Paul Craig Roberts: 2011 Is 1984 — “When they got away with 9/11 that sealed our fate”

“I think 2012 will mark the end of American democracy.”

The population, itself is not sufficiently clued in,
and time is vanishing.”

“The population will end up electing the Republican goons
who will complete the police state.”

“The Republicans have become a party of brown shirts.”

“You have people demanding revenge against people who tell us the truth.
And so many ordinary Americans agree.”

– Paul Craig Roberts

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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Alex welcomes back to the show economist and columnist Paul Craig Roberts. Mr. Roberts served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He has written or co-written eight books, contributed chapters to numerous books and has published many articles in journals of scholarship. He has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy. His latest book is How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds.



“2011″ By Paul Craig Roberts

“2011” By Paul Craig Roberts

2011 is shaping up as the terminal year for American democracy.”

“The situation will be worse by 2012.”

From: Rense


By Paul Craig Roberts

“Dissent is what rescues democracy from a quiet death behind closed doors.”
– Lewis H. Lapham

The year 2011 will bring Americans a larger and more intrusive police state, more unemployment and home foreclosures, no economic recovery, more disregard by the U.S. government of U.S. law, international law, the Constitution, and truth, more suspicion and distrust from allies, more hostility from the rest of the world, and new heights of media sycophancy.

2011 is shaping up as the terminal year for American democracy. The Republican Party has degenerated into a party of Brownshirts, and voter frustrations with the worsening economic crisis and military occupations gone awry are likely to bring Republicans to power in 2012. With them would come their doctrines of executive primacy over Congress, the judiciary, law, and the Constitution and America’s rightful hegemony over the world.

If not already obvious, 2010 has made clear that the U.S. government does not care a whit for the opinions of citizens. The TSA is unequivocal that it will reach no accommodation with Americans other than the violations of their persons that it imposes by its unaccountable power. As for public opposition to war, the Associated Press reported on December 16 that “Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the U.S. can’t let public opinion sway its commitment to Afghanistan.” Gates stated bluntly what has been known for some time: the idea is passe that government in a democracy serves the will of the people. If this quaint notion is still found in civics books, it will soon be edited out.

In Gag Rule, a masterful account of the suppression of dissent and the stifling of democracy, Lewis H. Lapham writes that candor is a necessary virtue if democracies are to survive their follies and crimes. But where in America today can candor be found? Certainly not in the councils of government. Attorney General John Ashcroft complained of candor-mongers to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Americans who insist on speaking their minds, Ashcroft declared, “scare people with phantoms of lost liberty,” “aid terrorists,” diminish our resolve,” and “give ammunition to America’s enemies.”

As the Department of Justice (sic) sees it, when the ACLU defends habeas corpus it is defending the ability of terrorists to blow up Americans, and when the ACLU defends the First Amendment it is defending exposures of the lies and deceptions that are the necessary scaffolding for the government’s pretense that it is doing God’s will while Satan speaks through the voices of dissent.

Neither is candor a trait in which the American media finds comfort. The neoconservative press functions as propaganda ministry for hegemonic American empire, and the “liberal” New York Times serves the same master. It was the New York Times that gave credence to the Bush regime’s lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and it was the New York Times that guaranteed Bush’s re-election by spiking the story that Bush was committing felonies by spying on Americans without obtaining warrants. Conservatives rant about the “liberal media” as if it were a vast subversive force, but they owe their beloved wars and cover-ups of the Bush regime’s crimes to the New York Times.

With truth the declared enemy of the fantasy world in which the government, media, and public reside, the nation has turned on whistleblowers. Bradley Manning, who allegedly provided the media with the video made by U.S. troops of their wanton, fun-filled slaughter of newsmen and civilians, has been abused in solitary confinement for six months. Murdering civilians is a war crime, and as General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at the National Press Club on February 17, 2006, “It is the absolute responsibility of everybody in uniform to disobey an order that is either illegal or immoral” and to make such orders known. If Manning is the source of the leak, he has been wrongfully imprisoned for meeting his military responsibility. The media have yet to make the point that the person who reported the crime, not the persons who committed it, is the one who has been imprisoned, and without a trial.

The lawlessness of the U.S. government, which has been creeping up on us for decades, broke into a full gallop in the years of the Bush/Cheney/Obama regimes. Today the government operates above the law, yet maintains that it is a democracy bringing the same to Muslims by force of arms, only briefly being sidetracked by sponsoring a military coup against democracy in Honduras and attempting to overthrow the democratic government in Venezuela.

As 2011 dawns, public discourse in America has the country primed for a fascist dictatorship. The situation will be worse by 2012. The most uncomfortable truth that emerges from the WikiLeaks saga is that American public discourse consists of cries for revenge against those who tell us truths. The vicious mendacity of the U.S. government knows no restraint. Whether or not international law can save Julian Assange from the clutches of the Americans or death by a government black ops unit, both executive and legislative branches are working assiduously to establish the National Security State as the highest value and truth as its greatest enemy.

America’s future is the world of Winston Smith.


Paul Craig Roberts: 2011 Is 1984 — “When they got away with 9/11 that sealed our fate”

Miller ends challenge in US Senate race

From: ADN

Republican Joe Miller said today, nearly two months after Alaskans concluded voting, that he is giving up his fight challenging the election of Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Miller thanked his supporters and said the time has come to accept the “practical realities” of court decisions that have been unanimous in ruling against his challenge. He said he would remain a voice for smaller government, less federal spending and other issues favored by the tea party.

At his first formal news conference since Oct. 11, which he left without taking questions, Miller said that he believes he raised legitimate issues in his case against the state’s election officials.

Earlier today, he told an interviewer on Fox News Channel that he thought he didn’t stand a good chance at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which he termed “liberal.”

Entire Article Here

Unfiltered News from Freedom Force International

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2010 DECEMBER 25 – 31

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“Organic” food is no longer safe. The FDA and USDA have colluded in approving the neurotoxin ‘Neotame’ which may be even more toxic than aspartame. No labeling will be required, nor will it be listed in the ingredients. It will be used in USDA certified “organic” processed food and cattle feed. [The only hope of escape is to raise our own food or buy from local growers who do not use such chemicals – which is why Congress recently passed legislation that eventually will put small-scale organic growers out of business.] FarmWars 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)

US: As frustration and anger grows, airports are considering replacing TSA with private security firms. [One advantage of private firms is that they can fire bad employees, whereas that is almost impossible with government workers. However, private firms must adhere to TSA requirements and oversight the same backscatter x-ray machines and intrusive pat-downs – because TSA pays for them.]
Washington Post 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)

US: The federal government demands that power plants and oil refiners must reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and obtain permits before building new facilities. Texas refuses to comply and is suing the feds for overreach of authority. So far, federal courts have ruled on the side of the federal government. [GHG emissions, like CO2, are either harmless or miniscule, so the permits have nothing to do with reducing pollution. They are for revenue and control.] WSJ 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)

Short video explains that most GHG is merely water vapor and that human activity accounts for less than 1% all GHG. YouTube Posted 2010 Dec 25

China will slash exports of Rare Earth Elements by 35% in the first half of 2011. REEs are used for electronic products such as computers, X-rays devices, and I-Pods. China supplies 97% of REEs for the world. The US and Japan are scurrying to develop alternative sources.
The Independent
2010 Dec 30 (Cached)

