert, who testified that he witnessed it occurring.

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism

“The real villains are those who spread fear and loathing for financial gain, power and control.”

“Medical schools conduct a virtual hazing process they call professional training.”

– Dr. Leonard Horowitz

[googlevideo=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8674401787208020885#]In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism – Official Release

This feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bioterrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead. It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a “War of Terror” that is killing millions of unwitting Americans.

This urgent life-saving DVD comes without copyright restrictions. Every viewer is encouraged to reproduce and distribute copies to others. Donations to Tetrahedron Films to cover costs and produce more films like this are greatly appreciated online at http://www.inlieswetrust.com or by calling toll free 1-888-508-4787. You can screen the film on behalf of local charities.

It was produced by award-winning humanitarian, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (http://www.DrLenHorowitz.com), a world-renowned authority in public health education, covert intelligence agency operations, and emerging diseases investigations. He is the author of three American bestsellers, including Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. (Tetrahedron Press; 1-888-508-4787)

This monumental film exposes the agents and agencies behind: Hollywood films and the media creating a profitable culture of bioterror; the “War on Terrorism” used to control populations; the most lucrative war in history—the “War on Cancer;” the onslaught of dozens of new immunological diseases and deadly flus; the “War on AIDS” triggered by contaminated vaccines; the anthrax mailings resulting in restricted freedoms, and sales of toxic drugs, deadly vaccines, and more.

Documents displayed in film may be viewed online at http://inlieswetrust.com For over 400 of the top Critically important videos see http://netctr.com/media — Much more at the site. Wake up, get involved, Save the Republic – Your kids, grand kids and your life will depend on what you do from now on.

(video) John DeCamp discusses the Franklin Cover-up: “The biggest monster I’ve ever encountered!”

Quote transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“So I started working on this case [the Franklin Cover-up — ed.], and it turned into the biggest monster I’ve ever encountered, into a world I did not believe existed, could not believe existed.

And even to this day, strange as this is going to sound, terrible as this may sound, I’ll say it: I wish I knew nothing about it. I wish I were still kind of sweet and innocent and didn’t know anything about this.”

– John DeCamp, former Nebraska state Senator


PART 1: surgery, how DeCamp became involved with the Franklin Coverup, Paul Bonacci.

Nebraska Senator John DeCamp provides updates on Franklin Coverup Scandal, Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine High School Shootings and Henry Kissinger’s confirmation of Watergate’s REAL Deep Throat!


PART 2: Pope Ratzinger; Oklahoma City Bombing; Paul Bonacci.


PART 3: Johnny & Noreen Gosch; Col. Michael Aquino; Columbine High School and drugs.


PART 4: Paris Talks; Henry Kissinger & Wm Colby AGREE who Deep Throat REALLY WAS!


PART 5: DeCamp’s background in Iran; Al Quaeda.


“Conspiracy of Silence”: The program that many compromised (and now blackmailable) Republicans don’t want you to see. It is the story of a cancer at the heart of America and its continuing cover-up at the highest level!

Insider: Pedophilia Among America’s Leaders — Including ‘Conservative’ Republican Presidents?

Ted Gunderson: Many of our congressmen and senators have been blackmailed through children, sex and drugs…”and we don’t have enough people like Kucinich and Ron Paul to stand up.”

(audio) Opperman Report : Nick Bryant, ‘Confessions of A DC Madam,’ ‘Franklin Scandal’ — Republican leaders prefer boys, Democrats prefer girls — Went “all the way to the top”

[NBC 1989] Call Boys Take Midnight Tour of Reagan/Bush White House

Invisible Empire Sneak Peek #4 — Call Boy Rings Exposed. “Many of us believe that our leaders are in fact Christian conservatives with our best interest at heart…” | But WE must have INTEGRITY no matter what.

(video) Eyewitness to Murder at Bohemian Grove – America’s Satanic Hellfire Club

Mark Dice: Hunter S. Thompson produced child porn & snuff films?

