Dr. Rand Paul on Fauci: “Mr. Dictator” “acts like an ignoramus every day of the week” | Rand won’t get vaxxed

“He probably has the highest IQ for someone who acts like an ignoramus every day of the week.” Calls Fauci “Mr. Dictator.” – Rand Paul

Rand won’t get vaxxed; has immunity from having had Covid, as do a large percentage of Americans.

Dr. Paul Discusses Covid Mandates and Dr. Fauci with Laura Ingraham – May 14, 2021


[Anchorage] Suzanne Downing: “It ought to be scary that we’re this close to electing a Marxist like Forrest Dunbar”

It looks like Anchorage, Alaska may have dodged the bullet this time, but:

“It ought to be scary to people that we’re actually this close to possibly electing a Marxist like Forrest Dunbar. That ought to tell us what trouble we’re in.” – Suzanne Downing at minute-1:25:00 on The Dan Fagan Show, 5/12/21 [Morning after the election, Dunbar leading by approx. 100 votes; late votes likely to give the lead to Bronson]

Note: nationally, conservatives didn’t heed the 2016 warning. In the 2016 national election, Hillary almost beat Trump, which should have been a HUGE alarm and wake-up call to the conservatives, especially regarding voter fraud. Instead, they went back to sleep. Biden then successfully stole the election in 2020, likely signifying the end of America.

Debunking MIB Joseph Spencer?

The guy doing the debunking video seems to be sensical and balanced, showing what is true and what seems to be fiction. He says the MIB video was read by an actor in 2018, not 2000. I didn’t watch the entire 2 hr 5 min video, but may revisit this someday.

– –

The video in question: Joseph Spencer – REAL Man in Black Whistleblower Also here, and claims:

“The world will witness a massive invasion of aliens, thousands of holographic alien warships.”

The video talks about Project Skybeam, and predicts:

In the year 2024, a global event will alter the course of mankind’s future. The world will stand witness to a massive alien invasion. Thousands of projected holographic alien warships will blanket the skies sending people into a global panic. Real military crafts within the holograms will inflict actual damage to the surrounding areas to sell the beginning. As a result of the ensuing human chaos, a one-world government will immediately form without any resistance from the people. (full transcript)

This video’s description:

You might have seen a recent video clip making the rounds online showing the reading of the deathbed confession of an alleged Man in Black (MIB) named Joseph Spencer. The confession divulges on the apparent reality of things like alien abductions, MK Ultra, underground bases, Project Blue Beam and the true nature of the MIB themselves. In today’s episode of TPN, we will take a look at the accuracy of claims made in the video, in addition to validating the origin and validity of the video itself.

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Alaska: Andrew Halcro’s wife, Victoria – fmr. director of Planned Parenthood

Alaska politician Andrew Halcro masquerades as a Republican, but is evil to the core! His wife was a/the director of the baby killing organization here in Alaska!

Caller, Ken said this about Andrew Halcro on the Dan Fagan Show, 5/10/21 at 56:30:

“I knew his wife. He dumped his wife and kid, and married the gal, the head of Planned Parenthood.”

From: Alaska State Legislature

                     SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                                                                 
                          April 03, 2002
Attending  via  Teleconference: From  Anchorage: … VICTORIA  HALCRO,                                                          Director,  Public  Affairs  and  Marketing

Did Gov. Kristi Noem Sell Out? – Dean Henderson in South Dakota — “They got to her”

I have often praised Governor Kristi Noem on social media as the no-lockdown champion, refusing to disobey her oath to the Constitution — fantastic!

Gov. Kristi Noem didn’t lock SD down: “I took an oath to the Constitution”

But is she showing kinks in her high-ethics armor? I hope not, but here are some reasons why.

Joel Skousen has stated his concern multiple times. I’ve noticed she’s pushed the vaccines, downplaying the natural solutions, like having enough vitamin D, so their Covid death rate could have been much lower, despite the high percentage of elderly in S.D.

