Biden’s Advice to Avoid Air Travel Borders on ‘Fearmongering,’ Airline Says

From: Fox News

Vice President Joe Biden, discussing the spread of swine flu, said Thursday morning that he would advise against traveling in an airplane or in any confined space — a comment that an airline spokesman said borders on “fearmongering.”

“To suggest that people not fly at this stage of things is a broad brush stroke bordering on fearmongering,” American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said. “The facts of the situation at this stage anyway certainly don’t support that.”

Roughly 250,000 passengers use American Airlines daily, and not a single one of them has tested positive for swine flu, Smith said.

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From “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”: Song Around the World “Stand By Me”

[youtube=] – From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”, comes the first of many “songs around the world” being released independently. Featured is a cover of the Ben E. King classic by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it travelled the globe.

Dr. Stan & Ted Gunderson on How “They’re” Able to Do It: “Once you understand the things that actually go on at Bohemian Grove…” — “This Satanic element has infiltrated all levels of our government”

Dr. Stanley Monteith:

Once you understand the things that actually go on at Bohemian Grove, where all of our national leaders go, almost all of them—and, of course, some of them go there simply because they want to rub shoulders with important people. Some of them have gone and were so repulsed by it, they would not go back again—with grown men, national and world leaders, running around in the woods stark naked.”

Ted Gunderson [27-year FBI veteran, former Los Angeles Senior Special Agent in Charge]

“This is a national epidemic that’s being covered up and hidden, because this element, this Satanic element has infiltrated all levels of our government, and that’s the way they’re able to do it: law enforcement, prosecutors, and so forth.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from: Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty Audio Archives

Date: 04-16-09
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Charles Key – States’ Rights
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: Melody Cedarstrom – Financial Update
9:00: Ted Gunderson – Satanic Crimes


Insider: Pedophilia Among America’s Leaders — Including ‘Conservative’ Republican Presidents?

Ted Gunderson: Many of our congressmen and senators have been blackmailed through children, sex and drugs…”and we don’t have enough people like Kucinich and Ron Paul to stand up.”

‘Presidential Secrets’: Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum Speaks About Drug Running, G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Oliver North, Neutralizing Ross Perot, Task Force 160’s Darkest Green (’Black’) Helicopters, Assassinations

[The Prophecy Club] The Ted Gunderson Chronicles

Lindsey Williams: Oil, Hyper-inflation, & the next 6-9 months

From: Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty Audio Archives

Date: 04-17-09
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: Dr. Dennis Cuddy – The Rockefeller Plan
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Lindsey Williams – Oil, Hyper-inflation, & the next 6-9 months
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: John Quirk – Current Events
9:00: William Grigg – Current Events

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Steve Quayle: Getting Ready

If you don’t ACT now,
you’ll be forced to REACT later


Based on the New World Order’s TIMELINE,
based on everything getting ready to happen in the middle east,
getting everything that’s going on in the world of economics:
every area that you have known that was NORMAL
or you could TRUST in,
it’s being TAKEN out from under you

And that’s why I say this:
that the only TRUST you that can have nowadays
is to have a RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with the living God

Alex, this is Biblical stuff.
It’s not just esoteric.”

– Steve Quayle on Alex Jones, 4/27/09
Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Mark Dice on The Infowarrior: What drives the Illuminati?

[Warning: some pretty heavy stuff — the way it really is at the ‘top’ — or at the bottom!]

“Plato had this interesting idea of philosopher-kings, where he believed that certain people with hyper-enlightenment would be able to rule over the masses and would know better than the people.” – Mark Dice

• New disinfo movie: Angels & Demons

• The real Aleister Crowley

• John D. Rockefeller’s right-hand man

• Why the sexual rituals?

• Jason asks: “Why are the Jews always blamed?”

[youtube=]Mark Dice on THE INFOWARRIOR with Jason Bermas (HD) 1/4:
Exposing The Illuminati!!