[The Prophecy Club] The Ted Gunderson Chronicles

Pedophile Ring Whistleblower Fmr. FBI Chief Ted Gunderson — Considerable effort has been made to discredit him and John DeCamp. Their stories lead to the Bush family and beyond • When we turn on our televisions, we see the men, often Bible in hand, who spend much more time crouching before naked little boys

Dr. Stan & Ted Gunderson on How “They’re” Able to Do It: “Once you understand the things that actually go on at Bohemian Grove…” — “This Satanic element has infiltrated all levels of our government”

‘Presidential Secrets’: Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum Speaks About Drug Running, G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Oliver North, Neutralizing Ross Perot, Task Force 160’s Darkest Green (‘Black’) Helicopters, Assassinations

Dr. Stan interviews Nick Bryant: The Franklin Scandal — A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal

Pedophilia in the White House — Interview with John DeCamp (Nebraska State Senator)

The Homosexual Guild in D.C.: “They’re outing their white, male straights.”

Blackmail: How The Controlling Elite Owns Politicians — Almost every one of them has some dark secret that they can be blackmailed over if they fail to follow the Washington consensus.

All of my Republicans Blackmailable posts

Retired FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson: Child Trafficking Epidemic — “The F.B.I.’s been infiltrated by the Illuminati.” “There’s 50-60,000 human sacrifices per year in this country.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“Based on my research, there’s about 4 million + practicing satanists in America today, about 1.5% of the population.”

“There’s 50-60,000 human sacrifices per year in this country.”

“The reason for the cover-up — because it could identify actors, professional baseball players, professional football players, politicians….

“The whole terrorist movement is a phony movement.”

“There are good people in the F.B.I., police department, C.I.A., N.S.A.. But there is a covert black operation that’s active in this country, very active.”

“The F.B.I.’s been infiltrated by the Illuminati.”

– Ted Gunderson

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko466q01XJk]Retired FBI Chief-Child Trafficking Epidemic in USA 1 of 6

Ted Gunderson, FBI (ret.), discusses his experiences investigating child trafficking. Broadcast 9/8/07.


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Cathy O’Brien: A freed Presidential mind-control slave gives specifics on how America is getting jacked!

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“I name these names so that you can understand who these people are because they’re the same ones over and over and over, again.”

“I’ve known Dick Cheney through Gerald Ford since 1975. He is the most brutal person I’ve ever encountered, personally, by far. But it’s his attitude and his agenda that is so frightening.”

“We need to learn to expand our thinking and realize what is going on. Because when you go outside this country, it’s accepted knowledge that our President [George W. Bush] is under mind-control. It’s accepted knowledge that Dick Cheney is very much in control — and that George Bush, Sr., his closest friend and comrade, has been for a long time.”

“It’s essential that we all gain our strength of spirit in order to be able to grasp the truth. … With that strength of spirit becomes an ability to have inner peace….”

“It is truth that makes us free.”

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it empowers people to have the strength of spirit to stand and make a positive difference for all of us….”

– Cathy O’Brien

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al5Ql0mKJ_E]Cathy O’Brien: America en trance 1/7

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Ron Paul: 300 Million Taxpayer Dollars Spent to Covertly Undermine Iranian Government

From: Infowars

Ron Paul: 300 Million Taxpayer Dollars Spent to Undermine Iranian Government

January 20, 2010

“According to current and former military, intelligence, and congressional sources, Congress late last year “agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran.” These operations, for which the President sought up to $400 million, “were described in a Presidential Finding signed by Bush, and are designed to destabilize the countrys religious leadership…. Clandestine operations against Iran are not new.” U.S. Special Operations Forces “have been conducting cross-border operations from southern Iraq, with Presidential authorization, since last year…. But the scale and the scope of the operations in Iran, which involve the Central Intelligence Agency and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), have now been significantly expanded, according to the current and former officials.””


“On July 7, 2008, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist and author Seymour Hersh wrote an article in the New Yorker stating that the Bush Administration had signed a Presidential Finding authorizing the CIA to begin cross border paramilitary operations from Iraq and Afghanistan into Iran. These operations would be against Quds Force, the commando arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, public and private sector strategic targets, and high-value targets in the Presidents war on terror. Also enrolled to support CIA objectives were the Jundallah, Mujahideen-e-Khalq, known in the West as the M.E.K.,and the Baluchis insurgents.[142] The Finding was focussed on undermining Irans nuclear ambitions and trying to undermine the government through regime change, a person familiar with its contents said, and involved working with opposition groups and passing money.”

more info about NSA and CIA:

[video] Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Episode 6 – ‘Manchurian Candidate’: Sanctioned murder by the U.S. government through trauma-based mind-control victims!

