Joel Skousen analyzes Glenn Beck, how government agents are corrupted & etc. on The Alex Jones Show 8/31/10

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

TheAlexJonesChannel | August 31, 2010

Alex welcomes back to the show Joel Skousen, founder and chief editor of World Affairs Brief, a weekly news analysis service. Mr. Skousen is a political scientist by training who specializes in the philosophy of law and Constitutional theory. He is also a designer of high security residences and retreats. Joel served as a fighter pilot for the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam era. During the 80’s he took a leave of absence to serve as the Chairman of the Conservative National Committee in Washington DC and concurrently served as the Executive Editor of Conservative Digest.

[youtube=]Joel Skousen: Order Out of Financial Chaos, End of Paper Money and The American Way of Life 1/7

The dark side of government has grown to be larger than the white side.


How CIA agents and politicians get blackmailed.

“They’ve got to make sure that you’re morally corruptible.”

“They like to have people who have a clean cut appearance who can fool other people,
but they want to make sure they’re corruptible.”


“We need more leakers.”

God won’t make evil people good.
He won’t interfere with their free will.

Alex asks advice on how to not be so frustrated
with people’s unwillingness to look at what’s going on:

We have to give them space.
We have to not be too pushy on people,
and give them time to absorb this….
Wait till they sense something is wrong.

That takes the frustration away.”

Joel’s take on Glenn Beck


More on Glenn Beck

He’s gone so far down the river now
in condemning conspiracy

I happen to know from private sources that
he’s actually beginning to believe that conspiracy really occurs.
But he can’t say so now.
He knows he’d lose his position at Fox News,
and so he’s in denial
. …

They can’t admit they were wrong….
They actually have to screw up their mind
and convince themselves that what they feel is not right

“I think we have to understand that Glenn is a weak person.
He, himself admits that he’s a weak person.
And the establishment really loves to use that.

Sarah Palin is a weak person.”

“They’re putting false heroes in front of us
to divert the public from those who would really do a good job.”

“There’s a difference between people like Rush Limbaugh and O’Reilly and Hannity.
These people are actually on the other side, in my opinion,
and they’re just playing the conservative.

Glenn Beck is sincerely on our side,
but he’s manipulated

Barack Obama co-opted:

“This guy is a fraud from the very beginning,
but the real sign is when they make him wealthy.

This guy has been co-opted.
I think he’s a controlled entity.”

Media personality litmus test:
how do they handle the conspiracy issue?

Rush Limbaugh sold out

“He made that contract,
and the next day….


“That constant smirk…”

“They won’t even let them finish a sentence.”


“They bought into the concept,
which I believe is part of
the media conspiracy
that we must denigrate this issue of conspiracy
so no one dares bring that up

The big picture


90% chance by 2020



Mexican/US CIA drug pipeline



Joel Skousen: “I’m not predicting an economic collapse, but a downward spiral that will keep going. But they’ll milk it along, keep people basically fat, dumb and happy until the surprise war comes.”

Skousen: Hyperinflation – What It Takes To Get There. “I think the financial PTB will continue to gradually increase inflation sufficient to keep people pacified, but not so much as to create panic buying”

Scott Horton Interviews Rep. Ron Paul — What are the chances they’ll admit they were wrong?


Scott Horton Interviews Rep. Ron Paul

Scott Horton, August 29, 2010

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses his article “Mosque Demagoguery Is Bipartisan” and the linkage between property rights and First Amendment rights, why the abandonment of the dollar will lead to an inflationary depression and why Dennis Kucinich’s anti-assassination bill is a redundancy (but deserving of support nonetheless).

MP3 here. (13:00)

Congressman Ron Paul represents Texas’s 14th district. He is the author of The Revolution: A Manifesto, A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship and Freedom Under Siege. His archived columns for are here.

The News from Prison Planet


Ron Paul’s Shocking Message To The Tea Party


Here was Ron Paul’s message to the Tea Party via The New York Times just the other day:

“As many frustrated Americans who have joined the Tea Party realize, we cannot stand against big government at home while supporting it abroad. We cannot talk about fiscal responsibility while spending trillions on occupying and bullying the rest of the world. We cannot talk about the budget deficit and spiraling domestic spending without looking at the costs of maintaining an American empire of more than 700 military bases in more than 120 foreign countries. We cannot pat ourselves on the back for cutting a few thousand dollars from a nature preserve or an inner-city swimming pool at home while turning a blind eye to a Pentagon budget that nearly equals those of the rest of the world combined.”

