‘Vitamin D the Key to Freedom From Covid’ – Summary Info – Studies

Is Covid-19 a *vitamin D deficiency disease* easily solved by simply having high enough vitamin D levels – 50 ng/ml?

Dr. Ryan Cole summarizes:

If your level is above 50, your *chance of getting* Covid is next to zero, and your *severity*, if you do get it is next to zero.

Mayo Clinic trained pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole spoke in Anchorage, Alaska on 10/30/21 at the Early Covid Treatment Medical Summit. I transcribed these words:

“If you get your vitamin D level above 50 it is next to impossible to develop a cytokine storm. What do people die from in this disease? Inflammation — that cytokine storm….”

dminder app shows Alaskans in Anchorage can’t get vitamin D from the sun for the next 5 months because of the low sun level. “So if you’re not taking vitamin D for the next 5 months you are immune suppressed, period… end of story.”

If your vitamin D level goes up, you cut your cardiac death risk, all-mortality risk and cancer risk.

Huge studies have been done; hundreds of thousands of patients.”

“And if your level is above 50, your chance of getting Covid is next to zero, and your severity, if you do get it is next to zero.”

WATCH Dr. Cole’s 3-minute presentation on vitamin D in Anchorage here at 4:06:40:

Early Covid Treatment Medical Summit (Afternoon Session)
Saturday, October 30th 2021, 1:00pm – 5:00pm

• • •

A recently published retrospective examination of one population study and seven clinical studies where vitamin D3 levels were measured on the day of hospitalization:

COVID-19 mortality risk correlates inversely with vitamin D3 status, and a mortality rate close to zero could theoretically be achieved at 50 ng/ml 25(OH)D3: Results of a systematic review and meta-analysis

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For those of us who are new at testifying before the Assembly, school board, etc.., here are some good ideas and examples. The 9-year-old girl and Hispanic health care worker, whose videos went viral are interviewed, and many of the great, viral videos are shown.


Start at 18:50

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Another side of Kyle? Wearing a T-shirt reading “Free as F–k” after being arraigned

Note: I’ve never heard that the “OK” sign is a white supremacy symbol. Here, they say it was “recently added.” How can the media know what they mean by that? Regardless, I would think Kyle would be somber, not celebrating. He was just formally charged.

The F-bomb t-shirt is what concerns me, seemingly a public display of arrogance, not humility. This doesn’t sit right.

– –

Photos show teen gunman Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly flashing white-power symbols while downing beers with members of the Proud Boys — images prosecutors are using to stiffen his bond conditions.

The 18-year-old was celebrated by members of the right-wing group at a Wisconsin bar just 90 minutes after he was arraigned on Jan. 5 for the deadly Kenosha riots, Kenosha County prosecutors said in court documents.

Wearing a T-shirt reading “Free as F–k,” Rittenhouse was serenaded with the Proud Boys anthem, “Proud of Your Boy” — and then repeatedly made the “OK” sign, which has been “co-opted as a symbol of white supremacy/ white power” and used by neo-Nazis and the KKK, prosecutors alleged. (story)

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Why US Blacks 2X more likely to die of Covid than whites – Vitamin D deficiency 15 to 20X higher – Fauci silent!

From: VitaminDWiki.com (bracketed text added) — “Black Patients Matter”: US Blacks 2X more likely to die of COVID-19 than whites – Sept 29, 2021

Black Patients Matter. Here’s How to Help Newsweek – Sept 2021

“African Americans were 2.8 times more likely than white Americans to be hospitalized due to COVID-19,
and twice as likely to die from it.”

[Newsweek then acknowledges vitamin D absorption as a factor, but it’s by far the main factor.

“Some of this difference is attributed to factors beyond our control such as differences in vitamin D absorption.”

They cite this studyDoes the High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in African Americans Contribute to Health Disparities? (full text), which states:

African Americans have higher incidence of, and mortality from, many health-related problems than European Americans. They also have a 15 to 20-fold higher prevalence of severe vitamin D deficiency. Here we summarize evidence that: (i) this health disparity is partly due to insufficient vitamin D production, caused by melanin in the skin blocking the UVB solar radiation necessary for its synthesis….] Continue reading “Why US Blacks 2X more likely to die of Covid than whites – Vitamin D deficiency 15 to 20X higher – Fauci silent!”

BEST analysis of Kyle Rittenhouse by satirist, truth teller, JP Sears! Why is the media CREATING a race war?

BY FAR, the BEST analysis of Kyle Rittenhouse event by satirist, truth teller, JP Sears! Why is the media CREATING a race war?

“Why does the media want to divide our nation, rather than unite our nation? …a divided people are a very controllable people.”

The Kyle Rittenhouse Case – 7 Things You Should Know!


Signs You’re Consuming Too Much Protein — keep at 20%

Signs you’re consuming too much protein:
1. Gastrointestinal malaise
This is a general discomfort or uneasiness in your digestive system. Something just doesn’t feel right.