The show that cable TV subscribers in Alaska were not allowed to see!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVGt-JC8a-A]Manchurian Candidate – Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

This episode attempts to uncover a government mind control program, which can ultimately turn any individual into a lethal and controllable assassin.







Duncan O’Finioan, The “Ultimate Warrior”: A Real Life Jason Bourne, CIA Programmed Mind-Control Assassin

People Cursing Animals (and People?): “Men Who Stare At Goats” — The True Story Behind The Film

Mind-Control on ‘Coast’ Tonight, 11/9/08 | My Theory | Recap

Amazing coincidence or conspiracy? Alaska’s TV cable monopoly GCI drops TruTV before the landmark 7-part “Conspiracy Theory” series completely airs!

“Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura — All 7 Episodes

[The Prophecy Club video] The Ted Gunderson Chronicles

This is another video I saw in the ’90s that opened up my eyes. Ted Gunderson, former L.A. FBI head discusses all of these topics I tag above and more.

[googlevideo=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3345008237622976440]Part 1 Continue reading “[The Prophecy Club video] The Ted Gunderson Chronicles”

Tomorrow (5/11) on ‘Coast’: “Bob Fletcher will talk about Sonny Bono’s mysterious death” (First Hour) | DVD Ordering Info from Bob

From one of Bob Fletcher’s comments, below:

My brand new completed DVD on Sonny Bono’s murder is now available to anyone.
Just received the first copies
I will be going to court with this as evidence, in Nevada.
Cost is $20.00. Bob Fletcher PO BOX 216 Bayview Idaho 83803 ,
This answers the questions about Sonny Bono’s murder.
Bob Fletcher August 21 2008


Coast to Coast AM Schedule


From: Coast to Coast Am Shows, Sunday May 11th, 2008

Sonny Bono Killed?
First hour guest Bob Fletcher talked about Sonny Bono’s mysterious death. Fletcher revealed that he’d been briefing Bono about CIA involvement in the drug trade and had made plans to meet with the late Congressman just days prior to his death.

Fletcher stated that the Bono autopsy contained “a whole multitude of problems,” including the lack of neck trauma, which runs contrary to the claim that Bono died of a massive head injury. Among a myriad of other oddities about the case, he noted that a massive amount of blood had soaked into the back of Bono’s jacket and through three layers of clothing underneath, yet no wound could be found on his back.


[Audio] Mysterious Death of Congressman Sonny Bono: Bob Fletcher on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 10/4/08

Congressman Sonny Bono Didn’t Ski Into a Tree—Was About to Expose Top Officials

[DVD] Destiny Denied: The Murder of Congressman Sonny Bono

Tonight (10/3) on ‘Coast’: Bob Fletcher will discuss the mysteries surrounding Sonny Bono’s death — Was About to Expose Top Officials Involved in Drug Running | Recap of Program

The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder, by David Martin

Did the Government Entrap the 9/11 Hijackers?

From: George Washington’s Blog

Note: I am not arguing that the hijackers’ names should be cleared or that they are good people who were victimized. Anyone who took a single life on 9/11 is a murderer and a scoundrel. I am, instead, simply asking who the true masterminds of 9/11 were, and who provided the resources to carry out the plan.


We’ve all seen it on television. The defense attorney argues his client was “entrapped”. That is, that it wasn’t the defendant’s idea to commit the crime, but that the police planted the idea and urged him to do it.

Many of us have heard allegations that post-9/11 arrests of suspected Al Qaeda members were based on very thin information. Did you realize that all or virtually all of these arrests occurred due to entrapment? For example:

• PBS’ Frontline ran a special report focusing on the the alleged Al Qaeda plot in Lodi, California, which showed — based upon interviews with top law enforcement officials involved in the case — that the bust amounted to little more than entrapment and coerced and fabricated confessions from two men who, in fact, had nothing to do with the terrorist group

• The Washington Post ran a story about one alleged threat entitled “Was it a terror sting or entrapment?“, showing that the U.S. government lent material support to the wanna-be terrorists, and put violent ideas in their heads

• Raw Story reports that the alleged terrorist group that is alleged to have planned to blow up Chicago’s Sears Tower was non-violent before a government informant infiltrated the group and planted violent ideas in their heads

• There are numerous other instances of entrapment of peaceful or mentally incompetent people who are then arrested as “terrorists” (see this, this and this)
But surely 9/11 was different, right?

