High Enough Vitamin D – Freedom From Covid Fear (for most) — Summary Info / Studies / How Much to Take / New Standards

Dr. Pierre Kory: A national VITAMIN D campaign to get levels above 50 would have changed the face of Covid!

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I’ve posted this fact for years, but I like the way Joe says it.

Mind boggling!

“There’s a hundred billion stars in this galaxy alone. There’s hundreds of billions of galaxies in the known universe.” – Joe Rogan #2037


Our sun is an average sized star, and the hundreds of billion galaxies each have an average of 100 billion stars (suns)!

‘It’s all created from nothing; no designer — by chance’ — children are taught in public education.

The Bible:

that which is known by God is revealed in [men], for God revealed it to them. For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity; that they may be without excuse. – Romans 1:18-20

Global De Dollarization Trend Is Gaining Momentum!! — Endgame for the dollar used as a global currency

Rick Wiles Talks With Dr. Robert Malone — We’re in a spiritual battle against evil. Our opponents have no ethical boundaries. The ends justify the means

“You have to put on the armor. The armor of God…. You have to put on your armor and be a happy warrior, but nonetheless recognize that you’re in a battle against evil. And that your opponents justify their actions to themselves based upon the utilitarian notion that the ends justifies the means, and they will do anything. They have no ethical boundaries.” – Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Malone interview starts at 20:10

RFK Jr on C-SPAN 9/13/23: VAERS reported <1% of vaccine injuries compared to Lazarus in 2010, so they ditched the far more reliable Lazarus reporting system

12:12 Caller claims RFK believes crazy theories. Listen to RFK’s calm and fact based response.

24:50 RFK tells the truth about Pharma’s VAERS vaccine injury database. Its weakness is that most of the vaccine injuries aren’t reported, because doctors don’t usually fill out the reports. In 2010, Pharma planned to implement a superior, machine counting database system, called Lazarus (head researcher). They found that VAERS reported less than 1% of the injuries, compared to Lazarus. “The CDC, when it saw the huge magnitude of vaccine injury shut down the system.”

The CDC just shut down the V-safe system too, just before this current vaccine’s rollout:

CDC Shuts Down V-safe App for Reporting COVID Vaccine Injuries, Former FDA Adviser Warns It’s a ‘Terrible Idea’ (8/25/23)

CrossTalk: GOP Riddled With SCANDAL – The Degenerate Right

56:40 “Every US politician seems to have some form of blackmail on them, and it’s almost a requirement for you to be in the game. … The second you step out of line they burn you. … You can’t be blackmailed if you live an upright life.” – Edward Szall

47:20 Lauren Boebert

54:45 Kristi Noem

57:45 Marjorie Taylor Greene

58:45 Lindsay Graham (the war hawk) — long known as homosexual, male prostitute speaks out: “[…] Any escort he’s hired should be able to verify this.”

Tim Scott (seems like a war hawk too)
Matt Schlapp’s statement

1:07:35 Niki Haley‘s alleged affair with a blogger

1:09:00 Caitlin/Bruce Jenner’s influence on Trump on the trans subject

Stew Peters Network

Charlie Kirk: What Ukraine ACTUALLY Stands For is A Perfect Depiction of Why We Need to Cut Their Funding

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert Fondled Her Date During a ‘Beetlejuice’ Musical – “Christian Conservative”

Colorado Representative and self-professed devout Christian Lauren Boebert apologized Friday after initially denying reports about her vaping and disruptive behavior during a family-friendly showing of the Beetlejuice musical in Denver this past Sunday. The 36-year-old separated grandmother and her date were kicked out by security after multiple complaints about their behavior. Boebert argued with theater security for an extended period before stomping out with a patented “Do you know who I am?” to theater staff. After, Boebert confirmed on Twitter that she was kicked out, without addressing patron accusations about vaping in the crowded theater or other inappropriate actions. … Continue reading “Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert Fondled Her Date During a ‘Beetlejuice’ Musical – “Christian Conservative””

David Icke w/ Jason Bermas: “They’re NOT LIBERALS, they’re FASCISTS. They impose their will. They’re the exact opposite of liberals”

“I wish they wouldn’t call them liberals, because they’re not. They’re fascists. They want to impose their will on the population just like fascism does, or communism does. They’re the exact opposite of liberals.” – David Icke

26:30 The truth about Elon Musk! “Don’t listen to the words. Watch the actions.”

David Icke Decodes Reality | MSOM Ep. 827

Dr. John Campbell: Activated Vitamin D trial

Study of hospitalized patients [77% were vitamin D deficient] showed significant improvement, but probably would have been MUCH better had enough activated D been used.