(video) Dr. Ryan Cole: “If you are in MIDLEVEL VITAMIN D range you cannot die from Covid” — MOST are D deficient — “No such thing as ‘flu and cold season,’ only low vitamin D season”

Dean Henderson stated this disturbing information on The Jeff Rense Show, March 26, 2021, Dean Henderson – South Dakota Shocker.

My Notes:

10:00 “They got to her.” Her brothers got $500,000 each from Covid stimulus. One rents some of her land to ranch on. She raised the limit.

She gave herself and the whole executive branch a raise.

The very day after she caved to the NCAA, she got a $1 billion donation [see below] from Denny Sanford, the richest man in South Dakota, who runs Sanford Health Care. He bought an old gold mine, and is doing a CERN-like tunnel to build a particle accelerator.Sanford Underground Research Facility

Six months ago there was a news story in which Denny Sanford was accused of pedophilia, and now we haven’t heard a thing. T. Denny Sanford investigated for possession of child pornography, Aug. 29, 2020

He owns the Sanford Pentagon sports complex in Sioux Falls, so he would lose money if NCAA tournaments weren’t held there because of S.D. banning transgender men competing as women.

“She was like a deer in the headlights on ‘Tucker Carlson.'”

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Forrest Dunbar, Talmudic Candidate for Anchorage Mayor

Forrest Dunbar led Anchorage Assembly to lock down the city. Now he claims he’ll fix Anchorage. His campaign ads are full of lies.

This is what I believe is going on with Forrest, since he mentioned in the KTUU debate with Dave Bronson that he’s doing “tikkun olam,” which he claims is “to repair the world,” while we see him clearly doing the opposite.

He’s also lying non-stop in this campaign, especially with his ads, which need to be exposed.

Tikkun olam is the *Talmudic* goal of “repairing the universe” by subverting culture so they can bring about their NWO plan in which they believe they’ll rule.

And lying to us is a perfectly acceptable tool as long as they don’t get caught.

It’s similar to “order from chaos.” Create chaos to produce “order,” the NWO.

And he’s working closely with another Talmudist on the assembly….

So he revealed his modus operandi; though, it’s not about repairing, and lying is perfectly acceptable in their playbook, since they believe they’re superior, and have the right to deceive in order to accomplish their ruling-over-all-others goal.

Photo explains why he prefers wearing a face mask — legislates all to wear masks, still to this day!

Forrest Dunbar follows ‘tikkun olam’ — Talmudic destruction of Christianity

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Ron Wyatt: How the Pyramids Were Built — Joseph/Imhotep Architect of the First Pyramid

Related: (video) Findings Confirming the Bible – Greatest Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of All Time: Red Sea Crossing • Noah’s Ark • Mt. Sinai • Gomorrah • Ark of the Covenant — Ron Wyatt made no money from his adventures

_ _

One of Ron Wyatt’s favorite subjects was ‘how the pyramids were built’. He was especially interested because he knew Imhotep, or Joseph, son of Jacob (Israel) was the builder of the first pyramid. His discovery of how these massive monuments were made was not something he set out of learn. It was an encounter at the tomb of Onias that led him to an amazing discovery.

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Massie: Extending Copyrights Further Will Violate the Constitution’s “Limited Times” Directive 5/5

Our founders were wise to put patents and copyrights in Article I of the Constitution, thereby entrusting Congress to implement and oversee a strong and beneficial Intellectual Property system that encourages innovation. The Patents and Copyrights Clause states, “[The Congress shall have power] To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

In 1790, patents and copyrights were each granted for a period of 14 years, with an option to extend patents another 14 years. In the early 1800’s copyrights could be extended for another seven years. Today patents expire 20 years from the original filing date (which due to the lengthy application process means they are operable for less than 20 years), while copyrights are now valid for the “author’s life” plus 70 years. In many instances, that means copyrights last more than 100 years!  Copyright protections that extend more than a century seem to conflict with the founders’ directive to Congress to issue “exclusive Right” for “limited times” to “promote progress.”