US: The Center for Disease Control was audited in 2007 (the results are only now being revealed) and it was discovered that they had ‘misplaced’ $8 million in equipment. [It’s about time to also audit the FDA which, in spite of its long history of corruption, always has been excluded from audit.] Yahoo 2010 Dec 30 (Cached)

New California law requires whooping cough vaccinations for all middle and high school students both public and private. [Of course, this is all about protecting children’s health and has nothing to do with Big Pharma’s lobbying activities.]
Sacramento Bee 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

US: Home foreclosures continue to climb, once again contradicting predictions of mainstream analysts. Foreclosures in process increased to 1.2 million in the 3rd quarter, a 4.5% increase from the second quarter, and a 10% increase from a year ago. Reuters 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

The Space and Science Research Center, a leading independent research organization, has issued a warning about food & biofuel shortages due to an anticipated, dramatic temperature drop worldwide. These scientists have been right in the past about major climate shifts in opposition to NASA, NOAA and UN predictions that all have been wrong in promoting the global warming myth. SSRC posted 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

Hawaii’s new Governor, a friend of Obama’s family, says he wants to dispel ‘conspiracy theories’ about Obama’s birthplace. He is quoted as saying, “I was here when that baby was born.” [This is laughable. If he wants to dispel conspiracy theories, all he has to do is release Obama’s birth certificate. Hawaii law restricts issuance only to those who have a “tangible interest.” Every American has a highly tangible interest in knowing if their President is eligible for the job. Notice that the Governor said he was in Hawaii when Obama was born, but he did not say Obama was in Hawaii when he was born. Clever.] Yahoo 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

BP Oil’s Gulf-spill liabilities appear to be much lower than anticipated 4 months ago. This is due to the official declaration from Washington that damage is not as bad as feared (which tends to minimize law suits), and may be why there is evidence the company has continued to spray Corexit long after claiming it was stopped on July 15. [Corexit, although toxic to marine life and humans, causes oil to sink below the surface and create the false impression that it is gone.] Yahoo 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

US: The misnamed Food Safety bill that recently was passed by Congress calls for “harmonization” with the UN’s rules for control of food and drugs. It even grants the FDA authority to participate in policing food regulations in other countries. [The move toward global government is progressing rapidly toward completion, and it is being led by collectivists within the American government.] NaturalNews 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

A disinformation campaign is underway in the Ivory Coast to justify foreign intervention to maintain control of oil reserves. President Gbagbo fell into disfavor with western nations when he opened oil investment to China and Russia. Now he faces a military ouster if he does not resign and accept exile. [This article is heavy with “anti-imperialism” rhetoric common found in leftist propaganda, which reveals the bias of the writer. However, as far as we can tell, the facts in this story are correct. If you have another perspective, let us know, and we will publish it.]
Kader Badreddine
2010 Dec 28 (Cached)

CNBC Reporter says he was warned by the head of GE, which owned CNBC, to avoid stories that might “move the market” (news that could cause the public to buy or sell stocks) because, otherwise, he could have his “brains blown out.” EconomicPolicyJournal 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

Former Arizona State Senator, Karen Johnson, made news when she went to the state capitol building and delivered copies of What in the World Are They Spraying, the chemtrail documentary film, to state representatives. She was interviewed in the film and is active in holding lawmakers accountable. [Go forth and do likewise!] WMIcentral 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

China: Government is proposing the approval of genetically modified rice & corn, paving the way for an explosion of GMO products within 2-3 years. Local governments will be ordered to produce higher crop yields, and this likely will force them to accept GMO crops based on the promise of higher yields. [Never mind if the yields don’t materialize or if there are serious health hazards, the focus will be on yield projections and payoffs to government officials. Americans will consume the food because it will be cheap.] Reuters 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

New Orleans law firm challenges the government’s assertions that Gulf seafood is safe to eat. This is in response to the announcement that the government intends to buy Gulf seafood to feed to military personnel and serve at schools. MSNBC 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

Portugal has won the ‘War on Drugs’ by decriminalizing them and providing treatment instead of jail time. The US, which has been “fighting” drugs for 40 years and spent over $1 trillion treating addicts as criminals, does not look with favor on the Portugal strategy.
Scientific American
2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

Obama enacts end-of-life plan that drew “death-panel” claims. The government will pay doctors to advise the elderly and those with serious illnesses to make advance decisions regarding when to withdraw medical life support. [There is nothing wrong with this at first glance, but doctors will be required to follow government guidelines which, inevitably, will be determined by political expediency with little regard for personal preference.] New York Times 2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

Citigroup Chairman says Citibank is not “too big to fail” but too “interwoven into the fabric” of global finance to let it fail (another way of saying the same thing). This analyst recommends breaking Citibank and Goldman Sachs into smaller parts so they no longer can make that claim. [We think they should be allowed to fail. Otherwise, the system will never be rid of the toxic business practices that have caused the present financial crisis.] Global Economics 2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

US: Photos and independent lab tests indicate that ‘Corexit’ dispersant has been recently sprayed in the Gulf, despite claims from the government that spraying stopped on July 15. MSNBC 2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

Scientists at Cornell University in New York are working on machines that can create food from raw materials squeezed out of syringes, like ink is ejected from cartridges in ink-jet printers. The goal is to manufacture on the spot a synthesis of just about any food that naturally exists – and many that don’t. [One can only shudder at the prospects of future dining on synthetic food without natural enzymes, vitamins, or other essential micro-nutrients.] DailyMail 2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

US: Fiscal conservatives want to change federal law so states can declare bankruptcy, just like corporations, cities, and private citizens. They say this is the only way to reduce excessive welfare and medical benefits, reduce unrealistic retirement plans, and cancel plush contracts with crony suppliers. Naturally, unions and lobbyists oppose the concept. [We think it is a reasonable proposal. Without this, the federal government inevitably will bail out the states, take them over, and perpetuate the losses, which will be passed to all Americans through inflation.]
2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

Iris scanning & face recognition is now coming to your cell phone to prevent unauthorized individuals from using the device or entering sensitive data areas. [There is much to like about this; but, like so many other advances in technology, it has the potential for abuse in the hands of oppressive governments seeking to track their citizens.]
Android Headlines
Posted 2010 Dec 25 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Utah State Senator Steve Urquart correctly assesses Obama’s new ‘Wilderness Reinventory’ as a cruel joke and a massive federal land grab for millions of acres of land, particularly in the West. Economic development will be prohibited, and many people will lose their resource-related jobs. Urquart says this is a ploy by Obama to garner leftist support. [The larger ploy is to depopulate 1/2 of America’s land mass, known as the ‘Wildlands Project’ and part of the UN’s Agenda 21.] Desert News 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)

This short video explains the intent of the UN Agenda 21 Wildlands Project and the re-wilding of rural land. YouTube Posted 2010 Dec 31

Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-up. Here is an excellent overview by a veteran researcher of what we are told are merely “persistent contrails”. Of special interest is why there is a rise of heavy metal contaminants in California water supplies and why persistent contrails are seen in areas where there are no commercial flights.
YouTube/Prison Planet
Posted 2010 Dec 28.