While the Tea Party will be out supporting Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin this weekend, you wonder how many of them will be in full support of more wars and paying more interest to a group of untouchable and unauditable private bankers otherwise known as the FED? This is precisely what Ron Paul is asking the American public to consider when looking at the Tea Party leaders and see if they really stand for what they believe in.

Ron Paul believes the Tea Party is not about “left” or “right” like a lot of political pundits make it out to be. It’s about the constitution, and limited government.

Entire Article Here

Ron Paul — Iraq: Mission Accomplished – Or Just Semantics and Broken Promises?

[youtube=]Iraq: Mission Accomplished – Or Just Semantics and Broken Promises?

RonPaul2008dotcom | August 29, 2010

08/30/2010 –

Amid much fanfare last week the last supposed combat troops left Iraq as the administration touted the beginning of the end of the Iraq war and a change in the role of the United States in that country. Considering the continued public frustration with the war effort and with the growing laundry list of broken promises, this was merely another one of those administration operations in political maneuvering and semantics in order to convince an increasingly war-weary public that the Iraq war is at last ending.

However, military officials confirm that we are committed to intervention in that country for years to come, and our operations have in fact changed minimally, if really at all. After eight long draining years I have to wonder if our government even understands what it is to end a war anymore. The end of a war to most people means all the troops come home, out of harm’s way. It means we stop killing people and getting killed. It means we stop sending troops and armed personnel over and draining our treasury for military operations in that foreign land. But much like the infamous “mission accomplished” moment of the last administration, this end of the war also means none of those things.

50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, and they’re still receiving combat pay. One soldier was killed in Basra just last Sunday, after the supposed end of combat operations, and the same day 5,000 men and women of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Division at Fort Hood were deployed to Iraq. Their mission will be anything but desk duty. Among other things they will accompany the Iraqi military on dangerous patrols, continue to be involved in the hunt for terrorists, and provide air support for the Iraqi military. They should be receiving combat pay because they will be serving a combat role. Of course the number of private contractors who perform many of the same roles as troops, but for a lot more money, is expected to double. So this is a funny way of ending combat operations in Iraq. We are still meddling in their affairs and we are still putting our men and women in danger and we are still spending money we don’t have. This looks more like an escalation than a drawdown to me.

The ongoing war in Iraq takes place against a backdrop of economic crises at home, as fresh numbers indicate that our economic situation is as bad as ever and getting worse. Our foreign policy is based on the illusion that we are actually paying for it. What we’re doing is borrowing and printing the money to maintain our presence overseas. Americans are seeing the cost of this irresponsible approach as our economic decline continues.

Unemployed Americans have been questioning a policy that shifts hundreds of billions of dollars overseas while their own communities crumble and their frustration is growing. An end to this type of a foreign policy is way overdue. A return to the traditional American foreign policy of active private engagement and non-interventionism is the only alternative that can restore our moral and fiscal health.

Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, a return to sound monetary policies, and a sensible foreign policy that puts America first.

For more information visit the following websites:

Israel, the highest rate of prostitution in the world (CNN) | One million visits made by clients every month to brothels in Israel (population 7 million) | “For this we yearned?”


For this we yearned?

By Jonathan Rosenblum

Friday, May 15, 1998

(Jerusalem Post)

Today…it is Jews themselves who proclaim to the world that we have put behind us the old superstitious religion.  They declare that all barriers to unbridled freedom have fallen.

The nation has lost its head. …

We have declared ourselves pagans, celebrants of any form of sexual license and chic adrogyny; we have turned those among us who continue to believe in God into objects of scorn and ridicule. …

Are we and our culture similarly honored when a CNN documentary claims that we have the highest rate of prostitution in the world?  Is it homage that Newsweek offers in photographs depicting well-heeled matrons watching male strippers in posh north Tel Aviv living rooms? …

For 2,000 years, Jews prayed to return to this land.  For what?  So that we could fill it with every rite practiced by the pagans who inhabited it before us?  So that we could express our hatred of God as loudly as possible and pat ourselves on the back that the nations have noticed?

Is this the new definition Israel has given to Jewish pride?