Mark Dice’s new 415 page book, The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction separates and analyzes the various claims and evidence about the Illuminati, their history, beliefs, members, organizations, and activities. This is a supplement for Mark’s previous book, The Resistance Manifesto, which focuses more on the New World Order, the 9/11 attacks, Big Brother, and how the political agendas of the elite are fulfilling Bible prophecy. Continue reading “Mark Dice on The Infowarrior: What drives the Illuminati?”

Martial Law Lockdown Exercise in Seward, Alaska?

From: Infowars

A caller into the Alex Jones Show today provided details about a possible Department of Homeland Security drill at the end of this month in Seward, Alaska, the seventh most lucrative fisheries port in the United States.

The caller, identifying herself as “Barbara,” said she had an encounter with a man from the Transportation Security Administration, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security. The man had black and white photographs of buildings in Seward and made unusual comments about terrorism. He also seemed confident he would see Barbara again.

Alex has received several emails from residents of Seward recently claiming the town will be locked down and a Homeland Security exercise conducted there.

Barbara and other residents of Seward believe the Department of Homeland Security is preparing a drill or exercise of some sort, based on the following events….

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CIA Ludicrously Claims Torture Prevented Debunked L.A. Terror Plot — KSM waterboarded six times a day for a month!

From: Prison Planet

… by announcing that the torture of Khalid Sheik Mohammed led to his “confession” of being behind the non-existent L.A. attack plot, the CIA is only reaffirming the fact that the torture program was designed to elicit false confessions that could then be used as terror propaganda on the fearful and gullible American public.

As Senator Levin highlighted on the back of the release of the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) opinions, the techniques (known as SERE) authorized by officials to be used on detainees, “Are based on tactics used by Chinese Communists against American soldiers during the Korean War for the purpose of eliciting false confessions for propaganda purposes.”

In addition, the senior Army SERE psychologist warned in 2002 against using SERE training techniques during interrogations in an email to personnel at Guantanamo Bay, because, “It usually decreases the reliability of the information because the person will say whatever he believes will stop the pain… Bottom line: the likelihood that the use of physical pressures will increase the delivery of accurate information from a detainee is very low.”

Little wonder then that KSM confessed to everything under the sun, and only stopped short of admitting to being the real Santa Claus, assassinating JFK and creating AIDS. He even “confessed” to plotting to attack a bank that wasn’t even founded until after his arrest.

The idea that waterboarding KSM six times a day for a month, as well as torturing his children, would lead to anything other than false confessions is absurd on the face of it.

However, by regurgitating the confirmed hoax that KSM “confessed” to a plot that never even existed because of the “success” of waterboarding, the CIA has once again highlighted the fact that not only was the torture program an insult and a disgrace to everything America is supposed to stand for, but that it was also a complete waste of time and only put Americans in more danger because false confessions were taken as gospel so that they could be used not to protect the country from terrorists, but to propagandize to the American people and enlist their support for the thoroughly deceptive and insidious “war on terror”.

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Alan Keyes: “The things that are happening are OMINOUS TO THE LAST DEGREE. I’m not thinking about elections in 2012. I’m thinking about how we save elections at all”

Keyes said that because the majority of people are decent-minded, they believe others will play by the rules when this simply isn’t the case, warning that this attitude will allow evil to take over before we can do anything about it.

From: Prison Planet

Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law

Former Presidential candidate gives most dire warning yet about Obama agenda

Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law 210409top2

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes has given perhaps his most dire warning yet, saying that the Obama administration is preparing to stage terror attacks, declare martial law and cancel the 2012 elections, which is why they are demonizing their political enemies as criminals and terrorists. Continue reading “Alan Keyes: “The things that are happening are OMINOUS TO THE LAST DEGREE. I’m not thinking about elections in 2012. I’m thinking about how we save elections at all””

Carlos Santana: “When eternity nears, time disappears…you go right into the center of your light”

From: PBS

[Video clip of Santana and band performing live.]

Tavis: You were grooving to that. Were you liking what you heard?

Carlos Santana: Oh, totally. It’s a surge, it still feels like when you’re a child and they let you ride that water slide, only we’re going up instead of down. (Laughter.)