US: Bad news for Baby Boomers. 10,000 every day are reaching age 65. Most have lived high, and few have savings for retirement. Inflation is eating away Social Security benefits; traditional pension plans are disappearing; 401(k) stock retirement plans have performed poorly; and housing equity has plummeted. [They voted for collectivism at every election. Now they have to pay for it.]
Washington Post 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

Here is an explanation of the difference between a government-controlled gold standard and a free-market gold standard. [Bottom line: Not all gold standards are equal. If the free market controls the price of gold, it will be fair. If governments do so, they will cheat.] Gary North 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

An amazing 23-minute video exposé on Big Pharma. In 2009, $5 billion was paid in fines by drug companies for fraud. That’s a lot, but Americans spend over $300 billion a year on pharmaceutical drugs, so the fines are less than 2% of gross income. Drug executives consider that to be a good business model. Astonishingly, a tax advocate reports (at the 11:15 marker) that company kickbacks to doctors in the cancer industry accounted for 60 to 70% of doctors’ income. YouTube Posted 2010 Dec 25

An excellent report on how the perceived threat of Islamic Terrorism in America actually has been created by the government for the purpose of frightening the population into passively accepting the loss of their liberties in exchange for ‘national security’. Includes an analysis of the latest so-called terrorist plots that now are known to have been instigated by the FBI. SOTT Posted 2010 Dec 25

Judge Napolitano delivers a fiery commentary on the Federal Reserve. You won’t want to miss this one. YouTube Posted 2010 Dec 25

US Department of Agriculture admits that GMO plants contaminate natural plants. Meanwhile, the USDA is redefining its rules to circumvent the courts and allow GMO alfalfa planting. This is a precedent- setting case that will affect your food and your health. YouTube 2010 Dec 24

An apple a day keeps cell phone and other radiation at bay — also sunflower seeds, buckwheat and sea vegetables

From: Natural News

An apple a day keeps cell phone and other radiation at bay

(NaturalNews) Common foods such as apples, buckwheat, and sunflower seeds strongly protect and detoxify us from radiation. We are constantly exposed to radiation from cell phones, computer screens, power lines, airline travel, and microwaves. Not only can radiation remain in our body for long periods of time, but even when it passes through it also causes free radical damage. Toxic doses like that of radiation therapy for cancer or of exposure from a bomb or power plant can cause severe burns or even death.

Foods such as apples, buckwheat and sunflower seeds cleanse us of radiation. Apples and sunflower seeds contain pectin which binds and removes radioactive residues from the body. Buckwheat contains glucosides which protect us from the effects of radiation. Cereal grasses and other green foods like chlorella and blue-green algae are also useful in cleansing our bodies of radiation.(1) Essential fatty acids like flax seed oil renew cells which have been burned by radiation. Soaking in a bath with sea salt and baking soda draws toxins including radiation from the body.

Sea vegetables and miso may not be as familiar, but they are such powerful cleansers of radiation that they were used in Japan after nuclear bombs were dropped and in Russia after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown. Sea vegetables are also known as seaweed. Many varieties can be found in stores including kelp, dulse, nori and wakame. They can also be taken as a supplement which can be useful to people who can not develop a taste for sea vegetables or who feel uncomfortable cooking it. Below is a recipe for miso soup which includes the sea vegetable wakame. Wakame can be found at natural foods stores and in Asian markets.

Miso Soup with Sea Vegetables [recipe]

Entire Article Here

Kodachrome’s Last Stand — 1935–2010!

From: PetaPixel

Last Lab Creates T-Shirt in Remembrance of Kodachrome

Yesterday the last certified Kodachrome processing facility — Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas — finally stopped supporting the legendary film. They decided to create a t-shirt for mourning photo-geeks that sports the classic Kodachrome colors. If you’d like this tiny slice of Kodachrome history, you can get it for $13 over at Dwayne’s Photo.

* * *

Goodbye Kodachrome: Last Processing Facility Discontinues Support


After Kodak announced the end of Kodachrome’s production in June of 2009, the number of photo labs that developed the film began to dwindle until finally only Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas remained as the lone certified Kodachrome processing facility in the world. Today, they will be processing their last roll of Kodachrome, bringing the film’s storied career in the photo industry to an end. CBS News Sunday Morning did a neat feature looking back on the popular film.

Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera and great soundtrack!


[youtube=]Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera

jkvetchy | February 22, 2010 | 11,808 likes, 182 dislikes

It’s dogs in slow-mo catching treats. What could be better. From TBWA Toronto. Follow me on Twitter, I share neat things.

Music is by Andrew Harris, a Vancouver-based sound designer and composer. Check out more of his awesome sounds here:

Polar Bears Dislike Being Spied on by Hidden Cameras

From: PetaPixel

For the BBC documentary “Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice”, special hidden cameras were designed with unobtrusiveness and durability in mind. They didn’t succeed very well in either, as the polar bears quickly detected and destroyed the pesky cameras intruding on their privacy.

[youtube=]Polar Bears ‘Playing’ with Spy Video Cameras

Jascender | December 29, 2010 | 841 likes, 9 dislikes

The cameras used for a documentary on polar bears were designed to be as unobtrusive and resilient as possible

[audio] Joel Skousen on ‘Coast’ with Excellent Interviewer John B. Wells, 12/29/10: What’s Really Going On?!!


Lots of wisdom here!

Great overview analysis!

The BIG picture!

Watch & See

“There’s never a report about Russia.”

“They’re setting us up.”

EMP Strike — without electricity for a year!

~ 2020: “Probably 8 years before this holocaust….”

* * *

[youtube=]Geopolitics, War, & the New World Order – Coast to Coast AM

Published on Aug 4, 2012 by Astraltravelex

Description from ‘Coast to Coast AM’:


On Wednesday night, guest host John B. Wells ( email) spoke with political scientist and personal security expert Joel Skousen about the growing government assault on privacy and liberty, as well as New World Order and war scenarios. The current security precautions such as at airports are not really to stop terrorists, but to ferret out potential dissidents and resistors who could pose a problem for the future police state, he suggested. We are already seeing the three aspects necessary to establish this police state, Skousen outlined– a false threat of terrorism, thug-like individuals in the police, and a judiciary that won’t prosecute the police.

He laid out a financial end game in which the US national debt will become untenable, with the rise of inflation, sometime between 2020-2025. People have been diverted with the false threat of terrorism in order to cover up “our real enemies,” Russia & China, with whom the US will battle in a World War, he continued. “In the aftermath of that, they’re going to have an excuse to walk away from the debt,” because the US financial centers and computers will be destroyed.

Skousen described a Russian surgical nuclear attack on 15 American cities with military facilities such as San Diego, Seattle, Jacksonville, Norfolk, Colorado Springs, and Washington DC. While 20% of Americans will die in such attacks, he argued that nuclear attacks are survivable and promoted the idea that people construct fall-out shelters in their basements, as well as increase their self-sufficiency, as an EMP attack will knock out electricity for up to a year. He also foresees that America will go to war against Iran, probably in 2011— the U.S. is just waiting for the right provocation.

Why Joel Skousen Preaches Against Hyperinflation

Danger of Genetically Modified Foods with Dr. OZ

[youtube=]Danger of Genetically Modified Foods with Dr. OZ

spellbinder00 | December 08, 2010 | 41 likes, 0 dislikes

For years, scientists have been cross-breeding plants and animals to create the most desirable traits for our food. For example, the Golden Delicious apple is merged with the Kid’s Orange-Red breed of apple to create the particular flavor and heartiness of the Gala apple. For over a century these practices were limited to combining the traits of organisms only within the same species. Video link Pt 1…
Link to article:…

(video) Charlotte Iserbyt: Secret Beginnings of Skull & Bones. Charlotte’s father was a skull — as are the Bushes

Entire 3 Hour Program Commercial Free
(much of the show covered this subject):

[youtube=]The Alex Jones Show 12/28/10: Inside Skull & Bones with Charlotte Iserbyt

THElNFOWARRlOR | December 28, 2010 | 109 likes, 7 dislikes

Alex welcomes back to the show Charlotte Iserbyt, author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, a chronological history of the past 100+ years of education reform. Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration.