Study: Brothels earn $450m. a year

Jerusalem Post Internet Edition-March 17 2004

One million “visits” are made by clients every month to brothels in the country who channel some $450 million annually into the local sex industry, according to a report presented Wednesday to the Knesset Committee of Inquiry into Women Trafficking.

The committee dedicated its session on Wednesday to customers, which committee chair Zehava Gal-On (Meretz) termed the “undercover partner” to women traffickers.

The report was drafted by a joint project against women trafficking conducted by Hebrew University and Foreign Workers Aid Center.

From: Wikipedia…

Israel is the world’s only predominantly Jewish state,[9] with a population estimated in May 2010 to be 7,602,400 people,[3] of whom 6,051,000 are Jews.


Articles About Human Trafficking in Israel

(video) Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution: Resentment against Christ and Gentiles is a motivating factor in promoting sexual degeneration and pornography

(video) Tel Aviv Gay Tourism: Israeli city tries to sell itself to same-sex couples and gay tourists

(audio) Ted Pike Discusses “Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret” — Balanced, LOVING presentation how Talmudic Jewish thought, the LEAVEN Jesus warned about, is hijacking Christian thought through Hollywood and MSM

(History Channel Video) Talmudic Jews’ plan to launch the Antichrist from rebuilt temple in Jerusalem – ‘Brad Meltzer’s Decoded’ “Spear of Destiny”

(video) The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery, I & II: What Jewish Historians Say | The Media Coverup — Unlike Hollywood’s portrayals, slave shipping was mainly a Jewish enterprise, and Jews were 2000% more likely to own slaves than whites!

(video) Brave Black Prof. Tony Martin: JEWISH TACTICS In The Controversy Over JEWISH INVOLVEMENT in The SLAVE TRADE

“If opposing Israel is ANTI-SEMITISM, then what do you call supporting a state that has been engaged in brutal ethnic cleansing for seven decades? WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU?” – Miko Peled, son of Israeli General Matti Peled

Miko Peled: The General’s Son & Return of the General’s Son — Israel’s war crimes & dehumanization must stop. There is a better solution

(video) Miko Peled: Israeli General’s Son – Geneva 5/14/14 — “Israeli historians have been validating what Palestinians have said all along. It was not the Palestinians that began an assault. The Zionist militia began a massive campaign against an unarmed civilian population that lasted for twelve months with the CLEAR INTENTION of completing the ETHNIC CLEANSING of Palestine.”

(video) Miko Peled: Myths of 1967 (Israel’s Six Day War)

(video) The Zionist Story – Ethnic cleansing, Colonialism and Apartheid to Produce a Demographically Jewish State

(video) Israeli School Books’ Racist Representation of Palestinians: Israeli General’s Daughter, Nurit Peled-Elhanan — Priming Israeli children for military service

(video) “Life In Occupied Palestine,” Anna Baltzer: A wonderfully moving introduction to the plight of the Palestinians, in simple, everyday terms — Checkpoints, settlements, Israeli activism, 1948 War refugees, censorship, the Wall, ongoing annexation of Palestinian land — “It is five times more likely for an ISRAELI SOLDIER to commit SUICIDE than to be killed in a terrorist attack. So when people talk about this occupation as helping the Jewish people, they don’t realize how many Israelis are actually against it, and how IMPORTANT it is FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE AS WELL AS the PALESTINIAN people to end this”

(video) Israeli settlers uproot Palestinians’ OLIVE TREES in occupied West Bank — 8,000 trees, some HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD!

(video) Alison Weir: History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict — “Come to Palestine, Americans, and see your tax dollars at work, millions and millions of them, every day, and weep with me for our victims…”

(video) “Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance” – real-history, full-length film by Ted Pike — “They were supposed to be WATCHMEN on the wall, yet they failed to utter even a hint of warning”

Walter Veith: Hidden Agendas — The deity worshiped in the shrines of secrecy is not the Deity of the Bible. “There are very, very, very few Rabbis in the world today that are not Kabbalists.”

