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What REALLY happened on 9/11? | Candace Ep 9 — The Dancing Israelis!


This article presents evidence that the Israeli deep state was a prime mover in the events of 9-11.

Israel Did It

The Five Dancing Israelis – 9/11/2001 – Our Purpose Was To Document The Event

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Candace: The REAL reason JFK was killed — ‘Operation Northwoods’

“False flag events are a reality.”

Amazon censors negative, truthful comments about products!

Ever wonder why a product on Amazon says it has 10 comments, for example, but they’re all missing? I’ve seen this multiple times.

They’re deleting comments that tell serious problems!!

Candace: NO American should die for Israel — The IDF knew!

An0maly: Candace Owens Questions 9/11 & James O’Keefe Drops Anti-White Disney Leak! My Reaction.

Steven Ben-Nun: Israel365 Defines Grounds for Trump’s Come Back\: NOAHIDE LAWS

Israeli News Live

Candace Owens: So…Is Brigitte Macron A Man? | Candace Ep 6

Candice is waking millions up!!!

Will she expose ‘Michelle’ actually being Michael soon, which could have MAJOR impact?!!


The Most NUTRIENT DENSE Foods You Can Eat

Good one!

Paul and I are showing you budget friendly foods that are not only nutrient dense, but will satiate your hunger. Make sure to subscribe to Paul’s Channel:    / @paulsaladinomd  

Watch Joe Rogan’s Reaction When Zuckerberg Admits Hunter Biden Censorship

FBI knew in 2019 the laptop was legit; kept Trump from winning. Now, they use it….

Hunter Biden has been found guilty of three felonies, but is he just the fall guy for the Biden crime family, and a distraction away from bigger crimes.

Anomaly: Trump Vows To Make The Israel Lobby More Powerful In America In Sean Hannity Interview! My Reaction.

Charlie Kirk: Israeli stand down order on 10/7 clip?!!

1245 “I don’t think there’s anything more illegal in this world, and there is nothing more heavily censored and policed in this world than Jewish history. … You can question anything, but there’s one event that you go to jail in a lot of countries [twenty – ed.] for questioning.

Speed of Science

Of course, all scientists agree…

Candace Owens vs Piers Morgan On Daily Wire, Israel, Kanye & More

24:30 “At the end of the day, you are going to have to account to God for the things that you allowed, were complicit in….” – Candace

1:14:47 “We are weak right now because we have men who are acting like women. We have journalists [like Piers Morgan, mentioned earlier] who don’t have the strength to call out the truth, and they’re calling everything a ‘conspiracy theory.’ … We need to return to a time where people are guided by God and not by governments and the media institutions. … The west is failing; the west is falling. … I’m done with the military industrial complex. …” – Candace

– –

Candace Owens is the kind of firebrand that only comes around once in a generation. Black, conservative and proudly anti-feminist, Candace became a right-wing darling by breaking the mould of what a conservative looks like. She joins Piers Morgan on Uncensored with no love lost between them.

Piers starts off by questioning her on her now infamous departure from The Daily Wire, amid allegations of antisemitism. The conversation then turns to Israel, and Candace condemns its methods against Hamas, saying they aren’t being careful at all. Perhaps her most dramatic claim however, is that the First Lady of France, Brigette Macron, was actually born a man. In this fierce showdown, Piers and Candace give as good as they get.

1909 / The Scofield Bible Turned Christians into Zionists


God’s words to Abraham in Gen. 12:3, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” does NOT refer to the modern, Talmudic state of Israel

(video) Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy — The ‘Angry’ Evangelicals – Praying for War instead of “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God” – Jesus

‘Tucker’: Every congressman has a Talmudic handler except Thomas Massie!

Rep. Thomas Massie: Israel Lobbyists, the Cowards in Congress, and Living off the Grid

00:00 Intro
03:19 Where Does US Debt End?
10:32 Why Massie Voted 15 Times Against Funding Israel
14:53 AIPAC
34:04 Mitch McConnell
42:25 Area 51
50:32 Massie’s Relationship with Trump
57:09 Kill Switches in Cars
1:05:58 Mike Johnson and the Deep State
1:14:34 How Massie Got Into Politics
1:18:29 Living off the Grid

US Wants To Create ‘Hellscape’ of Drones If China Attacks Taiwan

The US military is planning to create a “hellscape” of drones in the Taiwan Strait if China moves to attack Taiwan, the top US military commander in the region has told The Washington Post.

Adm. Samuel Paparo, the head of US Indo-Pacific Command, told Post columnist Josh Rogin that the idea would be to send thousands of drones, unmanned submarines, and drone boats into the Strait to buy time for the US and Taiwan to prepare a defense of the island.


You are not immune to propaganda

Talmudic Israel: Rape Capitol of Middle East — US media’s silence makes them complicit

“Bogus allegations of Hamas mass raping Israeli women ran 24/7 around the world…, which in turn   [juiced?] America and Europe’s tolerance for Israel’s campaign of terror in Gaza and the West Bank — which means every news organization that laundered these lies has the blood of murdered Palestinian children on their hands. The NY Times, BBC, CNN and all the rest are now complicit in genocide.”

Aneurysms: The Silent Killer — Keys: Vitamin D, copper…

Candace Owens Makes Stunning Revelation About Daily Wire

Glenn Greenwald: Massive censorship on criticism of Israel

Max Blumenthal: This is what is being hailed by Israeli leadership as their army’s greatest success of the war

Max Blumenthal

This is what is being hailed by Israeli leadership as their army’s greatest success of the war

The death toll is now over 200, with 400+ wounded, all for 4 hostages who could have been released through negotiations

Israel knew this would be the result


Dozens Of Palestinians Massacred To Rescue Four Israeli Hostages

An unspeakable war crime is being glorified by Western politicians and media outlets.

Skousen: WW III Timing & Trigger — China won’t be able to help Russia occupy the US until 2027, following EMP/nukes. Taiwan may be the trigger event

From: Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, June 7, 2024 — “Is Nuclear War Imminent over US/NATO Weapons to Ukraine?”

As I’ve explained many times before, Putin can’t nuke the West when he is in no position to consolidate that military destruction with occupation. He just doesn’t have the conventional military capacity or troops to do so. That is why he has to wait for China, and China won’t be ready until at least 2027. That doesn’t mean that the war will come in that year, only that China will probably be ready to exercise its aggressive plans to conquer. There will still need to be a trigger event, which may well be the invasion of Taiwan.

‘Ideological Bulls–t’: Rich McCormick Grills Fauci On Audio Of Him Discussing Vaccine Requirements

E. Michael Jones: The Gun is a Substitute for Moral Courage

Young men and boys are addicted by pornography and violent video games.

The gun is a substitute for moral courage. In Gaza, the Jews don’t follow the moral law, but all we do is give them guns. We could have dealt with this years ago, but refuse to consider what’s really going on and address it.

“The minute the Gaza thing erupted, the only thing we’re allowed to talk about is antisemitism. Anytime you criticize a Jew for killing an innocent woman and child you’re guilty of antisemitism. … And there are large numbers of people who don’t buy it anymore.”

USS Liberty: The Day Israel Attacked America — Israel threatened LBJ, show stopped the rescue and covered it up!


I hadn’t before heard that Israel actually threatened LBJ, President Johnson, whom we know did all he could to help the attack succeed and then covered it up.


War Is On The Agenda For Bilderberg 2024…

Charlie Skelton is a reporter for The Guardian.


Steven Ben-Nun: Col Greg Rinchich Warns Christians

Hard to know how much of this is true, at this point.

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