Tavis: No matter how many times you play a classic like “Smooth” you find something different, the presentation is different every time you play it?

Santana: Yes, because we found a way to understand why Marvin Gaye or Coltrane or Bob Marley, they enter a place of eternity when they go into this — for basketball players it’s the zone, the groove. We have a beautiful saying; it says “When eternity nears, time disappears.” And when you catch that groove, then you enter into that place where like I said, Marvin Gaye or Miles or Coltrane, they’re here. They’re really, really here.

And so when I hear music and I go in it, that’s where I bring my band and myself, into that place where time disappears, gravity disappears, illusions disappear, and you go right into the center of your light. And that’s the only place to really hang out.

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Celente: “People listen to the people who didn’t see it coming to say what’s going to happen next”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from ABC’s World News Sunday, 4/19/09

Dan Harris: “Gerald Celente points out that the guys in the mainstream got it wrong.”

Gerald Celente: “I’m always amazed—the people listen to the people who didn’t see it coming to say what’s going to happen next.”

Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away

From: The Australian

• Ice expanding in much of Antarctica
• Eastern coast getting colder
• Western section remains a concern

ICE is expanding in much of Antarctica, contrary to the widespread public belief that global warming is melting the continental ice cap.

The results of ice-core drilling and sea ice monitoring indicate there is no large-scale melting of ice over most of Antarctica, although experts are concerned at ice losses on the continent’s western coast.

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Steve Quayle: “All we can do is buy time”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Alex Jones’ 4/20/09 transmission, The Alex Jones Show.

“All we can do is buy time.
I don’t believe we can stop [what’s coming*].”

– Steve Quayle

*Alex cut in, so Steve couldn’t be heard

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Thursday on Coast to Coast: Jeffrey Smith — Genetically Modified Frankenfoods on Everyone’s Dinner Table!

From: Coast to Coast AM Upcoming Shows

Schedule for 04.20.09 – 04.24.09

Hosted by George Noory

Guest(s): Jeffrey M. Smith

Thursday April 23, 2009

Bestselling author and noted food expert Jeffrey M. Smith will discuss genetically engineered foods and expose the industry and governmental lies that have made these unsafe “Franken-foods” ubiquitous on everyone’s dinner table.

Ron Paul on Secession: An Important Constitutional Principle “When the Dollar Collapses”


The Congressman discusses the fact that the right of secession is an American tradition and not “unpatriotic” or “treasonous” as the media has portrayed it.

Related: Ron Paul: “This is the BIG One! … Between One and Four Years the $Dollar$ Will IMPLODE”

Alex Jones: How a confidence man works — PEOPLE go along because they DON’T WANT TO ADMIT THEY WERE CONNED

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Alex Jones’ 4/20/09 transmission, The Alex Jones Show.

“That’s how con-men work. They act so confident and so slick….

That’s how a confidence-man works: is they get you invested in the fact that this is your friend. And then even as you start getting conned, you can’t pull out of it because you don’t want to admit you were conned.

So you just go along with the con because you don’t want to admit you were conned.”

– Alex Jones, infowarrior

Alex Jones’ ‘Lord of the Rings’ FREEDOM analogy: Satan is real and is manifesting. Saruman-like elite worship Lucifer. People are literally UNDER a SPELL!

From: Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The Two Towers Script

There dwells Theoden, King of Rohan, whose mind is overthrown. Saruman’s hold over King Theoden is now very strong.


Be gone!

SARUMAN’S spell is broken. THEODEN’S face begins to change, into a much younger-looking man. EOWYN rushes up to him.

I know your face. Eowyn… Eowyn. Gandalf?

Breathe the free air again, my friend.

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Alex Jones’ 4/20/09 transmission, The Alex Jones Show.

“I’m going to fight evil. That’s my duty.”

The elite do worship Lucifer. They do believe in blood sacrifice. And they do openly state in hundreds of books and hundreds of government publications and U.N. documents and state department memorandums that they plan to kill 80-99%…of humanity for Lucifer.”