CLAIM: “There has never been an actual country called Palestine” | FACT: The Arab state, which included Christians, was betrayed by Britain and hijacked by the Jewish Nakba

Hamas Was Founded by Mossad — Israeli PM Golda Meir saw this as a an opportunity to counterbalance the rise of Arafat’s PLO

(video) Ron Paul: HAMAS ESTABLISHED BY ISRAEL To Counter Yasser Arafat — “”So through Israel we helped establish Hamas. Then we have elections. Then Hamas becomes dominant. So we have to kill them”

Study: American Jews Rate Evangelicals as Low as Muslims


(video) Israeli Soldiers having fun and laughing while bombing houses in Gaza

(video) Inside Israel’s Pro-War Nationalist Camp — WE’RE HUMANS; THEY’RE ANIMALS” — Israeli soldier • “The most moral thing to do is to FLATTEN GAZA into a parking lot” — fmr. ISRAELI *PARLIAMENT* MEMBER • “A Jew is a soul; an Arab is a…”

Israelis Who Cheered On Missile Strikes Threatened to Destroy CNN Reporter’s Car

(video) Jews’ Racial Hate Rally: “A JEW IS a darling. AN ARAB IS a son of a b—” “May the Israel army win and f— up the Arabs. … Death to the Arabs!”

(video) Racial Supremacist Joan Rivers: Palestinian Civilians ‘Deserve To Be Dead’ — “At least the ones that were killed were the ones with very low IQ”

(video) How The Jews Mock Jesus Christ — Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Israeli TV…

Bombing Gaza Like ‘Mowing the Lawn’: Israeli hardliners JOKE about the periodic need to decimate each new generation of Palestinians

(video) The Dirty Truth About Israel — Real history that mainstream & ‘Christian’ media won’t tell US

Jews for Justice: The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict — The root cause is clear. During the 1948 war, 750,000 Palestinians fled in terror or were actively expelled from their ancestral homeland and turned into refugees. The state of Israel then refused to allow them to return and either destroyed their villages entirely or expropriated their land, orchards, houses, businesses and personal possessions for the use of the Jewish population. This was the birth of the state of Israel.

Israeli General’s Daughter: How Israeli School Textbooks Teach Kids to Hate

(video) AN ISRAELI SOLDIER’S STORY – Eran Efrati — ~”IF YOU DON’T CARE about Palestinians . . . You guys should know: YOU ARE NEXT in line. The next one who will die from a tear gas canister into his chest will be in Denver, in Oakland. Because the U.S. *police* are TRAINING TOGETHER with our *army*. Our army is training them how to take care of the enemy. . . . But when they come back, YOU ARE THE ENEMY”

(video) ABC Manipulates Truth to Fit Pro-Israel Bias | Weapons of Mass Distraction

(video!) Dead Palestinians Don’t Matter to Mainstream Media

(video) Israel Targeting Civilian with Banned Weapons

Sarah Palin demonstrates why most evangelicals dissed Ron Paul, who wanted to bring the troops home. ‘Christians’ have two sets of books: one for US and one for THEM (“who don’t deserve rights”). THEY’re not our ‘neighbor’ whom Jesus commanded US to love as much as ourselves. Maybe that’s why most evangelicals refuse to investigate 9/11. If ‘THEY’ didn’t take down the towers…???

(video) 5 Reasons Why Israel is an Apartheid State

Wonderful Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza! — “We will not bomb children”

Israel Dropped The “Equivalent Of 6 Nuclear Bombs” On Gaza, including INTERNATIONALLY BANNED Flechette shells saturated with URANIUM, contaminating the soil and water for generations, spreading CANCER

[REAL-HISTORY] WHY THE ROCKETS? — “Israelis! You took our houses, villages, cities, fields and orchards. You pushed us into the desert. You surrounded us with barbed wire…”

Israel’s HANNIBAL DIRECTIVE – Murdering It’s Own Soldiers

Father, forgive me, I will not fight for your Israel—Omer Goldman, daughter of a former Mossad chief, tells why she prefers jail to the military draft

Pentecostals in Palestine – 6 minute trailer

[Photos] Rocket Comparison: Aftermath of Hamas rocket attack on Israel vs AFTERMATH of ISRAELI ROCKET ATTACK ON GAZA!

Micael Grenholm: Blessing Israel = Ignoring Gaza? — WWJD! “What would Jesus do? Would He be silent when people with the “wrong” nationality were dying? Would He bomb Gaza and say “whoops” when an 11-month baby was killed? NO!!He would proclaim peace for the nations, heal the sick, help the poor and bring salvation to the terrorists!”

Greg Boyd: In the kingdom of God, we are not allowed to have any enemies. All body-bags are equally tragic.