2. Dysphoria
This is a state of generalized unhappiness, restlessness, dissatisfaction, or frustration.

3. Lethargy
This is a lack of energy and enthusiasm.

4. Weakness

On the keto diet, you should keep your protein calories at rough about 20%.

Skeletal muscle protein synthesis (the creation of new muscle or repair of muscle) occurs when you consume about 20-25g of protein per meal. But, once you go over this, you’re going to have less protein synthesis and more oxidation.

As far as your keto plan, consuming too much protein will reduce your keto adaptation, increase your blood sugars, increase your insulin, and drop your ketone production. You only need a moderate amount of protein on the keto diet.

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Jim Caviezel talks about adrenochrome

“I’ll simplify it. When you experience fear, adrenaline is released into your bloodstream. When a child knows that he is about to be killed, his blood is filled with adrenaline. Even if I’d never seen it, and only heard the screams… This is the worst thing that can happen. This is unthinkable. And these people… There will be no mercy for them.

Actor Jim Caviezel at the conference “Health and Freedom” talks about adrenochrome.

Fully Vaccinated Are COVID ‘Super-Spreaders,’ Says Inventor of mRNA Technology

Posted on: Wednesday, October 13th 2021

On the latest episode of “The Hidden Gateway” podcast, Dr. Robert Malone, recognized for his role in inventing mRNA vaccine technology, said, “The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody’s vaccinated, you’re not going to have virus spread is totally false. A total lie.”

On the latest episode of “The Hidden Gateway” podcast, host Justin Williams spoke to Dr. Robert Malone, an internationally recognized medical doctor and scientist who assisted with inventing mRNA vaccines.

The wide-ranging discussion covered:

  • The invention and early testing of mRNA technology, in which Malone was heavily involved.
  • How governments are employing different forms of coercion to drive vaccine uptake, policies Malone said he believes are illegal.
  • How public health authorities lack the normally required safety and efficacy information for a global vaccination campaign.
  • How governments and public health authorities are lying to the public “for their own good.”


Dr. John Campbell: Study Predicts Covid Mortality Near Zero If 50 ng/ml Vitamin D, Part I

“..we recommend raising serum 25(OH)D levels to above 50 ng/mL to prevent or mitigate new outbreaks due to escape mutations or decreasing antibody activity.”

Viewer’s comment:

“The extent to which governments and health officials have refused to discuss vitamin d deficiency is criminally negligent. Imagine where we could be today if people had been told 20 months ago to start supplementing with vitamin D (and exercising, eating healthier, and sleeping more, too). Vitamin D deficiency has been a consistent indicator of a bad outcome since the very beginning. Cheap, safe and effective. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


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Fauci Finally Admits Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Serious Covid or Death

Called upon to explain the data coming from Israel – a country with one of the highest vaccination rates in the world – Fauci said the following:

“They are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly.”


Dr. Berg: 98 Percent of Sleep Apnea Cases Have Low Vitamin D

Vitamin D significantly reduces inflammation. Many times, the tissues in the back of the throat and the back of the sinuses are inflamed, causing sleep apnea. …

Vitamin D also has a direct effect on your sleep cycles. It helps you get into a deep sleep. Without vitamin D, it’s difficult to get into delta wave sleep.

A vitamin D deficiency can affect both sleep apnea and sleep quality in general. Low back pain and snoring are linked to a vitamin D deficiency.

Low vitamin D can also cause high stress, low mood, and unbalanced cortisol, which can all affect your sleep. Teeth grinding is associated with low vitamin d as well, which can affect your sleep. …

Vitamin D is also majorly associated with insulin resistance. …

If you have sleep problems or sleep apnea, consider taking at least 10,000IU of vitamin D….

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Dr. Berg: Good Luck Trying to Get Vitamin D from Sun

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because your body produces vitamin D when you’re exposed to direct sunlight. However, it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D from sunlight unless the conditions are just right.

In the right conditions, you can get 1,000IU of vitamin D from sunlight for every 10 minutes of sun exposure. [1.6 hours to get 10,000 iu – ed.]

But this is only if…
• You live close to the equator
• You’re young
• You’re not overweight
• It’s summer
• It’s midday
• You’re laying down
• You aren’t using sunscreen
• You have a healthy liver
• There are no clouds or pollution blocking sunlight
• You have no genetic defects
• You have no gastrointestinal damage
• You have a gallbladder

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Dr. Berg: Good Luck Trying to Get Vitamin D from Foods

I believe a good maintenance amount of vitamin D is 10,000IU. 10,000IU is not toxic, and there are specific reasons why you need that much. Check out my other videos on vitamin D for more information.

I want to share with you different foods that contain vitamin D, the quantity of vitamin D each of these foods contains, and how much of that specific food you would need to consume on a daily basis to achieve a good maintenance level of vitamin D (10,000IU).