Read Entire Story

Also Here

Related: Rockefeller Predicted “Event” To Trigger War Eleven Months Before 9/11

CIA Caught Editing Wikipedia

From: BBC News

An online tool that claims to reveal the identity of organisations that edit Wikipedia pages has revealed that the CIA was involved in editing entries.

Wikipedia Scanner allegedly shows that workers on the agency’s computers made edits to the page of Iran’s president.

It also purportedly shows that the Vatican has edited entries about Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.

The tool, developed by a US researcher, trawls a list of 34m edits and matches them to the net address of the editor.

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Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation

From: Prison Planet

Starting in the early days of the Cold War (late 40’s), the CIA began a secret project called Operation Mockingbird, with the intent of buying influence behind the scenes at major media outlets and putting reporters on the CIA payroll, which has proven to be a stunning ongoing success. The CIA effort to recruit American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda, was headed up by Frank Wisner, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, and Philip Graham (publisher of The Washington Post). Wisner had taken Graham under his wing to direct the program code-named Operation Mockingbird and both have presumably committed suicide.

Media assets will eventually include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International (UPI), Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service, etc. and 400 journalists, who have secretly carried out assignments according to documents on file at CIA headquarters, from intelligence-gathering to serving as go-betweens. The CIA had infiltrated the nation’s businesses, media, and universities with tens of thousands of on-call operatives by the 1950’s. CIA Director Dulles had staffed the CIA almost exclusively with Ivy League graduates, especially from Yale with figures like George Herbert Walker Bush from the “Skull and Crossbones” Society.

Many Americans still insist or persist in believing that we have a free press….

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Former CIA Trainee, Anderson Cooper Cheats Ron Paul During CNN “Debate”

From: Prison Planet

Ron Paul was cheated for the umpteenth time last night, this time by CNN, as the corporate media once again engaged in mass public deception by advertising their spectacle as a “debate” when in fact it was nothing more than a staged punch and judy show.

CIA trainee Anderson Cooper directed just five questions at Congressman Paul as well as two half-questions, the answers to which he interrupted on both occasions.

In comparison, Mitt Romney fielded 17 questions and John McCain got 15, not including the time the two spent bickering with each other about their past statements.

Again, just as with the previous MSNBC debate and numerous others before it, Ron Paul was given less than a third of the questions as the other candidates.

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Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation

Amazing Media-is-Manipulated Quotes

CNN: Without Honor and Lying

CNN’s Anderson Cooper chastizes Lt. Colonel for questioning Barack Obama’s (Barry Soetoro’s) eligibility, saying Col. Lakin is a hypocrite because he followed orders of others who may not have been born in the US. But they don’t have to be natural born citizens like the President must be, Mr. Cooper. It’s DISGUSTING how truth loving people are treated by the manipulative press when the press finally give them air time!

All of Ron Paul’s Replies at CNN Debate, 1/30/08

Ron Paul & PBS: Blowback From CIA Iran Coup—”Death to the American Satan”


About This Video

Here are some articles (if a link doesn’t work copy and paste the headline in Google or on the site it’s supposed to be on). I did not make this video.

The Iranian Hostage Crisis, November 1979 – January 1981

New York Times Special Report: The C.I.A. in Iran

The Secret CIA History of the Iran Coup

All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror (just go to the C.I.A.’s website and paste the headline in the search engine)

The spectre of Operation Ajax

A Very Elegant Coup – “All The Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror” – Book Review

Mohammad Mosaddeq and the 1953 Coup in Iran


The Torture President Wields His Veto

… So what on earth caused Bush to veto the bill, and thus leave those in Iraq in connection with the war effort without funds in the pipeline? The answer is torture. You should have guessed it. …

The Philadelphia Inquirer sees this very clearly:

Bush knows that if Iraq can get sued for torture, so can the United States. Even now, the CIA is trying to keep secret all of the ways it pulled information from captives.

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Skousen: Evidence of Government Collusion in Drug Running

World Affairs Brief, February 21, 2003 Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief.

