Downing: Sen. Cathy Giessel strives through Juneau’s hallways, treating people with ‘imperious disregard’

Suzanne Downing reporting from Alaska’s capitol:

“The legislators are treating each other well, with respect. I will say that I’ve noticed that Cathy Giessel is not particularly in that category. She strives through the hallways and treats people with imperious* disregard. … Cathy Tilton, as the speaker of the house is doing a fantastic job, and there is just very little drama.”

*’imperious’ – unpleasantly proud and expecting to be obeyed

Listen at about 1:11:00 here:

The Mike Porcaro Show 3/22/23


Sen. Cathy Giessel’s serious character issues – punishes colleagues with silent treatment — Rep. Laddie Shaw on KFQD, 9/25/19

Rand Paul: Stop the Recipe for Unending War

Sen. Paul: The American People Have Had Enough War

The Senate has taken a bipartisan vote to advance legislation that would end the 1991 and 2002 authorizations for use of military force but Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says more needs to be done to prevent future conflicts.

Rand Paul on Facebook:

War is sometimes necessary, but going to war should not be the decision of one person. Ending congressional authorization for the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War returns the war power to the American people and their representatives.


When the evangelicals booed Ron Paul:

(‘America is done’ video) Ron Paul was just BOOED FOR TALKING ABOUT THE GOLDEN RULE, “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” — South Carolina Fox News Republican debate 2012

Grass Fed Butter Test: Kerrygold vs Kirkland

Fats in grass fed dairy and beef are far healthier than from corn fed animals, so this is important.

Kirkland has 25% less salt, so Kerrygold wins in a taste test.

But Kerrygold has 17% milk solids, while Kirkland has 10%. Milk solids cause butter to burn:

Milk solids are the reason butter starts to burn at a lower temperature than something like olive oil. When you clarify butter, you remove all the milk solids and water, but are left with the butterfat. This creates a higher smoke point, which makes clarified butter ideal for cooking and sautéing. (source)

Kirkland brand says 95% grass fed. I’ve read that Kerrygold cows are fed hay for a month or so during Irish winters, which is supposed to be why they are also not 100% grass fed. But they’re apparently not at anytime fed with corn, which changes the fats omega content to be less healthy.

Also, grass fed cows produce yellow colored butter from beta carotene in the grass. So the yellower the better.

– –

I was kind of excited to see a Kirkland® brand of grass-fed butter being sold at Costco, but is it better than KerryGold®? Watch this video before you buy grass-fed butter!

Women now argue to repeal the 19th Amendment because many women are easy to indoctrinate into wokism. “It’s the motherhood impulse redirected towards the oppressed, marginalized LGBTQI group” [Timcast]

Mary Morgan: “It’s not just children who are easy to indoctrinate. Adult women are really easy to indoctrinate. They’re very collectivist by nature compared to men. They’re just far more malleable to these ideologies. And that’s why they all are in hive mind together when they get on that podcast. They’re sitting on one side of the table, obviously, and they just start operating as one.”

“It comes from women’s pathological need for feeling like they’re altruistic, that they’re reaching down to help the vulnerable.”

Chase (Sovereign Brah): “It’s the motherhood impulse redirected towards the oppressed, marginalized LGBTQI group.”

Tim Pool: “But women are for repealing the 19th Amendment [right for women to vote].”

Chase (Sovereign Brah): “Yes…. A lot of women are realizing that these other women who are voting for all these things, and are pushing our country in that direction. Those women are putting normal women at risk by supporting all this stuff. Because you have transgender people that are going in women’s spaces now, and it’s mandated that they be able to do that by law. You have transgender women going to female prisons, and they’re raping female prisoners. And there’s a lot of normal women who ironically do support repealing the 19th, because they see how women having the right to vote is hurting other women.”

[Discussion about trans men being allowed to go in little girls’ restrooms.]

Mary Morgan: “Moms are ones that are leading the charge now….”

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Proposed legislation would outlaw talk about Jesus in Israel

Israeli lawmakers introduced a new bill in Israel that would punish believers for sharing the gospel of Jesus with prison time. Jerusalem Correspondent Daniel Cohen gave the details on News Max. The information was first reported by Joel C. Rosenberg on All Israel News. Read the report at . Such actions against Christians in Israel are not rare; see . Read the text of the bill in English at

The Discovery of Noah’s Ark – A G. Edward Griffin Film (1993)

The Discovery of Noah’s Ark – It’s Really There!

