Skousen: 80% of Top Level Gov’t Leaders Controlled by Deep State

Joel Skousen stated 75%  in July 20, 2012:

“The dirty tricks boys in the FBI have incriminating files on about 75% of Congress. Only about a dozen Congressmen are both clean and willing to fight the system.”

Joel Skousen: 75% in Congress are Blackmailable, while only about a dozen congressmen are both clean and willing to fight the system

October 13, 2021:

“The infiltration took place clear back in the Reagan administration when I was in Washington D.C.. They are firmly established now. Literally, they run the show now. We’re talking 80% of all the top level people in government are globalist or deep state lackeys. Especially in the Biden administration. It’s just swarming. There are no good people in the Biden administration. They’re all on the other side.” – Joel Skousen at 9:00 from:

The Jeff Rense Program, 10-13-21, Hour 2 – Joel Skousen – China Threatening Taiwan – All Talk?

[Anchorage] Jamie Allard: This emergency ordinance is a gross abuse of Assembly authority

Jamie Allard: This emergency ordinance is a gross abuse of Assembly authority

…this mask ordinance is mixing politics with medicine, setting a dangerous precedent for medical totalitarianism, robbing the people of bodily autonomy, and turning our constituents against each other.

Furthermore, it is not even based on sound science, but rather on a false sense of security that you are “doing something” about Covid. But what the Assembly is doing is ignoring the will of the people, their right to informed consent to wear a medical device on their face, parental rights to make medical decisions for their children, and ignoring science that shows mandates are ineffective at best, and harmful at worst, not only to Covid outcomes in a community, but to overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Continue reading “[Anchorage] Jamie Allard: This emergency ordinance is a gross abuse of Assembly authority”

Dan Fagan: The Mind of the Woke — Goal is to appear virtuous vs. finding & living in truth

45:50 “When you wake up every morning, and whether you do it consciously or subconsciously, your objective is to make people think you’re compassionate and virtuous. You’re on the wrong track, because it’s about you, about your ego.

What you should do is get up every morning and say ‘today I’m going to try to find out what’s right and what’s true and pursue that.’ That’s the difference between a leftist and a non-leftist. The leftist says I will do something today to make people think you’re virtuous.”

@ Minute-45:50

Dan Fagan Show/Thursday 10/14/2021

Vitamin D: Is 50ng enough for optimum health? Most are deficient <30ng

Most Americans deficient (under 30 ng) or severely deficient (under 20 ng), especially blacks:

42 % of US adults less than 20 ng of vitamin D and 82 % of blacks – Jan 2011

Excerpt from Is 50 ng of vitamin D too high, just right, or not enough

At VitaminDWiki – 50 – 60 ng

At VitaminDWiki – need > 60 ng

When Ann Zink told the truth: “A mask is a wet, moist environment collecting viruses and bacteria…”

From Must Read Alaska: Following the science: Last year, top doctors said mask-wearing was unhealthy

Dr. Anne Zink, the state’s Chief Health Officer, who told the Senate Health and Social Services Committee on Feb. 12, 2020 that a person wearing a mask is breathing in a wet, moist environment collecting viruses and bacteria, and it is in general not useful for protection from other persons’ germs.

Zink said that a mask was useful for someone walking into a clinic who was coughing or sneezing, but that the N95 mask — the one that is effective — has to be fitted and tested and that the recommendation was for average persons to not wear masks because they don’t know what they are doing with them.

Actual quote:

“The CDC is not recommending the average person to wear a mask. If you think about a mask, it’s a wet, moist environment that’s collecting viruses and bacteria, and in general, it’s not necessarily useful to protect you from other people. It can be useful if someone walks into a clinic, and they’re having symptoms. They’re coughing and sneezing — to keep you from coughing and sneezing on other surfaces and other people. So if you’re going into a healthcare setting, and you’re sick, putting a mask on and calling beforehand is recommended. In general day to day it’s not recommended.

The N95 that you mentioned is a tighter fitting mask that has to be tested and specifically fit. ….”