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Michael Brown: Rabbis consider the Pharisees their founding fathers – “They built on the Pharisaic tradition”

In Jesus’ day, according to their Babylonian Talmudic tradition, the Pharisees believed the Jews have higher souls than non-Jews, the Goyim, whom as such can be treated like cattle. They believed they’re entitled to rule over all. The messiah would lead their New World Order quest. So when Jesus refused, saying His kingdom was not of this world, they rejected Him, and have become revolutionaries ever since. E. Michael Jones calls this the Jewish revolutionary spirit, which is based on their Satanic Talmud and Kabbalah, not the Bible.

Paul says in Romans 11 that “a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come,” which Michael Brown believes is the coming last days, greatest move of God ever: Jesus’ prayer in John 17 fulfilled — “that the world will know!”

Paul then says in verse 28: “concerning the good news [the gospel], they are enemies for your sakeContinue reading “Michael Brown: Rabbis consider the Pharisees their founding fathers – “They built on the Pharisaic tradition””

KRH: Chauvin case intentionally being set up to be overturned on appeal > riots > outcry to pack the supreme court to wipe out “white supremacist” bias

“The Chauvin trial had a jury that wasn’t sequestered, an unruly mob of BLM activists that harassed jurors, an entire media that was against Chauvin, a sitting Congresswoman and the president who made speeches against Chauvin before a verdict was determined, and now, a juror who after the fact is found out to be a BLM supporter. Continue reading “KRH: Chauvin case intentionally being set up to be overturned on appeal > riots > outcry to pack the supreme court to wipe out “white supremacist” bias”

James Perloff w/ Deanna Spingola 8/17/19: Truth About the Declaration of Independence & Revolutionary War — “If the founding fathers were truly Christian…”

“If the founding fathers were truly Christian they would have rendered unto Caesar that minimal 3 cent custom duty on tea, instead of going to war and causing bloodshed and the death of tens of thousands of people.” – James Perloff

• • •

Spingola Speaks w/ Deanna Spingola – August 17, 2019

From JamesPerloff.com

I was Deanna Spingola’s guest live on her RBN radio show. Main topic: Who really wrote the Declaration of Independence? We looked at some of the darker aspects of America’s origins and history. Archived as Hour 1 and Hour 2.

Hour 2, minute-4:30 Truth about the Revolutionary War. Britain was not enslaving American colonists with taxation. Continue reading “James Perloff w/ Deanna Spingola 8/17/19: Truth About the Declaration of Independence & Revolutionary War — “If the founding fathers were truly Christian…””

CDC Violated Law to Inflate COVID Cases and Fatalities

From: Dr. Mercola

Story at-a-glance

  • Dr. Henry Ealy and his team started looking at CDC data on COVID-19 cases and fatalities in mid-March 2020, quickly realizing the agency was vastly exaggerating fatalities
  • Over-reporting of fatalities was enabled by a March 2020 change in how cause of death is reported on death certificates. Rather than listing COVID-19 as a contributing cause in cases where people died from other underlying conditions, it was to be listed as the primary cause
  • As of August 23, 2020, the CDC reported 161,392 fatalities caused by COVID-19. Had the long-standing, original guidelines for death reporting been used, there would have only been 9,684 total fatalities due to COVID-19
  • The CDC violated federal law, as the Paperwork Reduction Act requires data collection and publication to be overseen by the Office of Management and Budget. Proposed changes must be published in the Federal Register and be open to public comment. None of these transparency rules were followed
  • We don’t yet know who was responsible for altering the reporting rules in violation of federal law. To identify the culprits, formal grand jury investigation petitions have been sent to all U.S. attorneys and the U.S. Department of Justice, requesting a thorough, independent and transparent investigation; a direct public effort to gather signatures also commenced on the one-year anniversary of the CDC reporting change