On today’s show, she talks with Alex about the secret society of the elite, Skull & Bones. Iserbyt provided author and researcher Antony Sutton with the documentation he needed to write America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones. Iserbyt’s father and grandfather were members of the cult. “These secret societies are behind it all,” her father told her. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.

* * *

Iserbyt Segment Only:

[youtube=]Charlotte Iserbyt: Secret Beginnings of Skull & Bones – Alex Jones Tv 1/3

Continue reading “(video) Charlotte Iserbyt: Secret Beginnings of Skull & Bones. Charlotte’s father was a skull — as are the Bushes”

Forecasters keep eye on looming ‘Solar Max’

From: Breitbart

The coming year will be an important one for space weather as the Sun pulls out of a trough of low activity and heads into a long-awaited and possibly destructive period of turbulence.
Many people may be surprised to learn that the Sun, rather than burn with faultless consistency, goes through moments of calm and tempest.

But two centuries of observing sunspots — dark, relatively cool marks on the solar face linked to mighty magnetic forces — have revealed that our star follows a roughly 11-year cycle of behaviour.

The latest cycle began in 1996 and for reasons which are unclear has taken longer than expected to end.

Now, though, there are more and more signs that the Sun is shaking off its torpor and building towards “Solar Max,” or the cycle’s climax, say experts.

“The latest prediction looks at around midway 2013 as being the maximum phase of the solar cycle,” said Joe Kunches of NASA’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

But there is a prolonged period of high activity, “more like a season, lasting about two and a half years,” either side of the peak, he cautioned.

At its angriest, the Sun can vomit forth tides of electromagnetic radiation and charged matter known as coronal mass ejections, or CMEs.

This shock wave may take several days to reach Earth. When it arrives, it compresses the planet’s protective magnetic field, releasing energy visible in high latitudes as shimmering auroras — the famous Northern Lights and Southern Lights.

But CMEs are not just pretty events.

They can unleash static discharges and geomagnetic storms that can disrupt or even knock out the electronics on which our urbanised, Internet-obsessed, data-saturated society depends.

Less feared, but also a problem, are solar flares, or eruptions of super-charged protons that can reach Earth in just minutes.

In the front line are telecommunications satellites in geostationary orbit, at an altitude of 36,000 kilometres (22,500 miles) and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, on which modern airliners and ships depend for navigation, which orbit at 20,000 kms (12,000 miles). …

Recurrence of a 1921 event today would fry 350 major transformers, leaving more than 130 million people without power, it heard. A bigger storm could cost between a trillion and two trillion dollars in the first year, and full recovery could take between four and 10 years.

Entire Article Here

[9/11 Truth] NFL’s Mark Stepnoski & Tony Szamboti: Buildingwhat? Round 2 – Alex Jones Tv

[youtube=]NFL’s Mark Stepnoski & Tony Szamboti: Buildingwhat? Round 2 – Alex Jones Tv 1/3

TheAlexJonesChannel | December 29, 2010 | 25 likes, 1 dislikes

guests include Mark Stepnoski and Tony Szamboti from the Buildingwhat? campaign. Alex covers the latest news and takes your calls.

Continue reading “[9/11 Truth] NFL’s Mark Stepnoski & Tony Szamboti: Buildingwhat? Round 2 – Alex Jones Tv”

National Geographic Debunked! 9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

This guy is AWESOME!

[youtube=]9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

physicsandreason | November 10, 2010 | 629 likes, 30 dislikes

What’s wrong with mainstream experts?


Molten Steel Found at Ground Zero Weeks After 9/11

9/11 Molten-Steel Smoking Gun! Brian Williams (NBC) presents the WTC Metorite — “Exposed to TEMPERATURES AS HOT AS THE INNER EARTH”

9/11 TRUTH: Kevin Ryan Exposes Access for Demolition Crews to WTC Buildings

9/11 TRUTH: Kevin Ryan Exposes Access for Demolition Crews to WTC Buildings

[youtube=]9/11 TRUTH: Kevin Ryan Exposes Access for Demolition Crews to WTC Buildings

Federaljacktube4 | December 26, 2010 | 31 likes, 0 dislikes

9 years after the attacks we are finally zeroing in on the people responsible. Kevin Ryan has been kicking ass and taking names, while the pseudo-savior Julian Assange censors cables dealing with Israel and calls 9/11 Truthers “annoying”. Assange staked the reputation of Wikileaks on the public never learning about Building 7. So ask yourself: Who would want to silence the biggest controversy in history? Why is Julian Assange doing this? Who is he?

Resistance Radio Network’s original sound byte used for this video:…

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth Debunk Assange with irrefutable proof of cover up:…

Kevin Ryan’s recent article on who had “Demolition access to the WTC Towers”:
Clean Up:…

Kevin Ryan’s Paper “The Top Ten Connections between NIST and nanothermite”:…

Kevin Ryan’s Website:

Some Archives of Stratasec’s Website:*/http://w…

9/11 Suspects: (Please help us investigate these people!)
Wirt Walker III, Marvin Bush, Jim Pierce, L Paul Bremer, Barry McDaniel, Joseph Kasputys, Jerome Hauer, Stephan Friedman, Craig Stapleton, William Clark, Preston Rahe Jr., Michael Daniel (SAIC), Frank Carlucci, Rudy Giuliani, Bernard Kerik, and probably a few more names we are yet to uncover…

Nanothermite & Science Experts complicit in cover-up of 9/11:

Hratch Semerjian, Shyam Sundar, John Gross, Richard Gann, Andrzej Miziolek
Professor Steve Son:…

Dr. Michael Zachariah:…

Other Articles by Kevin Ryan:…

Thank You! Please help investigate these people and expose this information to everyone you know before they use Wikileaks as an excuse to shut down the Internet! This is the REAL leaking conspiracy, please don’t put too much trust into Julian Assange until his Banking and UFO cables check out. Many of us have suspicions that Assange is part of an intelligence operation to gain control over the internet.

Thanks to… for the video


National Geographic Debunked! 9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

More Proof: Skull and Bonesman President George W. Bush is a Reverse-Christian

From: CuttingEdge

Title: “YE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORDS” — [Matthew ????] — Part 1

Subtitle: Christian leaders are twisting this “Scripture”, applying it President Bush, and telling their congregations that Bush is a Born Again, Godly man. Herein is our challenge to every pastor who believes Bush is a Godly Christian: Read the contents of this article and refute us! Wake up, American Christians — you have been duped — at the most critical time in world history!

Satanic Doctrine: “In all ages the people of the world have accepted words for deeds, for THEY ARE CONTENT WITH A SHOW and rarely pause to note, in the public arena, whether promises are followed by performance.”

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

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The great majority of American Christians today are totally convinced that President Bush is a Born Again Christian, a president who “seeks the face of the Lord daily on national matters”. They believe this because Candidate Bush offered a tepid statement of faith [NEWS1398], as president, has regularly invoked the name, “God” and “Lord” [NEWS1740], and has quoted some Scripture, mostly Old Testament..

Thus, Americans trust this president like none other; they believe he is conducting his office according to Biblical principles and is guided by both Biblical doctrine and principles. This belief comforted these Christians in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and comfort them now as Bush is leading the world into the exact New World Order war that the Illuminati designed in 1870 to produce Antichrist on the world scene [Read NEWS1056].