ONLY 1 MICROGRAM WAS GIVEN. Probably not nearly enough. The study says: “active vitamin D analog (alfacalcidol 1.0 μg/day, or eldecalcitol 0.75 μg/day) administration was supposed if the patients had at least 1 risk factor for severe COVID-19….”

Dr. Campbell’s levels are only 34 ng/ml. He was finally able to get a test done in the UK, so he’s upping his dosage.

11:42 Big Pharma’s vitamin D “normal” level range is not high enough. Vitamin D “normal” level range for dogs is 100-150 ng/ml in the US. Like Dr. Campbell says: we need to optimize levels for what’s best for cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, Covid, etc., not just for rickets.

The effect of 1-hydroxy-vitamin D treatment in hospitalized patients with COVID-19: A retrospective study https://www.sciencedirect.com/science…

9 Indicators of a Severe Vitamin D Deficiency – Fatigue, Depression, Bone Density, Chronic Pain/Inflammation, Muscle Loss, Fat Gain, High Blood Sugar, Respiratory Infection [Covid], Skin Issues

Look at this list:
1:20 – Fatigue
2:26 – Depression
3:37 – Bone Density
4:11 – Chronic Pain/Inflammation
5:55 – Muscle Loss
7:38 – Fat Gain
9:13 – High Blood Sugar
10:42 – Respiratory Infection
11:58 – Skin Issues
12:57 – Sources of Vitamin D

Video is good, except: We CAN’T GET ENOUGH D from cod liver oil (1 tsp = 400 iu) or food. And the sun has to be 45° HIGH IN THE SKY to get vitamin D. Our shadow has to be shorter than we are tall. We can’t get D when the sun is low during the day or for the MAJORITY OF THE US anytime in winter. In Anchorage, Alaska, we already can’t get any D, even if it wasn’t cloudy and raining.

People need at least 5,000 iu daily when not in the sun. Most do best on 10,000. And obese and others often need more.

People in southern California have no idea what it’s like to live in low sun states in winter.

DeLauer avoided Covid completely. Only said how good D is for other respiratory infections.

Joe Schimmel: They Sold Their Souls for Rock N Roll (Free)

WATCH 3-HR VERSION: They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll (3-HR) WATCH FOR FREE!


Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
2:26 MTV
3:04 Madonna
4:06 Sexual Sin has consequences
5:12 Music’s impact
6:10 Marilyn Manson
7:11 What does the Bible have to say?
11:05 Van Halen, Queen, Bon Jovi, Satanism, Easy-E, DMX
13:29 Aleister Crowley
14:58 Ozzy Osbourne
17:38 Led Zeppelin
20:21 Aleister Crowley and the New Age
23:12 Timothy Leary
25:00 Beatles
26:28 Pastor Joe’s closing

‘Flat Earth Busted’: World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the EDGE OF SPACE (above 70,000 ft.)!

In comments, flat earthers again try to claim that a fisheye lens was used to cause the curvature, but none were fish-eye lenses.

My Comment — how we know for sure it’s NOT A FISHEYE:  At 20:24, the earth’s surface is near the middle of the lens, where fisheye lenses do NOT bend lines. All of the aircraft’s lines are straight, including the lower-right corner, where a fisheye lens would have radically bent them. Also, the earth’s horizon’s curvature is the same no matter where its placed in the frame. There are many different placements of the horizon in this video.

2:50 The plane flew above above 70,000 feet.

16:00 What it was like when Blair saw the curvature of the Earth.

Eight years of discussions. Six months of training. Two days of final preparations. Much was required to give photographer Blair Bunting two hours at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere to conduct the first-ever photo shoot at near-space where he captured images that have never been made before and will likely never be made again. Join us on this incredible adventure!

Read the PetaPixel’s detailed feature: https://petapixel.com/2023/09/05/at-7…
More photos, videos, and stories:

Directed by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake

Video should start at 20:24

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FDA Changed Vaccine Definition in 2021 so mRNA “vaccines” qualify. OMITTED: “PRODUCES IMMUNITY,” “PROTECTING the body from the disease”

CDC Removes Critical Words From Vaccine Definition

To fully understand the importance of the change, it’s crucial to note that, before the COVID pandemic, the definition of a vaccine had been relatively stable for nearly a couple decades with minor word changes occurring every few years. All through that time the intent of a vaccine — to give you immunity by protecting you from a specific disease — had remained basically the same. Continue reading “FDA Changed Vaccine Definition in 2021 so mRNA “vaccines” qualify. OMITTED: “PRODUCES IMMUNITY,” “PROTECTING the body from the disease””