Noah’s Ark has been found, and here is the evidence, including photographs You can visit it yourself without having to climb a glacier to get there! It is in Turkey 17 miles from Mt. Ararat at the 6,000 foot elevation. It was man-made, was designed as a boat, incorporates principles of advanced hydrodynamics, had decks and interior chambers, is the proper dimension, is in the right geographical location, is accompanied by large anchor stones, has been visited by religious pilgrims for thousands of years, is consistent with the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, and the ancient tablets from Sumer, and is surrounded by mountains and villages which carry names from antiquity relating to the Ark’s landing. This 1993 documentary was produced and narrated by G. Edward Griffin and features expert testimony by David Fasold, Donald Patten, Sam Windsor, and Marvin Luckerman. A DVD is available from

March 17, 2022

Dr. Mercola: Would Vitamin D Have Saved Half of Covid Deaths?

Giving vitamin D to people with COVID-19 cut risk of death from SARS-CoV-2 by 51% and reduced risk of admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) by 72%.4

..they also had lower rates of COVID-19 infection, by 54%.9

• • •

Would Vitamin D Have Saved Half of Covid Deaths?

I launched an information campaign to raise awareness about the use of vitamin D for COVID-19 back in June 2020. My own vitamin D review was published October 31, 2020, in the high-impact, peer-reviewed journal Nutrients.1

At the time, 14 observational studies suggested vitamin D levels are inversely linked with the incidence or severity of COVID-19, and my paper concluded, “The evidence seems strong enough that people and physicians can use or recommend vitamin D supplements to prevent or treat COVID-19.”2

I was widely vilified and discredited in the media for bringing attention to vitamin D’s potential for COVID-19. The New York Times, in their July 2021 front-page hit piece,3 even dubbed me, “The most Influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online,” in an attempt to minimize my efforts. The reporter claimed she could not verify my published study on vitamin D, even though I sent her a link to it, and it’s easy to find online.

Now, however, as is usually the case, the truth is being set free. An increasing number of studies are confirming what I said in 2020 — that vitamin D is a potent and highly effective intervention for COVID-19. Continue reading “Dr. Mercola: Would Vitamin D Have Saved Half of Covid Deaths?”

Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It

According to the report, 8 of the 9 “high-quality studies examining cognitive or neurodevelopmental outcomes reported associations with fluoride exposure.”

Of the 19 high-quality studies assessing the association between fluoride and IQ in children, 18 reported an association between higher fluoride exposure and lower IQ in children. Forty-six of the 53 low-quality studies also found evidence of that association.

..“people consume large amounts of fluoride through tea and other drinks and processed foods made with fluoridated water, not to mention pesticide ingestion and fluoride from air pollution.”

In 2016, a group of six nonprofit organizations and several individuals petitioned the EPA to end fluoridation of drinking water in the U.S. based on evidence of health risks associated with fluoride, namely neurotoxicity. …

They based their initial claims on dozens of studies and reviews demonstrating fluoride’s neurotoxicity. Studies have also linked fluoride to a variety of other health risks in both children and adults, and evidence shows it to be an endocrine disruptor.


James Perloff: Resolving a Minor Hollywood Mystery—the Westerns Craze of the 1950s — to de-sensitize the public to killing, to weaken respect for the Sixth Commandment

There was always one minor mystery that nagged at me, though—why there had been such a craze for westerns during the 1950s. Hollywood produced more than 1,000 western movies during that decade.1,2

But it was the abundance of Westerns on television that puzzled me most. In 1959 alone, 30 westerns were featured in prime-time. …

Why so many westerns? I didn’t believe it was from public demand, because, as I pointed out in my post on the “Golden Age,” it has really always been agendas that have driven network programming, not “public opinion.” …

I believe the basic purpose of the westerns craze was to de-sensitize the public to killing, to weaken respect for the Sixth Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Killing was made laudable. Of course, in the film or TV show, the killing would be made to look justifiable. And there is no question that, in real life, weapons sometimes have to be used in self-defense. Let’s just say the westerns went way overboard. Not that there wasn’t real lawlessness in the Old West, but this made it the perfect venue for dramatization of violence.

There were other genres, of course, that included killing, such as police shows, but on TV I think westerns won the body count prize.

During the sixties, westerns largely fell out of vogue. By 1969, by my count, the number had dropped from 30 to 6. Westerns had served their purpose, and the networks shifted from attacking the Sixth Commandment to the Seventh—“Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery”—as the “new morality” of the “swinging sixties” was to be normalized for the public.