One of the most obvious contradictions in the Bush administration’s claims to ensure Homeland Security is the government’s consistent refusal to shut down illegal immigration and drug running between Mexico and the US. DEA, INS and Homeland Security officials give hundreds of technical excuses for why they don’t have the resources or the political will to do what is necessary, but these are, I’m convinced, simply cover stories and lies.

There are tens of federal whistleblowers who tell a completely different story: that federal employees in these agencies are given direct and indirect orders by their superiors not to surveil selective areas or prosecute certain individuals. These whistleblowers also attest that when employees complain about these restrictions to higher officials in Washington, the cover-ups and stonewalling intensify. In other words, the problem is not that of a few rogue agents corrupted by bribes, as the Bush administration would have us believe. The problem is at the top, where systematic collusion is managed and covered up.

In this briefing, I will attempt to give my readers an overview of how the system works, why there is official collusion at high levels and what the ultimate purposes are. As to the specific evidence, there are numerous books and websites detailing examples of corruption and collusion by officials in the US and Mexico. Since I do not have the space to detail all of this evidence I will give you some samples plus specific references for further study. I encourage you to read enough of these accounts to understand the magnitude of the problem, keeping in mind that these stories represent only the tip of the iceberg.

Evidence of Government Collusion in Drug Running
Both the CIA/DEA and the Mexican government have been deeply involved with drug running for years. The Mexican system operates seamlessly (but compartmentalized) from the President down to border guards. Major participants in the system include the largest political party (PRI), federal and local police forces (where bribery is rampant), and the Mexican military. US Border Patrol agents have been fired upon on various occasions (on the US side of the border) by Mexican military personnel driving US-supplied Hummer all terrain vehicles, whose job it is to clear the path for drug runners crossing remote parts of the US border. Appeals by the DEA to Washington to intervene with Mexico to stop these illegal military intrusions are met with excuses and delay tactics. Continue reading “Skousen: Evidence of Government Collusion in Drug Running”

CIA Torture Jet crashed with 4 Tons of COCAINE


Other Western countries like Great Britain are quite honest about their history of drug trading, but we still engage in self-censorship, even amongst the Left, when it comes to acknowledging that similar activities have been carried out by the CIA in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and Latin America during the Iran-Contra Affair. Perhaps the reason why the CIA’s well-documented role in the global drug trade is never really acknowledged is because it never really ended.

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Ron Paul Grilled (yet SHINES) on “Meet the Press” 12/23/07

Russert’s Disgusting Affront To Ron Paul, by Jim Kirwan

Watched Ron Paul’s interview this morning on Meet The ‘Press’…

That was ‘interesting’ – I’ve never seen the bullfrog (Russert) quite so determined to destroy anything.

He did not refer to Paul as a ‘dark horse’ or even a ‘long shot’ – but he did try to use Paul’s very long record of public service to try and destroy Paul’s credibility.

Russert didn’t smile, didn’t look into the camera, just read his little digs into the interview in rapid fire-succession. Mostly, Paul was not allowed to even finish his own sentences – the exact opposite of Russert’s interviews with insiders…where Russert finishes their sentences for them with a huge grin.

Still, Ron held his own, and then some. … Russet went back to the 1980’s for “background” on Paul’s positions (fully half of which were either outright lies or bruising half-truths) – something no other candidate will ever be threatened with, much less have to explain. …


Excerpts from:

‘Meet the Press’ transcript for Dec. 23, 2007

MR. TIM RUSSERT: Our issues this Sunday: Our Meet the Candidates 2008 series continues, an exclusive interview with Republican Ron Paul. He has served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 18 years. In 1988 he was the Libertarian Party candidate for president. Since October he has raised nearly $19 million. That is more than any other Republican candidate for president. Our guest, Dr. Ron Paul.




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Former CIA Interrogator: We Carried Out Torture Because The White House Told Us To

Lauer asked Kiriakou where the permission was given to carry out torture. “Was the White House involved in that decision?” Lauer asked. “Absolutely,” Kiriakou said, adding:

This isn’t something done willy nilly. It’s not something that an agency officer just wakes up in the morning and decides he’s going to carry out an enhanced technique on a prisoner. This was a policy made at the White House, with concurrence from the National Security Council and Justice Department.

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