[5-minute video] “Israel started this not Hamas” — Actually both sides are responsible, which the MSM carefully covers up

[music video] Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) ‘Song for Gaza’: We shall overcome — End the blockade of Gaza — WWJD?!!

(video) Ray McGovern: Israel/Washington Dehumanize Palestinians — Like blades of grass that have to be mowed periodically — Israeli Children’s textbooks don’t even show pictures of Palestinians

Ray McGovern: Willing to risk his life to help Israel be humane to the Palestinians

Red Cross on the Gaza blockade: Israel is in clear violation of international humanitarian law | What Would Jesus Do?

Israel admits it will again annihalate civilians, using “disproportional force” if… (with U.S. weaponry, of course)

Israel has so far missed “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” | But so has the US. We give them the weapons, finance their atrocities, and silence our own press. And we lead by example: our regime-change, reverse-Christian wars and numerous covert actions (including assassinations and even torture!). What would Jesus Do? What would “pro-Israel” mean to Jesus? What does Jesus think of evangelicals’ support-Israel-no-matter-what cheer that may soon bring about WWIII, the destruction of America and the one-world antichrist government! Is this being pro-life?

Israel’s & U.S.’ Attrocities: May We No Longer Be Silent

Israel’s Deputy PM admits Iran DIDN’T threaten to wipe Israel out

The Attack on the USS Liberty — Purpose: (1) to hide Israel’s illegal actions in the 6-Day War and (2) to bring America into the war by blaming Egypt for sinking the Liberty

‘The USS Liberty’: America’s Most Shameful Secret — Israeli warships closed and poured machine gun fire into the crowded life rafts, sinking two. As American sailors were being massacred in cold blood, a rescue mission by US Sixth Fleet carrier aircraft was mysteriously aborted on orders from the White House

Dead In The Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty — Israel murders Americans & LBJ/McNamara cover-up!

Israel, the highest rate of prostitution in the world (CNN) | One million visits made by clients every month to brothels in Israel (population 7 million) | “For this we yearned?”

Articles About Human Trafficking in Israel

Sex and Lies in Israel: What would be the media response if the Pope issued an edict saying Catholic girls should sexually seduce enemies of the Church? Certainly such would be on the front pages of every newspaper in Europe and America, but when Jewish religious authorities make such a pronouncement, there is no media coverage at all.

[Very HEAVY!] Who is Rupert Murdoch? Could people be this evil? — The EVANGELICALS are the “fertile ground” for his message of hate and deceit — LIE to the people, give them ENEMIES to hate, arrange WARS for them to fight and stand back and watch them destroy themselves.

Former Israeli Soldier Reveals Murder Squads

Is it illegal for Christians to evangelize in Israel? — Billy Graham has held rallies in over 185 different countries, including Communist, but has never been allowed to hold a Christian evangelistic rally in Israel

Alex Jones on Israel’s attrocities: Because Israel has been given so much unconditional support Israel does what it wants whenever it wants. Governments are corrupt…

Israel Bombs Medical Supply Building — Ken O’Keefe in Gaza, Feb. 8, 2011

Joel Skousen: Media Inflaming Case Against Iran — “The US has long had plans to take down both Iraq and Iran and planted nuclear information in both countries to provide a pretext for an eventual attack” — “Although Iran has a blustering, extremist president the West has taken great pains to make his remarks out to be far worse than they really are”

Specifics in how the media sides with Israel against the peace activists

Calling People ‘Anti-Semitic’ is a ‘Trick’ We Always Use to Discredit Critics, says Former Israeli Minister

US Media’s “Israel Can Do No Wrong” Bias

[media bias exposed!] Glenn Greenwald Destroys MSNBC’s Defense of Israeli Attack

CNN, “The Most Trusted Parrot in News”: How they treat Iran verses how they treat Israel

Zionist Lobby Paid Off U.S. Journalists To Sell Israeli Foreign Policy

Secret jail torturer becomes police chief in Israel

Secret but not forgotten: Israel’s facility 139 — Where Palestinian, Lebanese, and other Arab prisoners are detained and subjected to torture

Kucinich: WE ACCEPT the Slaughter of the Innocent BECAUSE WE’VE ALREADY Slaughtered the Innocent

Kucinich: “U.S. Weapons Being Illegally Used to Kill Children”

Kucinich: UN should investigate Israeli Gaza strikes — “this…is disproportionate indiscriminate mass violence”

One-third of Gaza dead, injured are children

Ron Paul: The Invasion of Gaza and its Implications for America — Blowback!