Despite our repeated warnings that President Bush was NOT truly Born Again, and was merely giving us a show of powerful rhetoric, too many Christians stubbornly cling to this belief and far too many gullible pastors intone from their pulpits that George W. Bush is a Godly man, a Born Again Christian whom we can trust in the conduct of his office.

We shall demonstrate that Christians cling to this belief based upon rhetoric alone, that when you carry out the words of our Savior, you will realize that this president has produced rotten spiritual fruit during his 2 1/2 years of his presidency. And, of course, we are to examine fruit; while we cannot know the condition of a man’s heart, Jesus solemnly tells us that we are to be “fruit inspectors”.[Matthew 7:16]

In the headline above, I stated the twisted view of Scripture that most Christians are using to believe President Bush is a Born Again Christian — “Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words”. Of course, the real Scripture is: Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Matt 7:16. The word “fruit” used here is Strong’s Number 2590, which means “work, act, deed” [Strong’s Greek & Hebrew Dictionary]

Therefore, Jesus is calling us to examine President Bush’s works, acts, and deeds to determine whether his profession of faith is consistent with Christian good fruit. This is our Biblical duty; since Bush is leading us directly into a war with Iraq that may erupt into the World War III that will produce Antichrist, we must ascertain once and for all whether Bush is a “good fruit”, genuine Christian, or whether he is a counterfeit, “bad fruit” president.

In preparation for this article, I called several astute, well-educated men and women to ask them one simple question: “What ACTION has President Bush actually carried out that can be considered true, Biblical good fruit“. I emphasized that I did not want to hear about good, lofty words, but actions. I even called a man who considers Bush to be a Born Again Christian to ask him that question.

To a person, no one could think of any single, solitary action or deed, that Bush has taken that we might assign the label, “Good Fruit”. Like Clinton, Bush has given us lofty rhetoric that fires our imaginations and stirs our souls, but also like Clinton, Bush has given us only rotten Illuminati fruit.

We apologize for the length of this report, but we are covering 2 1/2 years of the Bush presidency. You will see a side to George W. Bush that you have never seen before, because you have been so busy earning a living you have not paid close attention to the news. You have also been relying on your local paper, rather than reviewing dozens of news sources daily, as do we at Cutting Edge as we prepare our Daily News Updates.


Doctrinal Disaster

* Refused To Repudiate and Repent of Sin of Skull & BonesNEWS1314. President George W. Bush is a member of the Black Magick Satanic secret society, Skull & Bones, like his Dad and Granddad, Prescott Bush. Skull & Bones is an elite of the elite Illuminati training societies, but they are much more than that. They are a national chapter of the global Brotherhood of Death Societies; in Germany, the participant society is the Thule Society. Adolf Hitler received ALL of his training in the deepest of Satanic doctrine, knowledge, and power from the Thule Society. As former Satanists have boldly stated, All Bushes — Prescott, George H.W., and George W. — have received the same occult training as did Hitler.

During the presidential campaign of 2000, George W. Bush cast great new light on his past, and current, membership of the Skull & Bones. On August 1, 2000, Republican Candidate George W. Bush was interviewed by Walter Isaacson on Time This report, posted on the CNN internet site, was entitled, “George W. Bush: “My Heritage Is Part Of Who I Am‘ “. The results for the Biblically discerning are shocking and definitive. Put your discernment hat on.

In the course of the interview, Isaacson asked George W. about his past Bones experience. If ever George W. had a perfect opportunity to genuinely come clean about Skull and Bones, this was the time. As we revealed in NEWS1314, above, Skull and Bones is deeply and darkly Satanic; its sister German secret society, The Thule Society, had trained Adolf Hitler into the deepest and darkest of Satanic Black Magick. If George W. were truly Born Again, this opportunity was perfect for him to repent of his past involvement and boldly reveal the terrible Antichrist plans that Skull and Bones has been moving America toward for the past 170 years. Did George W. repent and come clean?

No! Listen to Bush: “Without revealing all the great secrets? I got a few of my old club mates who could demystify it right off the bat. My dad didn’t tap me. Someone a year ahead of me tapped me. There was an entry celebration. I can’t remember whether my dad showed up or not. I don’t think so. “

What a brilliant answer! In just a few brief sentences, George W. Bush buried all the deepest, darkest facts about Skull and Bones with a nonchalant, almost flippant, answer. Instead of taking this opportunity to really tell the truth about Skull and Bones, and repenting of it, and telling of its global Antichrist aspirations, George W. simply added his experience in this society to the general litany of the experiences that made his character and personality what it is today!

No man can be genuinely saved if he is hiding significant sin in his heart, refusing to repent of it. Repentance of all known sin is a requirement to be genuinely saved [Luke 13:5]. The Psalmist makes this matter even more plain:

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” Psalms 66:18

Therefore, since Bush has refused to repent of his sin in the Satanic Skull & Bones, since he continues to bring on to his Cabinet Illuminati CFR members, and since he continues his Bones’ association, that is a huge indication that he is not genuinely saved!

Anti-Christian Morality While President

* Bush honored Satanic Hard Rocker, Ozzy Osbourne twice within one month! NEWS1758. On April 4, 2001, Bush invited Ozzy and Sharon to a private White House dinner and then on May 4, Bush specifically honored Ozzy at the White House Correspondent’s Ball. George Bush loves the Satanic Rocker, Ozzy Osbourne, so very much he invited Ozzy to this White House Ball on Saturday, May 4, 2002, where he complimented him and showed him the best hospitality the President of the United States could lavish. What is a supposedly Born Again Christian President doing showering such complimentary honors on a Satanic Rocker? Why is Bush stating his love for Ozzy’s sickening songs, some of which he names?

Please take the time to read NEWS1758, for we detail what each of these songs say that Bush singled out for recognition. Once you understand the Satanism inherent in these songs, you will get a good insight into the true character of President Bush. When you realize Bush singled out one song that glorified the terribly bloody ritual sacrifice of actress Sharon Tate by Charlie Manson, you will understand Bush’s true heart.

What does the Bible say?

“Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” [Eph 5:11]

* President Bush engaged in sexually filthy speech at this same Correspondent’s Ball. NEWS1758. When Bush joked that V.P. Cheney was masturbating as he looked at some sexually arousing scene through a peephole in the Oval Office, he revealed his true nature once and for all! This is the “Smoking Gun” that proves Bush’s unchristian nature once and for all! No Christian, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, would ever joke like this.

* Bush went back on his promise to Senior Pastor Dixon and shut down the Indianapolis Baptist Church with Swat Teams! NEWS1472 Not only did President Bush shut down a Baptist Church, he timed the raid according to occult numbers, also like an Illuminist would do!

Entire Article Here





Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane


This article explains what is really happening in the Gulf of Mexico, who is really responsible for the explosion, and how the devastation serves investment bankers who sway stocks, create markets, and planned this crisis, among a series of catastrophies, to advance geopolitical and financial agendas for their New World Order.


WAR has been declared against We The People. Yet, there is no country or military present to defend us.

Covert infiltrations and corruptions in governments by the “Rothschild League” of bankers and “private equity investors” now poison our bodies, minds, and planet. Yet, appropriate military and/or militia defenses are prohibited.

Crisis-capitalists are massacring us and our environment petrochemically. They have deployed propaganda—mass media deception—to camouflage their real intentions and vast destruction.