Continue reading “When Ann Zink told the truth: “A mask is a wet, moist environment collecting viruses and bacteria…””

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson: “The late-night actions of the Anchorage Assembly were deceitful and wrong”

Mayor Dave Bronson
October 13
We live in the United States of America, a country founded on the premise that ”We the People” are sovereign, which means the individual has rights.
Our republican form of government was instituted to preserve and protect those rights, not to violate them.
Those of us who work in municipal government are public servants; the people of Anchorage are our employers, not our subjects.
Alaska is The Last Frontier of America’s natural beauty and limitless potential; it is also the Last Frontier of individual liberty.
We pride ourselves in our commitment to protecting fundamental rights, to making our great state a place where freedom can flourish.
At least, we did until yesterday.
The late-night actions of the Anchorage Assembly were deceitful and wrong.
The Assembly didn’t even have the conviction, courtesy or courage to take those actions in front of the people.
They openly displayed their scorn for the public process, which is fundamental to self-government and self-governance.
The people were told there would be public testimony this week.
Instead, the Anchorage Assembly shut down public testimony, did a bait and switch, and snuck in their personal desires.
They have made their agenda clear: shut down the people, shut down the public process, and shove the heavy hand of government mandates into your personal health decisions. Continue reading “Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson: “The late-night actions of the Anchorage Assembly were deceitful and wrong””

Political stunt: Assemblyman Constant dances on dying man’s grave during meeting

“Chair, I have a point of order,” Assemblywoman Allard said.

“No, not yet, this is my time,” Constant replied and continued.

Allard, who had been contacted by Topel’s doctor, was trying to reach Topel’s family to try to get them to the hospital. She asked for the point of order so she could reach the family.

“It’s absolutely insane that you would wish somebody dead,” Allard interrupted him, and said Topel was not on a ventilator. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re a disgrace as a public official.”

“You are out of order,” Constant replied.

“And you are a liar,” Allard retorted.


[Anchorage] Fact check: Christopher Constant says Las Vegas has zero Covid. Official stats say otherwise

At Tuesday’s meeting, Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant described his recent vacation adventure [without a mask – ed.] to Las Vegas, where he said face masks are the norm and the Covid case counts are zero. No one complains about masks and everyone wears them when indoors, he said. …

Constant was fudging the numbers.

Constant was trying to bolster his case for voting in favor of AO 2021-91, the compulsory mask mandate for Anchorage, which is currently on the agenda for a special meeting on Wednesday.


Jamie Allard on Anchorage’s Assembly’s Mask EO: Not in an emergency. Masks still don’t work. Assembly made masking political

Jamie Allard on Facebook, 10/13/21

Fully executed EO 2021-3. Reminder: Alaska is not in an emergency and neither is the Muni. Masks still don’t work. Your Anchorage Assembly has made masking political, just ask Member Perez-Verdia and the majority of the assembly exempting certain members of the political arena.

Vitamin D testing in Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Medical Lab Services at 5001 Arctic Blvd, Unit 100, Anchorage, AK | 907-344-0017

Alaska Medical Lab Services has first-class low-cost Medical Lab testing at a fraction of the costs that other Medical Labs offer.

As of October, 2021, the cost of vitamin D, 25 hydroxy test is $75, including blood draw.

NOTE: The ‘reference range’ on their report is 30-100 ng/ml

ZRT Labs: Vitamin D: What Level is Normal vs Optimal? ‘Reference Range’ Explained


Vitamin D: What Level is Normal vs Optimal?

… When testing with ZRT, you will receive a result that is reflective of your total 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D status (vitamin D2 plus Vitamin D3) in blood. This is the storage form of vitamin D, which is converted by the kidneys to the biologically active form, 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol. …

Reference Range

The reference range, a term often used in conjunction with laboratory testing, is a set of values that include the upper and lower limits of a lab test based on a group of otherwise healthy individuals. For a laboratory to determine the appropriate reference range for their testing population, often hundreds to thousands of normal, healthy patients are tested. To date, ZRT has tested over 60,000 patients to assess their vitamin D levels. When looking at the patient results, we determined that the majority of patients tested have total vitamin D levels between 20 and 80 ng/mL; that is, 86% of patients tested fall within this range. Based on years of patient testing and data analysis, we have updated our laboratory report reference range to reflect that values between 20-80 ng/mL are representative of a normal patient population.

Normal versus Optimal

This raises the issue: is normal the same thing as optimal? Not necessarily. The Vitamin D Council places the ideal level between 40 and 80 ng/mL with levels below 20 ng/mL as deficient. The Endocrine Society has a Clinical Practice Guideline on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of vitamin D deficiency. This guideline recommends a minimum vitamin D level of 20 ng/mL, but to guarantee sufficiency they recommend between 30 and 50 ng/mL for both children and adults. In contrast, the Vitamin D Council states that even levels between 30 and 40 ng/mL are still not quite sufficient. On the other end of the spectrum, results that fall between 80 and 100 ng/mL are not achievable naturally; that is, they are only reached with some form of vitamin D supplementation. So, while they are not harmful levels, they are instead reflective of supplementation and therefore not what would be detected in a “normal” patient population. Continue reading “ZRT Labs: Vitamin D: What Level is Normal vs Optimal? ‘Reference Range’ Explained”

How John D. Rockefeller Used the AMA to Take Over Western Medicine

The Flexner Report (which discredited all forms of medicine except allopathy) was the tool by which John D. Rockefeller used the AMA to dominate Western Medicine with Big Pharma drugs.