“Atheists and people say, ‘I don’t believe in the Devil.’ It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the Devil or not. There are people who rule the planet who believe in the Devil.”

“Even if you don’t believe in it [the entity called the Devil], there are humans who believe in it and are manifesting it.”

Satan is real, period. Period, end of story, and it’s manifesting!

It is literally a spell people are under.”

“They are programmed to deny everything. They are in a lazy spell.

…the Lord of the Rings analogy:

Remember when the Rohanian king is like sitting there on his throne, all old, and he’s got a [?] attitude, and he can’t even get up. And then it finally gets broken, and he looks twenty years younger in a second.”

“You’re supposed to break the spell.”

– Alex Jones, infowarrior

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Formula 1 Chief Exec. Bernie Ecclestone: Europe will become a third-world economy

From: WorldCarFans

FIA president Max Mosley said in January: “I cannot envisage that Formula One Management’s (FOM) forecast earnings still hold in the economic crisis.”

F1 chief executive Ecclestone is not talking openly about these issues, but he has undoubtedly shifted his attention from Europe in the quest for more lucrative markets.

“Asia is very important,” he recently told Malaysia’s Star newspaper. “I have been working for the last 20 years to get F1 into as many countries as possible. There should be no limit to where we can take and position F1.”

In a new interview with the Guardian newspaper, meanwhile, he added: “I said a long time ago that the stock market would crash and that Europe would become a third-world economy. And it will.”

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Celente: “Nothing short of total repudiation of our entrenched systems can rescue America”

“The ‘Intellectual Revolution’ must be waged on the battlefield of the mind,” said Celente. “Americans are doomed unless they kick the junk news habit, deprogram themselves from celebrity worship, refuse to blindly follow political leaders and question all ideological dogmas … especially their own.

From: Rense

Celente Calls For [Intellectual] ‘Revolution’
As The Only Solution

By George Celente

KINGSTON, NY — Taxed to death, angry at government bailouts, outraged by Wall Street greed, and bitterly resentful of a system that rewards the undeserving rich, the American public is ready to revolt.

“The Tea Parties and Tax Protests sprouting across the nation, which we had predicted, are harbingers of revolution,” said Gerald Celente, Director of The Trends Research Institute. “But they are not enough. Much stronger and directed action is required. Our call for ‘Revolution’ will galvanize the people, destroy the corrupt ruling systems, and produce a prosperous and more just nation.”

The Revolution Celente proposes is unique in concept and bold in execution. It is about a lot more than just “taxation without representation.”

“Nothing short of total repudiation of our entrenched systems can rescue America,” said Celente. “We are under the control of a two-headed, one party political system. Wall Street controls our financial lives; the media manipulates our minds. These systems cannot be changed from within. There is no alternative. Without a revolution, these institutions will bankrupt the country, keep fighting failed wars, start new ones, and hold us in perpetual intellectual subjugation.”

The country is restless, and ripe for radical reform. There is no doubt protests will proliferate and intensify. In response, the government will call out the troops and bring in the police. They will use the Patriot Act to silence, detain, harass, persecute and prosecute groups and individuals exercising their Constitutional rights.

But Celente’s Revolution need not degenerate into violence or open warfare. Continue reading “Celente: “Nothing short of total repudiation of our entrenched systems can rescue America””

Danish Scientist on TV: Nano-thermite Behind Collapse of WTC Buildings on 9/11, Not Planes

From: Uncensored Magazine, April 13, 2009

On the morning of April the 6th, Professor Niels Harrit of Copenhagen University in Denmark, who is an expert in nano-chemistry, was interviewed for an entire 10 minutes during a news program on the topic of the nano-thermite found in the dust from the World Trade Centre, (WTC). This explosive interview is posted at YouTube, with English subtitles here:


During this news report, Harrit, who is one of the nine scientists primarily responsible for the pivotal paper entitled: ‘Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe’,  talks about how their research, which was conducted over 18 months, led to the conclusion that planes did not cause the collapse of the three buildings at the WTC on 9/11.