The air we breathe, food we eat, and water we drink, has been polluted to deliver profitable diseases and depopulation, simulating a “scorched earth policy” of war.

Citizen’s arrests, grand jury investigations, criminal indictments, and war crimes prosecutions are urgently needed, yet forbidden.

Generalized fear, depression, fatigue, and apathy is incapacitating our defenses, aiding the adversaries, and predisposing us to diseases and early deaths.

Based on the following irrefutable facts, the so-called “accidental explosion” in the Gulf is a Transocean/Halliburton/British Petroleum/Goldman-Sachs attack—the latest in a series of unspeakable war crimes perpetrated by Anglo-American State of “Rothschild League” bankers.

The Little-Known Rothschild Banking Dynastry

Entire Article Here

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ToBeFree Has 500,000 Freedom Hits!

As of right now,
ToBeFree has 1/2 million hits.

Thanks, everyone!

I wish I could be more excited.
I’ve tried really hard to show what is really going on
in over 3,500 posts, so far,
but America is still going down.

However, there is a bright side,
and this is my main mission.

I expect a major spiritual revival,
the Third Great Awakening
to happen probably next year.

This will be a really big deal,
and is what my other site,
is mostly about.

This is our only hope, right now —
other than slowing down Satan’s one-world government scheme
which is coming like a freight train.

But this is a huge hope!
When people are finally ONE with each other
and finally truly in Christ,
“then the world will know,”
Jesus said in John 17.

I can’t wait.
This will be a great day!

Then, whatever happens will be tough,
but it will be like water running off a duck’s back
for those who are truly in Christ
even martyrdom
when we’re really filled with the Spirit.

“For as the sufferings of Christ abound to us,
even so our comfort also abounds through Christ” (2 Cor. 1).

Incidentally and importantly, the concept,
“In Christ” is clearly described by Paul in Romans 8:1b,
but not in Rupert Murdoch’s NIV –
New Illuminati Version

or many of the other new perVersions
(I’m not exaggerating. Bad doctrine
from bad translations has destroyed America!).

I recommend the NKJV or the WEB (World English Bible),
a royalty free, Textus Receptus based translation.

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures —
Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?
which has been online for 3 years;
it’s #1 if you type in “who goes to heaven” in Google;
and no one can refute it,
even though I’m offering $6,000 to anyone who can.

This truth is the biggest key to the revival happening really soon.

Let us be ONE in Christ!


Power to the peaceful!

Jeff Fenske

Lindsey Williams: The Elite Speak — Dollar to devalue by 30-50% in the next 12 months

Our greatest concern should be the decline of the dollar.

Inflation big.”
Dollar to devalue by 30-50% in the next 12 months

Get out of paper.

Government takeover of every area of our lives

“The Chinese are the strong ones.
Watch China.”

War is planned,
but not within the next year’s time.”

Set your spiritual house in order.
“I have looked for repentance in America, but…”

[youtube=]Lindsey Williams The Elite Speak HD Full Length 58 Minutes

ajxm | December 24, 2010 | 13 likes, 1 dislikes

Lindsey Williams The Elite Speak Full Length HD. Patriot Pastor Lindsey Williams spills the beans on the dire predictions foretold by Ken Fromm formerly of Richfield Oil on his death bed confession.


Lindsey Williams Returns: Get Ready for $5 a Gallon Gasoline and Major Food Price Increases! – Alex Jones Tv

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Lindsey Williams Returns: Confessions of an Elitist Who Has Now Passed. When the Euro dies we just have 2 to 3 weeks until it happens to US!

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Lindsey Williams: Deathbed Globalist “Spills Gut” On Plan to Destroy America

Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones Tv: Lindsey talked with elite insider again (2/24/10) about the future of America and monetary system, the globalist plans for the rest of the world — “The dollar will be dead by 2012.”

Lindsey Williams on the Two Year Globalist Timetable: “They have some definite plans. Now whether they will succeed and accomplish it or not is another story. I hope they don’t, but on the other hand, that is their timeline”

[10/23/09] Lindsey Williams: We Have Just 2 Years to Get Our Act Together?

[10/20/09] Lindsey Williams Back on Alex Jones Tv: Total Economic Collapse of America in 2 Years? / “The Devil’s Messiah”

[10/19/09] Globalist Insider Tells Lindsey Williams: “Within TWO YEARS you will not recognize America. … You will be so poor you will not be able to rebel”

Lindsey Williams’ Book Now Online: “The Energy Non-Crisis”

Lindsey Williams’ Life Threatened by Tycoon for Speaking Out About the Non-Energy Crisis

Skousen: Gas Price Manipulation—Public Needs to Demand Opening of the Gull Island Oil Field (Alaska)

Lindsey Williams: The Energy *Non*-Crisis—Alaska’s ‘Classified’ Oil Reserve Largest on Earth?

The Devil’s Christmas Letter: “This year I am in fine spirits, nay, let me even declare myself absolutely giddy, for the destruction of the United States of America draws ever nearer.”

“When the people cheer “We’re number One,” I cheer with them, for pride goeth before a fall. When they believe the half-truths, the illusions, the mispresentations, the misdirections and yes, the outright lies of the ruling class repeated by their toadies in the media, I can no longer restrain my delight, for lies and half-truths are my favored weapons of destruction.”

How can I not be pleased this season? At long last, the destruction of the United States by its own citizens is close at hand. Give me two years, minions, no more than four, and I shall insure they will finally begin reaping what they have sown.”

– Satan


The Devil’s Christmas Letter (December 17, 2010)

The Devil pens a Christmas letter.

Through means I am unable to disclose, I have obtained a copy of the Devil’s Christmas letter. Yes, Satan too sends a Yule letter, and no, I was not on his mailing list. I think Satan’s Holiday cheer should give us all pause.

To my fallen angels Beelzebub, Lucifer and Leviathan, princes of Hell’s demons, and to my minions, lackeys, toadies and sycophants on Earth:

As you know, this time of year usually finds me quite despondent, as the Prince of Peace’s influence waxes most atrociously around his birthday. But this year I am in fine spirits, nay, let me even declare myself absolutely giddy, for the destruction of the United States of America draws ever nearer.

Though my minions have long sown festering seeds of hate and disharmony in that now-benighted land, only recently have my favored weapons of destruction–leverage, debt, half-truths and endless, preening justifications for greed, sloth, lust, pride, envy, anger and gluttony–have been unleashed to worm their way into the stricken heart of that Republic.

My most treasured hopes of destitution and conflict in the U.S.A. are nearing fruition.

First, my minions in the Federal Reserve–such loyal servants!–and the Federal government have unleashed a veritable orgy of leverage and debt upon the land, spreading ruination under the false guise of prosperity. What a delicious irony, that the fools doomed to eternal damnation in my Empire believe themselves prosperous as they absorb the poison of exponentially rising leverage and debt.

They have made a mockery of the rule of law, openly flouting it by letting financial crimes go not just unpunished but rewarded. The blatant injustice that roams the land like a foul, slobbering beast–there are two sets of laws and two sets of books now, one for the financial Elites and their political toadies, and another one for the tax donkeys beneath them–this will eventually ignite the firestorm I seek.

American extravagance has surpassed even my highest expectations, as purveyors of luxury goods reap record profits, and the childish desire for instant gratification has become the unspoken ruler of the land. Convenience is now worshipped as a god, sitting triumphant beside entitlement, greed and willful ignorance.