After the Flexner Report, the AMA only endorsed schools with a drug-based curriculum. It didn’t take long before non-allopathic schools fell by the wayside due to lack of funding.

How John D. Rockefeller Used The AMA To Take Over Western Medicine

The Flexner Report was a very useful tool commissioned by oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller had made a massive fortune with Standard Oil and was setting his sights on gaining a monopoly in the drug and pharmaceutical industry.

However, first he had to get rid of the competition, which consisted of natural non-allopathic healing modalities – naturopathy, homeopathy, eclectic medicine (botanical and herbal medicine), holistic medicine, etc.

Hemp was also a threat to his plans, since cannabis has tremendous medical benefit – it can be used to alleviate pain for numerous diseases and even has anti-cancer properties. Continue reading “How John D. Rockefeller Used the AMA to Take Over Western Medicine”

[Anchorage] Woman says to Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar: Please pay attention!

The confident first lady reminds me of John Wayne: “Listen here, Cookie,” as she rebukes our *woke* Assembly (9 of the 11 so far). The husband of the second speaker ends by saying ~“This issue isn’t about the masks, but good and evil, between demonic and freedom and life….”

Dunbar, the assemblyman the first lady rebukes, ran for mayor against Dave Bronson and spends his whole time looking at and typing on his phone, ignoring the people testifying on this important mask ordinance.

Continue reading “[Anchorage] Woman says to Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar: Please pay attention!”

COVIDLAND: The Lockdown – Full Film

I’m not going to finish this post for now. I’m so disappointed with the ending, a pastor teaching the false doctrine of OSAS, “once saved, always saved,” taking verses out of context — what I believe is the main problem in America — very few pastors even actually abiding in Christ so we’re salt and light.

“The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit? The BELIEVERS have OPENED THE GATE TO SIN, which is why this country has deteriorated

Otherwise, the film is mostly excellent.

Continue reading “COVIDLAND: The Lockdown – Full Film”

Anchorage Assemblyman Perez-Verdia calls for emergency order to shut down public process and pass compulsory mask law

Disgusting! He says he’s already made his decision: “I have reached my decision and am firmly in favor of the proposed mandate.” He’s heard testimony after testimony that the masks don’t work and do harm, including how they made at least one person blind with their first mandate.

Something is seriously wrong with these people. Nobody who has listened to these testimonies telling the truth and still thinks a mandate is right deserves to be in leadership at all.

I wonder what’s really going on with these people, because it’s clearly not truth that they’re going by.

– –



Mercola: One More Study Linking *Low Vitamin D* to Risk of COVID

From: Dr. Mercola

October 04, 2021

Another preprint study, published September 25, 2021, shows the correlation between low vitamin D levels and the risk of getting COVID-19.

In this retrospective examination of one population study and seven clinical studies where vitamin D3 levels were measured on the day of hospitalization, researchers said, “The two datasets provide strong evidence that low D3 is a predictor rather than a side effect of the infection.”

They suggested that it may be possible to “prevent or mitigate” new COVID outbreaks by simply raising people’s vitamin D3 levels to 50 ng/ml or above. Even though they said they believe vaccination is part of the fight against COVID, they added that the ongoing evidence of the part vitamin D plays in the risk for contracting the infection is especially important because the virus continues to mutate, which challenges the effectiveness of the vaccines. Continue reading “Mercola: One More Study Linking *Low Vitamin D* to Risk of COVID”

Pfizer Emails Confirm Aborted Babies Were Used in COVID-19 Vaccine Tests

Today on TruNews, host and founder Rick Wiles looks at a Project Veritas video released featuring an interview with a Pfizer whistleblower. Melissa Strickler leaked to Project Veritas internal emails that show the pharmaceutical company’s top executives advised employees to hide from the public details about the use of human tissue from aborted babies in laboratory testing of Pfizer’s Covid 19 vaccine. Rick and Doc also provide breaking news on preparation and food storage.

In our final segment, we continue our discussion on the locusts in Revelation 9 and consider whether the ‘jab as a scorpion’ may be the COVID jab.



Anchorage Assembly made people go blind in first mask mandate — Testimony

Brandon Welsh:

“I already experienced my mother going blind; even though, a doctor told her she could not wear a mask — because your mandates forced her to comply at work.”

Answering a clarifying question by Jamie Allard:

“My mother was told by a doctor that she can’t wear a mask because she had an eye disease. She got a new job, and the mask requirement was there, and they said you can’t come in to work and work that way. And within weeks, her driver’s license was taken away, and she was declared ‘blind.'”

Starts at 1:08:10

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