One Very Brave Palestinian Woman

Devvy Kidd: Bomb Iran now because…uh, what’s the reason? — Puppets of the new world order elites automatically smear anyone who questions our foreign policy with regards to Israel as “anti-Semitic.” Of course, most people don’t even know what that label means other than it’s the kiss of death for politicians and journalists who are trying to be rational and fair in making an informed decision.

How Come Israelis Can Criticize Israel, But Americans Can’t?

Charles Lindbergh’s – September 11, 1941 Des Moines Speech. Provocateuring for war then just as now — “They planned to create a series of incidents which would force us into the actual conflict.” “I am not attacking either the Jewish or the British people. Both races, I admire. But I am saying that the leaders…”

Does Talmud Teach Pedophilia, Incest, Bestiality?

Netanyahu admits on video he deceived US to destroy Oslo accord

[Video] 60 Minutes: Meir Dagan, former Israeli CHIEF of MOSSAD tells Lesley Stahl that an AIRSTRIKE anytime soon AGAINST IRAN is premature and COULD LEAD TO *DISASTER*!

Most of Israel’s military leaders are against war on Iran — Netanyahu and Barak are the power-over warmongers

[Haaretz poll] 60% of Israelis are dissatisfied with Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is pushing to bomb Iran

Dr. Stan: Is War With Iran A Set-up? Lies that led US into all of the wars in the last 120 years! “It’s really all about bringing about the one-world government.”

Peace activist Kenneth O’Keefe defends his Gaza aid flotilla actions to the attack-dog BBC journalist: “If you wanted peace, and you carried out the policies of Israel…. It’s like America saying it wants peace, yet conducting State sponsored terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s a lie. Israel is lying. They don’t want peace…”

Hero US Marine Disarms Israeli Commandos — Kenneth Nichols O’Keefe was later beaten by the Israelis — Look at his face!

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney sets the record straight on Israel’s aid flotilla massacre

Inhumane Israelis CELEBRATE attack on Turkish Aid Ship – in front of Turkish Embassy,Tel Aviv

Sean Stone (Oliver Stone’s son): Should the United States Bomb Iran? Sean Stone returns from Iran — ATTACKING IRAN COULD MAKE THINGS WORSE for ISRAEL!

[Illustration] USA and Israel totally ignore: “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.” Who are we listening to instead?

[OPINION] ‘Christian’ backed Republicans Plot Israel-Iran Apocalypse and the Collapse of the US Economy

Protesters assaulted and spit on by “Christians United for Israel” Summit Attendees

Hagee: “Unrepentant Heretic” — The church is embarrassed to name Christ to those He first came to redeem — the lost sheep of the house of Israel. It disobeys Christ’s great commission to spread the gospel to the whole world, starting with Jerusalem.

Pat Robertson Advocates Israel Bombing Iran Before 2008 Election

Pastor Baldwin: Ron Paul’s Israel Problem [Evangelicals Led Astray?]

Ron Paul’s Biggest Eye-Opener: ‘Christian’ Evangelicals Pushing Preemptive War in the Name of Spreading Christian ‘Love’

Why They Hate US – Gaza Illustrated by Dees • VS • “NOT by might, NOR by power, but BY MY SPIRIT, says the Lord” – “Blessed are the Peacemakers…”

Articles About Human Trafficking in Israel


Articles About Human Trafficking in Israel

Seduction, Slavery and Sex
The New York Times, 14/07/2010 By Nicholas Kristof Against all odd…
Israel Should Grant Asylum to Sex Slaves
The Forward, 09/06/2010 By Elana Sztokman M., a 28…
Teens Sold as Sex Slaves on Craigslist
Huffington Post, 19/05/2010 By Conchita Sarnoff…
‘Trafficked women neglected’
The Jerusalem Post, 08/05/2010 By Rebecca Anna Stoil MKs and experts pointed to the need f…

Full Article

Knesset bill filed to make hiring of prostitutes illegal

The Jerusalem Post, 20/12/2009 By Rebecca Anna Stoil Although the Israeli sex trade is said to generate billions of dollars of profit a year wit…