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Trump Did Try and Stop the Capitol Invasion — Suppressed video now public shows

Joel Skousen writes in World Affairs Brief, March 17, 2023:

One of the suppressed videos now made public shows the “Qanon Shaman” Jason Chansley announcing to the protestors about a text received from the president: “Donald Trump has asked everybody to go home… we’re going to obey our president!” []. The Jan 6 Committee didn’t want the public to see that one.

• • •

Jason Chansley: “Donald Trump Has Asked Everybody To Go Home…We’re Going To Obey Our President!”

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Skousen: Overview of the Banking Crisis – What you need to know

In summary, it is very clear that the government is going to do everything within its money creation and regulatory powers to keep this banking system failure in check. The PTB even trotted out Joe Biden to tell Americans “the US banking system is safe” even as shares plummeted up to 74% in pre-market trading despite president’s guarantee scheme for SVB and Signature Bank.

The financial powers first had to halt all trading in bank stocks while they organized a stock intervention response so the “crash” of bank stocks was blunted. The fact that the “plunge protection team” had to intervene so forcefully to stop the run on bank stocks indicates the big boys aren’t ready for a market crash yet.

• • •

World Affairs Brief, March 17, 2023 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (


The collapse of three high-risk banking institutions this week may seem like an anomaly, but it’s not, considering the fragile nature of our banking system. All banks are inherently susceptible to bank runs because they, like insurance companies, are only required to keep a small portion of their assets in cash or liquid assets available for withdrawal within a short time. When cash funds are exhausted, banks must sell their most liquid assets, which are usually in the form of US Treasury bonds. When demands for withdrawal exceed a bank’s cash and liquid assets, the bank becomes insolvent—unless it can get other larger banks to give them some “bridge loans” at higher interest rates, which they just did for First Republic Bank. But they won’t be willing to do if the problem bank’s balance sheet contains too many weak performing loans. Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank both ran out of the foregoing options this week and collapsed, but what was different this week was that the Federal Reserve and FDIC stepped in and decided to bailout all depositors, most of which far exceeded the $250K cap on federal deposit insurance, in order to stave off a larger bank panic. While this may work in the short term, it sets a very dangerous precedent in that it is 1) illegal, 2) rewards risky bank speculation, and 3) it sets up a double standard for bailouts that the government can’t possible fulfill if more banks default. This week I will discuss the many reasons why SVB failed and why other banks are similarly vulnerable.

First, a Primer on Banking Continue reading “Skousen: Overview of the Banking Crisis – What you need to know”

Check your bank rating at Weiss ratings – How Safe Is Your Bank?

Typing your bank into the search engine can save a lot of time, since thousands of banks are listed here.

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Bank Implosion: How Safe Is Your Bank?

Here is how you can find out…

Patrick Wood

The banking system is on the rocks again and is generating a lot of fear and trepidation among ordinary people who are asking, “How safe is my bank”?

Both individuals and businesses should be asking that question.

I can give you some immediate help. A very old acquaintance, Martin Weiss, founded Weiss Ratings to assess safety of banks, credit unions and insurance companies. It has recently expanded its rating service to crypto and stocks.

To see bank ratings on 3,540 US banks, go here.

To see S&L ratings on 2,162 S&L/Credit Unions, go here. Continue reading “Check your bank rating at Weiss ratings – How Safe Is Your Bank?”

James Corbett: Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

It is hardly surprising that the first thing Bayer did after completing their takeover of Monsanto earlier this month was to announce that they were dropping the Monsanto name, merging the two companies’ agrichemical divisions under the Bayer Crop Science name. After all, as everyone knows, Monsanto is one of the most hated corporations in the world. But Bayer itself has an equally atrocious history of death and destruction. Together they are a match made in hell.


Roundup used to kill wheat and other crops just before harvest, making food toxic

Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest?

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto‘s Roundup herbicide, is recognized as the world’s most widely used weed killer. What is not so well known is that farmers also use glyphosate on crops such as wheat, oats, edible beans and other crops right before harvest, raising concerns that the herbicide could get into food products. …

According to a wheat farmer in Saskatchewan, desiccating wheat with glyphosate is commonplace in his region. “I think every non-organic farmer in Saskatchewan uses glyphosate on most of their wheat acres every year,” the farmer speaking on condition of anonymity said.

He has concerns about the practice. “I think farmers need to realize that all of the chemicals we use are ‘bad’ to some extent,” he said. “Monsanto has done such an effective job marketing glyphosate as ‘safe’ and ‘biodegradable’ that farmers here still believe this even though such claims are false.”