3oz. Mackerel—1006IU—10 servings
3oz. Salmon (wild)—988IU—10 servings (30oz.) [not overcooked – ed.]
1 cup Mushrooms (white)—732IU—14 cups
3oz. Trout—645IU—15 servings (42oz.)
3oz. Salmon (farm)—570IU—18 servings (54oz.)
1 tsp. Cod liver oil—448IU—22 tsp.
1 can Canned tuna—268IU—32 servings (129.5oz.)
3.5oz. Herring—216IU—46 servings (56oz.)
1 cup Yogurt—154IU—65 cups
3oz. Beef liver—42IU—238 servings (714oz.)
1 Egg yolk—37IU—270 eggs

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FACEBOOK FACT CHECKER owns $1.8 BILLION Stock in Vaccine Company J&J – “People’s Lives are Endangered”

Congressman Thomas Massie tweeted a bombshell claim about factcheck.org:

“Who pays the paychecks of the factcheckers? The vaccine fact checkers a @factcheckdotorg, who claim to be independent, are funded by an organization that holds over $1.8 billion of stock in a vaccine company, and is run by a former director of @CDCgov.”

According to their own source, Factcheck.org is funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. According to the foundation’s 2019 financial statement, the project holds over $1.8 billion of stock in the COVID-19 manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson.

What’s more, the CEO of the foundation is Richard Besser, the former acting director of the CDC under Obama and ABC News’ former chief health and medical editor.

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Skousen: PDD 60 is missing at the Clinton Library archives (Eliminates Launch on Warning)

World Affairs Brief, November 12, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (http://www.worldaffairsbrief.com).

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Anchorage survey: Vaccinated catching Covid more than unvaxxed — Majority seeking MAB are vaxxed


Anchorage survey shows the vaccinated are catching Covid, and breakthrough is not as rare as official sources report

WEKA, which operates a monoclonal antibody infusion center at the former Golden Lion Hotel on 36th Avenue, has been open since early October, and has been collecting voluntary data from Covid patients who have received the treatment and are offered a survey.

To date, the survey suggests that a majority of people coming into the center for the treatment have already been vaccinated for Covid-19, and yet have become infected and are checking in for the treatment, the goal of which is to help prevent hospitalizations, reduce viral loads, and lessen symptom severity. Continue reading “Anchorage survey: Vaccinated catching Covid more than unvaxxed — Majority seeking MAB are vaxxed”

Florida school board finally drops mask mandate after suspending 8-year-old 38 times for violations

Featured ImageFiona Lashells

The School District of Palm Beach County has dropped its mask mandate. The district had previously suspended a second grader 38 times for violating the mandate. She may have to repeat the grade.

Fiona Lashells is a student in Palm Beach County who just turned 8 years old. She took a stand against a school board policy that she believed was wrong. For months she did not wear a mask to school, even though it had been mandated by her local school board. The litany of suspensions she has been handed is available at a website her mother created outlining the experience.

At a school board event on September 22, 2021, Fiona told the board members that being suspended is “not going to change” her mind, that she still has “the right not to wear a mask,” and that it is “not fair” that she is “getting punished because … the school board is not following the law.”

She also told the school board that she hoped “they all go to jail” for “doing this” to her.


CDC admits there is no record of an unvaccinated person spreading COVID after recovering

An attorney filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that returned a document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitting that there is no record of a single unvaccinated person ever spreading the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) after recovering from an alleged infection with it.

Elizabeth Brehm from Siri & Glimstad received a letter back from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) indicating that it was unable to procure “Documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who: (1) never received a COVID-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with COVID-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.”

“A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request,” the letter went on to state. …

“In contrast, there are endless documents reflecting cases of vaccinated individuals becoming infected with and transmitting the virus to others,” warned Aaron Siri on his Substack.

What makes this even worse is the fact that the CDC has never even bothered to look for evidence of the naturally immune transmitting Chinese Germs. When asked about it, the CDC said that “this information is not collected.”

“But yet the CDC is actively crushing the rights of millions of naturally immune individuals in this country if they do not get the vaccine on the assumption they can transmit the virus. But despite clear proof the vaccinated spread the virus, the CDC lifts restrictions on the vaccinated?! That is dystopian,” Siri wrote.

It turns out that every single peer-reviewed study out there shows that the naturally immune – meaning people who do not take the jabs – are nearly 100 percent protected against the Fauci Flu. And unlike the “fully vaccinated,” their natural immunity does not wane over time.


Study: Vaccine Spike Protein Dramatically Impairs Cell DNA Damage Repair

The Study: SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro

Related: Study: COVID Spike Protein Created in Vaccines ‘Hijacking’ Human Body DNA Repair and Adaptive Immune System Mechanisms

Video Link


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