He says that they found such large quantities of nano-thermite in the dust from the WTC, that he believes that this compound, which has the ability to melt metal,  must have been brought into the WTC site in tonnes, on pallets.   Consequently, he suggests that we need to address this matter with those who were in charge of the security at the World Trade Centre on 9/11.

Harrit, like Dr Steven Jones who also played a major role in this ground-breaking research, refers to their findings as “the loaded gun” and suggests that military personnel might be able to enlighten us more on the little-known topic of nano-thermite, which differs from regular thermite in a number of significant ways, including that its ignition temperature is far lower than that of the conventional kind, [1].

Related: [1]. Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophy by Niels Harrit et al., 2009

The Seventh Tower by Niels Harrit, 2006

Nanothermites and WTC dust by Kevin Ryan, 27/12/08

Truth & Deception: An Interview with Kevin Ryan on 9/11,  14/2/09

Unfiltered News from Freedom Force International

More Ultra Vivid Headlines from G. Edward Griffin’s

2009 APRIL 11 — APRIL 17

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Obama, who has condemned torture of prisoners, now shields CIA personnel from prosecution who perpetrated it. Yahoo 2009 Apr 17 (Cached)

Icelandic banks fail and are taken over by government. Guardian 2009 Apr 17 (Cached)

DHS document warning of “right-wing extremism” was written during “right-wing” Bush Admin. Evidence that such words are used merely to demonize ANY opposition to collectivists in both parties who rule. Prison Planet 2009 Apr 17 (Cached) US: Second-largest mall owner declares bankruptcy in history’s largest real estate failure.
2009 Apr 16 (Cached)

Las Vegas has latest snow storm in its history. Al Gore, take note. LVRJ 2009 Apr 16 (Cached)

Obama advisor advocates Soviet-style government control over media. Prison Planet 2009 Apr 16 (Cached)

N. Korea, in angry reaction to UN’s condemnation of its missile launch, breaks off cooperation with international inspectors and boots them from the country. Vows to re-start reactor. Yahoo 2009 Apr 14 (Cached)

Goldman Sachs uses bookkeeping trick to announce “surprising” profit. If you are bailed out by taxpayers and also bury $1.3 billion of losses, it’s not hard to show a profit. Jesse’s Cafe 2009 Apr 14 (Cached)

Drywall from China seen as serious health hazard. USA Today 2009 Apr 12 (Cached)

Leather couches from China causing skin rash and allergies. Sydney Herald 2009 Apr 12 (Cached)

Texas Governor endorses resolution to declare state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. Says federal government has become oppressive.
Posted 2009 Apr 11 (Cached)

Free lance journalist easily finds black market nuclear weapons for sale in Bulgaria. Yet U.S. military and CIA cannot locate them?
Posted 2009 Apr 11

See how easy it is for government agents or stalkers to tap your cell phone, listen when you are not using it, and track your whereabouts.
Posted 2009 Apr 11

New York: Health protection agency covered up fact that city has so much lead in water supply as to classify it as hazardous waste. Salon 2009 Apr 10 (Cached)

China: Communist Party cadre who were convicted for melamine poisoning of food now promoted. Epoch Times 2009 Apr 11 (Cached)

Obama, who criticized Bush Admin. for denying habeas corpus to prisoners, now does exactly the same thing. Salon 2009 Apr 11 (Cached)

Obama, who criticized Bush Admin. for invoking “state secrets” privilege, now does exactly the same thing. Muckraker Posted 2009 Apr 11 (Cached)

Vioxx maker Merck & Co. drew up hit list of doctors who criticized their drug.
Australian Posted 2009 Apr 11 (Cached)

US: How did a company specializing in communications gear get a no-bid contract to provide Russian helicopters? Can you smell the corruption? Wired Posted 2009 Apr 11 (Cached)

US: Naked body scanners that see through clothing are coming to the airport near you.
Posted 2009 Apr 11 (Cached)

Obama adds $21 billion to military budget, yet media reports this as “defense budget cuts.”
Posted 2009 Apr 11 (Cached)