Full Article

Flourishing Palestinian sex trade exposed in new report

By Amira Hass, Haaretz Correspondent, 9 December 2009 Young Palestinian women are being forced to into prostitution in brothels, escort services,…

Full Article

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Existence of human trafficking frightening

As reported by Ronen Medzini,7340,L-3814312,00.html Ceremony at President’s Residence honors those who contribut…

Full Article

Aharonovich announces bill to curb trafficking

As reported by Rebecca Anna Stoil at the Jerusalem Post:…

Full Article

Success in Combating the Import of Women for Sex in Israel has Led Traffickers to Recruit Local Girls

16 August, 2009 Source: Haaretz Online At the start of the new century, Israel found itself …

Full Article

Bad Traffic

Jerusalem Post, September 5, 2005 The most recent “Trafficking in Persons Report,” issued in June 2005 by the US Department of State, places Israel i…

Full Article

Israel women trafficking soars

Mar 24, 2005 Between 3,000 and 5,000 women have been smuggled into Israel in the past four years to work as prostitutes, according to a parliamentary…

Full Article

Victoria’s, and Israel’s, Ugly Secret

The Jerusalem Report Of the thousands of women brought to Israel each year to work as prostitutes, many are enslaved, beaten and raped by their pimps…

Full Article

Three Knesset commissions of inquiry to shut down

Haaretz Three Knesset commissions of inquiry which have been operating for the past number of years will be shut down at the end of this year, accord…

Full Article

Ex-sex slaves get help to testify

The Jerusalem Post Former sex slaves who are willing to testify against the men who enslaved them can now receive Israeli work permits and stay at a …

Full Article

Blue-and-white slave trade

Jerusalem Post Rape, beatings and humiliation are daily reality for the thousands of women being sold into prostitution here. The girls are young,…

Full Article

Selling Sex in Israel

Washington Jewish Week/Jewsweek 2001 They come to Israel from the Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova looking for freedom. Instead they are sold as sex slav…

Full Article

Study: Brothels earn $450m. a year

Jerusalem Post Internet Edition-March 17 2004 One million “visits” are made by clients every month to brothels in the country who cha…

Full Article

To Brooklyn From Ukraine, Orphan’s Rescue Has a Happy Ending

February 21, 2006 She was a girl left behind for years in a Ukraine orphanage while her grandmother and older brother started a new l…

Full Article

Excerpt from the 33rd Session of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women

Amnesty International, 2005 border may seem surprising. Israeli sources working on trafficked women and foreign workers have told Amnesty Internati…

Full Article



Full Article


Israel, the highest rate of prostitution in the world (CNN) | One million visits made by clients every month to brothels in Israel (population 7 million) | “For this we yearned?”

(video) The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery, I & II: What Jewish Historians Say | The Media Coverup — Unlike Hollywood’s portrayals, slave shipping was mainly a Jewish enterprise, and Jews were 2000% more likely to own slaves than whites!

(video) Brave Black Prof. Tony Martin: JEWISH TACTICS In The Controversy Over JEWISH INVOLVEMENT in The SLAVE TRADE

Miko Peled: The General’s Son & Return of the General’s Son — Israel’s war crimes & dehumanization must stop. There is a better solution

[music video] Alan Parsons: Turn It Up!

I love this song! It sounds a lot better in hi-fi though.

Turn It Up

It’s no good believing in somebody else
If you can’t believe in yourself
You give them the reason to take all the power and wealth
It’s no good you trying to sit on the fence
And hope that the trouble will pass

‘Cause sitting on fences can make you a pain in the a–

If there’s something you find to believe in
Then the message must get through
So don’t just sit in silence
When you know what to do

Turn it up. Turn it up, make it louder
Turn it up. Turn it up, make it louder

There’s no conversation if nobody speaks
And nothing gets done in the end
There’s no confrontation when fantasy makes you its friend
So much injustice, too many lies
We don’t have to look very far
But nothing will change if we leave things the way that they are

Turn it up. Turn it up, make it louder

: )


Real Life Spidermen

[youtube=]Professor Longhair, Big Chief

traceurelements | July 05, 2010

This is a cheeky little video that Phil & Kie took point on, all I did was film what they asked. Phil picked out the soundtrack and we edited it together one night.

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Professor Longhair – Big Chief