Convenience is, as you all know, the name of a peculiarly slick slide into Hell.

One of my favorite sins, gluttony, is running amok, with half of the people groaning under their own weight, sickened and weakened. My loyal minions in the fast-food and packaged food industries have followed my plans to perfection, and my lackeys in the marketing and media have fueled the instant gratification and ignorance which insidiously undermine even the greatest empires.

Pride–oh, how the Americans excel at hubris and pride! The Federal Reserve chairman, bless his doomed soul, has declared himself 100% confident about an economy that is nothing but a confidence game. Oh, what joy to hear his lies spoken with such confidence!

The mere thought of the word greed cause me to chuckle delightedly, as the U.S. excels as a haven for greed without bounds, a greed so boundless that the entire universe would be insufficient to satisfy its bankers, hedge fund managers, high-frequency traders, Imperial factotums and politicians. How happy I am to see their greed grease their way into Hell.

I feel like dancing a jig when I hear the unbridled sense of entitlement which has poisoned the American spirit. Yes, let greed and avarice be cloaked with rationalizations–“I was promised,” “It’s my right,” “I deserve it,” “it’s in our contract”–it is wondrous indeed how my secret invention, “free money,” debilitates once-independent souls.

Anger is now overflowing everywhere, building my empire with every thoughtless word. Politicians rage against each other, the people rage against the politicians, and behind the scenes my servants in the political action committees feed the anger with billions of dollars in campaign donations. How amusing to see the politicos lay claim to noble ideals even as they scramble on their knees to collect the millions tossed at their feet to do my bidding.

Oh yes, my bidding, for their greed, pride and anger are my bidding. By all means, politicians, do my work: give tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy, let financial crimes go unpunished, allow the financial Elites’ looting to go unhindered, transfer the wealth earned by the citizens’ sweat to the financial Elites when their trillion-dollar bets go bad–fuel the anger which will tear you from power, and tear the country apart.

I laughed with glee when One Beholden To Me announced that he was doing “God’s work”–how I love twisting together irony and lies! He fooled no one, of course, for even the most deluded souls know he is doing My Work, not the Lord’s, but they are too distracted by games and ginned-up contests to care.

Not caring is doing my work, too, of course.

The nation bleeds itself with unwinnable wars, sacrificing its best youth on the altar of endless war–how can I not rejoice at this orgy of death, destruction and sowing of hate? The feeble liars at the nation’s helm print endless sums to fund war and to prop up vile tyrants, but offer nothing for libraries or literacy or the curing of malaria. How can I not rejoice at a nation which finds trillions for war and next to nothing to fight the diseases of the poor residents of former colonies, including that Prince of Disease, ignorance.

As for sloth–that millions are being paid to sit around watching television instead of being productive creates the perfect breeding ground for resentment, malice and envy. How perfect to pay people to sit at home and rot away, with only their discontent and despair for company.

As you know all too well, idle hands end up doing my piecework for free.

It was almost beyond my dreams to find the nation’s wealth and politics so dominated by a tiny handful of wealthy financial plutocrats–they are doing my bidding without hindrance, though I see by their troubled sleep that they know where their greed and rationalizations are taking them. To channel the nation’s wealth to a few hands–what better way to nurture envy and anger?

If ignorance were treasure, the American political class must be declared wealthier than Midas, for its ignorance has reached a pinnacle I can truly admire. Ensnared by their lust for power, blinded by their greed for fame and perquisites, they look no further than the next election cycle, dooming their nation to division, disharmony and the desolation of permanent conflict over the dwindling productive assets of this once-great nation.

The people cry out to be saved by the government, as if it was a Savior instead of a vast combine chewing through the wealth of the nation, “investing” it in corruption, parasitic financial Elites, military misadventures, Homeland “Security”–ha, isn’t that a jewel, as the nation withers from within–and the steady, unyielding oppression of the remaining productive members of society.

When the people cheer “We’re number One,” I cheer with them, for pride goeth before a fall. When they believe the half-truths, the illusions, the mispresentations, the misdirections and yes, the outright lies of the ruling class repeated by their toadies in the media, I can no longer restrain my delight, for lies and half-truths are my favored weapons of destruction. The leaders are themselves leaderless, blank, hollowed-out souls doing the bidding of their parasitic masters, focused only on keeping the corrupt and venal status quo together for a few more months, never looking out ten years.

I delight in that shortsightedness, that abject fear of change and transformation, that clinging to failure and pride, that refusal to face reality.

For the U.S.A. is now an Empire of Debt and Lies, its fraudulent financial system built on misrepresentations of risk and value, and its “economy of confidence” a con game based on illusory wealth, parasitic skimming, government gaming and tax donkeys paying for their Financial Masters’ idiotic mistakes.

This adolescent desire to believe the lies, because in believing the lies then nothing need change–this might be my most powerful destructive tool.

A hunger for fantasy and illusion, a fear of adaptation, a childish demand for instant gratification–these are forces I can rely on to lead the once-great country to absolute ruin.

And here is the beautifully evil part, my minions–no external enemy is required [though Russia and China are waiting in the wings – editor]. The Americans are destroying themselves with their reliance on leverage, debt, denial, half-truths and overflowing servings of the Seven Deadly Sins, all of which they have elevated to “assets” in their hopelessly twisted values. To be supremely unproductive, a churner of lies and financial trickery, is now the most rewarded and admired state in America.

The spiritual rot is now so deep and pervasive that the people no longer even recognize the decay –they have been lulled into a false belief that this culture of fraud, embezzlement, manipulations, propaganda and parasitic financial Elites has always held sway. This is precisely how a people act when they have lost their way, spiritually and morally: they elevate sins to virtues, and forget the lessons of their past.

And of course everyone claiming that there is no spiritual vacuum sucking the nation dry, that the status quo is simply “business as usual”–they are doing my work, too, for habituating to all that is corrupt and reprehensible, all that is lacking in integrity and honesty, this is doing my work most admirably.

Americans no longer hate me, they hate sacrifice, with a passion that enlivens my enthusiasm for their self-destruction.

How can I not be pleased this season? At long last, the destruction of the United States by its own citizens is close at hand. Give me two years, minions, no more than four, and I shall insure they will finally begin reaping what they have sown. Ignorance, my poor dear Americans, will not save you, nor will your endless parade of excuses, justifications and rationalizations. Indeed, they are my weapons which you drive deeper into your nation’s heart with every lie, every excuse, every frantic justification for your own entitlement.

I await 2011 with high expectations.

Most sincerely yours,


Former Alaskan, Attorney Gary D. Fielder: Taking on Janet Napolitano and D.H.S. — Helped Keep Naked Body Scanners Out of Anchorage, Alaska and Castle Rock, Colorado Courthouses!

Gary’s website:

[youtube=]Attorney Gary D. Fielder: Taking on Janet Napolitano and DHS – Alex Jones Tv

TheAlexJonesChannel | December 08, 2010 | 160 likes, 1 dislikes

Alex talks with Colorado attorney Gary Fielder who has filed a lawsuit under the Fourth Amendment against the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security over the use of naked body scanners. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.

* * *

[youtube=]GGN- Constitutional Lawyer Refuses Body Scanning

ddarko2012 | January 25, 2010 | 11 likes, 0 dislikes

Gary D. Fielder is a constitutional and criminal lawyer of 20 years. Mr. Fielder has conducted over 350 jury trials, appeared in Federal District Court, and argued before the Colorado Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Mr. Fielder earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of San Diego in 1990. Mr. Fielder grew up in Eagle River, Alaska, and now lives in Denver.

