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Freedom from Alaska!

From Palin to Peltola: Nick Begich on Winning Over Alaska’s Divided Electorate

Top 10 Costco Deals For June

Real CO2 Carbon Capture Storage Plant

CO2 doesn’t even cause global warming in the first place!

Carbon capture and demonizing oil is a scam!

Rep. Thomas Massie Reveals Deep State Secrets and Teaches You How to Live Off-Grid

U.S. Representative Thomas Massie entered Congress in November 2012 after serving as Lewis County Judge Executive. He represents Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District which stretches across Northern Kentucky and 280 miles of the Ohio River.

Bombshell Drops: Israel Was In On It! w/ Ben Swann

Investigative journalist Ben Swann has compiled substantial evidence demonstrating that the Israeli government was aware well in advance that Hamas was planning the October 7th attacks. Not only did Egypt warn Israel and the IDF had collected their own intelligence, but Hamas was staging obvious military exercises leading up to the fateful date.

Ben Swann on Twitter:   / benswann_  
Ben’s website:

Chuck Baldwin: Rep. Thomas Massie – Every GOP Congressman Has An AIPAC Babysitter


Candace Owens Covers The Dancing Israelis On 9/11

Candace Owens Clips

Everything We Learned About World War 2 Is A Lie | Candace Ep 7

I go over the lies and propaganda of WW2, the neocons want another world war… according to the Jerusalem Post, IDF knew of Hamas’ plans before the October 7 attack.

Tucker Carlson Reacts to the Kristi Noem Dog Scandal

Watch the full conversation here:    • Glenn Greenwald: Antisemitism, Attack…  

Tucker Carlson Network

MLK Jr. Was Not Who You Thought He Was

Watch the full conversation here:    • Vince Everett Ellison Exposes the Lie…  

Glenn Greenwald: Antisemitism, Attacks on Free Speech, and Everything You Need to Know about Brazil

President Nayib Bukele: Seeking God’s Wisdom, Taking Down MS-13, and His Advice to Donald Trump

President Nayib Bukele saved El Salvador. He may have the blueprint for saving the world.

Glenn Greenwald: ISRAELI>MEDIA’S MASSIVE 10/7 LIES DEBUNKED: “BEHEADED BABIES” (only 1 died, shot through wall), “MASS RAPE” (NY Times/Israeli fabrication) — 764 civilians killed in total (many by Israeli tanks, hellfire missiles & bullets)

Vitamin C Benefits – An Important Factor In Cardiovascular Health – Dr. Berg

The Unemployment Rate Is A Lie! — Actually 25%

John Stone cites stats from

Gold is now $2300!

Allie Beth Stuckey: Weed is Making People Schizophrenic | Gateway Megachurch Pastor Resigns

Today, we discuss the resignation of Pastor Robert Morris in light of his past sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl.

..we discuss how horrible marijuana is, particularly its devastating effects on teenagers. Are there any good reasons to legalize weed? Is marijuana possession actually a criminal justice issue, or is this a myth?

Plus, we discuss the different types of “Karens” and defend those who are actually necessary for society to function.

What REALLY happened on 9/11? | Candace Ep 9 — The Dancing Israelis!


This article presents evidence that the Israeli deep state was a prime mover in the events of 9-11.

Israel Did It

The Five Dancing Israelis – 9/11/2001 – Our Purpose Was To Document The Event

– –

Watch on YouTube

Candace: The REAL reason JFK was killed — ‘Operation Northwoods’

“False flag events are a reality.”

Amazon censors negative, truthful comments about products!

Ever wonder why a product on Amazon says it has 10 comments, for example, but they’re all missing? I’ve seen this multiple times.

They’re deleting comments that tell serious problems!!

Candace: NO American should die for Israel — The IDF knew!

An0maly: Candace Owens Questions 9/11 & James O’Keefe Drops Anti-White Disney Leak! My Reaction.

Steven Ben-Nun: Israel365 Defines Grounds for Trump’s Come Back\: NOAHIDE LAWS

Israeli News Live

Candace Owens: So…Is Brigitte Macron A Man? | Candace Ep 6

Candice is waking millions up!!!

Will she expose ‘Michelle’ actually being Michael soon, which could have MAJOR impact?!!


The Most NUTRIENT DENSE Foods You Can Eat

Good one!

Paul and I are showing you budget friendly foods that are not only nutrient dense, but will satiate your hunger. Make sure to subscribe to Paul’s Channel:    / @paulsaladinomd  

Watch Joe Rogan’s Reaction When Zuckerberg Admits Hunter Biden Censorship

FBI knew in 2019 the laptop was legit; kept Trump from winning. Now, they use it….

Hunter Biden has been found guilty of three felonies, but is he just the fall guy for the Biden crime family, and a distraction away from bigger crimes.

Anomaly: Trump Vows To Make The Israel Lobby More Powerful In America In Sean Hannity Interview! My Reaction.

Charlie Kirk: Israeli stand down order on 10/7 clip?!!

1245 “I don’t think there’s anything more illegal in this world, and there is nothing more heavily censored and policed in this world than Jewish history. … You can question anything, but there’s one event that you go to jail in a lot of countries [twenty – ed.] for questioning.

Speed of Science

Of course, all scientists agree…

Candace Owens vs Piers Morgan On Daily Wire, Israel, Kanye & More

24:30 “At the end of the day, you are going to have to account to God for the things that you allowed, were complicit in….” – Candace

1:14:47 “We are weak right now because we have men who are acting like women. We have journalists [like Piers Morgan, mentioned earlier] who don’t have the strength to call out the truth, and they’re calling everything a ‘conspiracy theory.’ … We need to return to a time where people are guided by God and not by governments and the media institutions. … The west is failing; the west is falling. … I’m done with the military industrial complex. …” – Candace

– –

Candace Owens is the kind of firebrand that only comes around once in a generation. Black, conservative and proudly anti-feminist, Candace became a right-wing darling by breaking the mould of what a conservative looks like. She joins Piers Morgan on Uncensored with no love lost between them.

Piers starts off by questioning her on her now infamous departure from The Daily Wire, amid allegations of antisemitism. The conversation then turns to Israel, and Candace condemns its methods against Hamas, saying they aren’t being careful at all. Perhaps her most dramatic claim however, is that the First Lady of France, Brigette Macron, was actually born a man. In this fierce showdown, Piers and Candace give as good as they get.

1909 / The Scofield Bible Turned Christians into Zionists


God’s words to Abraham in Gen. 12:3, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” does NOT refer to the modern, Talmudic state of Israel

(video) Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy — The ‘Angry’ Evangelicals – Praying for War instead of “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God” – Jesus

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