Visit Gary’s website to sign up on his newsletter and receive details about his national tour called Sovereignty: The peoples first right and last stand.

Gary was mandated by the court to represent his client in the courthouse but he refused to be scanned by a body scanner under constitutional grounds that since he was not leaving the city and traveling between jurisdictions and since he had not violated any laws he had a right to not be scanned. The court deputies were surprised to see any dissident reaction since most people mindlessly follow orders and assume that is is legal. It isn’t. It was not approved by the people and Mr. Fielder demanded that they allow him to enter the courthouse.

He was told by deputies that he had a choice not to be scanned and could leave but the truth of the matter is he didn’t have a choice, it was mandatory to be scanned in order to enter the courthouse. Mr. Fielder believes his right to privacy was more important and that consent must be given by the person being scanned since it stores nude photographs of the people who enter the machine. Since consent was not given, the deputies had no right to scan the attorney but unlike travel situations where jurisdiction falls into the hands of the Federal Authorities, they had to let Mr. Fielder into the courthouse.

The deputies don’t realize that it is not a choice to go to court, it is required. They were to comply with his request, not the other way around. This police state style event is exactly what Mr. Fielder specializes in as a constitutional lawyer and he believes his interpretation of the situation should be thoroughly examined. Others are urged to do the same as Mr. Fielder.

Video recorded by

Vision breakthrough: eye exercises improve elders’ vision in two days to see as well as college kids

From: Natural News

Vision breakthrough: eye exercises improve elders’ vision in two days to see as well as college kids

Saturday, December 18, 2010 by: S. L. Baker, features writer

(NaturalNews) For decades, some natural health advocates have claimed you could actually enhance and improve vision (and sometimes get rid of your glasses) by “training” your eyes to see better. Sound like impossible pie-in-the-sky promises or even quackery? Now there’s mainstream scientific evidence to back up the idea that you can have better sight through eye “exercise”. Research funded by a $3.5 million grant from the National Institute on Aging has just demonstrated that elderly adults can quickly improve their vision with perceptual training.

The study, “Perceptual learning, aging, and improved visual performance in early stages of visual processing,” was published in the online November issue of the Journal of Vision. According to the research team from the University of California, Riverside (UCR) and Boston University, the ability of elders to improve their sight so quickly has a host of important implications for the health and mobility of older people.

Changes in vision — including contrast sensitivity, spatial vision, orientation, depth perception, dark adaptation, visual acuity, and motion perception — have long been associated with aging. However, the new study shows for the first that specific eye “exercises” can improve vision among the elderly in the earliest levels of visual processing.

G. John Andersen, professor of psychology at UCR, and his colleagues conducted a series of experiments to investigate if repeated performance of certain visual tasks that are at the limits of what a person can see would result in improving the vision of elder adults. Specifically, participants (all over the age of 65) were given a texture discrimination exercise.

The research subjects were presented with stimuli consisting of a letter embedded in the center of a field of horizontally oriented lines.Besides the letter, peripherally located lines were placed diagonally to form either a vertical or horizontal object which always appeared in the same quadrant. After the research participants were shown this image, it was quickly followed with the display of a masking pattern. The task for the people in the study was to concentrate on seeing the central letter as well the peripheral object.

“We found that just two days of training in one hour sessions with difficult stimuli resulted in older subjects seeing as well as younger college-age subjects,” chief researcher Andersen said in a media statement.”The improvement was maintained for up to three months and the results were dependent on the location in the visual field where the stimuli were located — suggesting that the brain changed in early levels of the visual cortex.” The visual cortex is the part of the brain responsible for processing visual information.

Improvements in vision couldn’t be explained by simply becoming familiar with the task, the researchers determined. What’s more, the improved vision following the perceptual training was maintained for at least three months. This is especially important because it shows there is a high degree of brain plasticity among older people and it strongly suggests that this vision “training” technique is useful for reversing declines in vision due to normal aging.

“Given the clear impact of age-related declines in vision on driving, mobility, and falls, the present study suggests that perceptual learning may be a useful tool for improving the health and well-being of an older population,” the researchers concluded.

For more information:………

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Yoga for Your Eyes with Meir Schneider, PhD

[youtube=]Yoga for Your Eyes with Meir Schneider, PhD

SFSHMedia | October 28, 2007 | 37 likes, 1 dislikes Meir Schneider, Ph.D., L.M.T. is author, educator, pioneer therapist, and founder of San Francisco’s nonprofit School for Self-Healing. Applying the principles he discovered while overcoming congenital blindness, Schneider developed a unique therapeutic healthcare system combining movement, massage and self-massage, breathing, visualization, and vision exercises. His publications include Movement for Self-Healing, Yoga for the Eyes, Meir’s Miracle Eyesight Method, and The Handbook of Self-Healing. His most recent release, The Natural Vision Improvement Kit, by Sounds True, teaches people how to work with their own vision.

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Meir Schneider was born blind and was able to gain a normal vision using the techniques he describes in the video.
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Ron Paul: Why the Government Lies About Social Security

[youtube=]Ron Paul: Why the Government Lies About Social Security

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Why the Government Lies About Social Security

by Ron Paul

Perhaps the biggest media story of 2010 was the influence of Tea Party voters on the Congressional landscape. The new Congress comes to Capitol Hill with a mandate to end profligate spending and restore fiscal sanity in Washington, we are told. But when the House and Senate convene in January the newly elected members will face tremendous pressure to maintain spending levels for entitlement programs. Even the most modest proposals to trim Social Security or Medicare spending will be met with howls of indignation and threats of voter revolt. Legislators who propose any kind of means testing or increased retirement ages can expect angry visits from senior citizens and lobbyists ready to fund a candidate back home who supports the status quo.

But millions of Americans now realize that the status quo is an illusion that will not last even another 10 or 20 years. The federal government cannot continue to spend a trillion dollars more than it collects in revenue each year because we are running out of creditors. Fiscal reality is setting in and the consequences may be grim, even if Congress finds the courage to take decisive action now.

Courage begins with a commitment to see things as they are, rather than how we wish they were. When it comes to Social Security we must understand that the system does not represent an old age pension, an insurance program or even a forced savings program. It simply represents an enormous transfer of payment with younger workers paying taxes to benefit the other beneficiaries. There is no Social Security trust fund and you don’t have an account. Whether you win or lose the Social Security lottery is a function of when you happen to be born and how long you live to collect benefits. Of course young people today have every reason to believe they will never collect those benefits.

Notice that neither political party proposes letting people opt out of Social Security, which exposes the lie that your contributions are set aside and saved. After all, if your contributions are really set aside for your retirement, the money is there earning interest, right? If your money is in your account, what difference would it make if your neighbor chooses not to participate in the program?

The truth of course is that your contributions are not put aside. Social Security is a simple tax. Like all taxes, the money collected is spent immediately as general revenue to fund the federal government. But no administration will admit that Social Security is nothing more than an accounting ledger with no money. You will collect benefits only if future tax revenues remain high. The money you paid into the system is long gone.

My hope is that at least some members of the new Congress will cut through the distortions to see Social Security as it really is. The best way to fix the impending Social Security crisis is also the simplest: Allow younger individuals to opt out of the program and use their tax savings to invest privately as they see fit. This is the true private solution. Your money has never been safe in the government’s hands and it never will be.

Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, a return to sound monetary policies, and a sensible foreign policy that puts America first.

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