(video) Zeitgeist Creator Peter Joseph Directs “God Is Dead” For Ozzy Osbourne’s Black Sabbath

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4lBxZpnEk0]Zeitgeist Creator Peter Joseph Directs “God Is Dead” For Ozzy Osbourne’s Black Sabbath.


Published on Aug 31, 2013

Zeitgeist Creator Peter Joseph Directs “God Is Dead” For Ozzy Osbourne’s Black Sabbath.
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Zeitgeist Refuted [Final Cut]: Film refutes part 1 of Zeitgeist, which distorts history to portray Jesus as a myth


Zeitgeist | The Response

[7-minute video] Did Zeitgeist Destroy Your Faith In Jesus Christ (Jesus vs Horus) — This online movie has single handedly wounded and infiltrated the truth movement by telling truths about politics but lying about the Salvation of all men!

Mark Dice: Christophobics, Jesus Haters, and Zeitgeist’s Claim that “Jesus Never Even Existed”

“Did Christianity Really Come From Zoroastrianism?” — If any borrowing was done, it was likely Zoroastrianism borrowing from Judaism/Christianity

(video series) Judaism influenced Zoroastrianism — Not the other way around

(video) Joel Skousen on Obama’s Syria Propaganda Blitz

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNxGCxn74uY]Obama’s Propaganda Blitz: More False Flags Need Before WW3


Published on Aug 30, 2013

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Alex is joined via phone by Intelligence analyst Joel Skousen to discuss the ongoing information coming out of Syria on the origins of Sarin gas strikes on the public and the possibility of US Military intervention without the approval of Congress.

(video) Rand Paul on ‘Hannity’: “I can’t see FIGHTING TO IMPOSE SHARIA LAW in Syria” |”I can’t see sending my son to fight with Islamic rebels AGAINST CHRISTIANS”| The REBELS BENEFIT by using CHEMICAL WEAPONS, not Assad| BIDEN said in 2007 he would IMPEACH Bush for launching a war without CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL

 “I can’t see fighting to impose Sharia law in Syria.”

“I can’t see sending my son to fight with Islamic rebels against Christians.”

– Rand Paul

* * *

Rand starts at minute-2:20[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7JMESidm3E]Showdown With Syria – White House Briefed Key Lawmakers About Syria – Rand Paul On Hannity


(video) The Mainstream Media Is Dead — Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi announce they will be teaming up to defeat the mainstream media propaganda machine

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5XZOlyZIQc]The Mainstream Media Is Dead


Published on Aug 29, 2013

Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi have announced that they will be teaming up to defeat the mainstream media propaganda machine.

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(video) Alex Jones: U.S. Military is the Muscle for the Global Empire

This is what I’ve been thinking and saying too:

Our military is being used by the globalists to take out independent countries that resist the control of their banks and government.

– –

“This is all about America being the muscle for a global empire.”

– Alex Jones

* * *

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfWTGS7Rnb4]Will Obama Strike Syria This Saturday?


Published on Aug 29, 2013

Alex exposes evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own citizens — pointed to by U.K. and U.S. governments as the rationale to impose strikes against Syria — as being flimsy, at best. Once described as “undeniable,” so-called proof that the Assad regime used chemical weapons is now being heavily contested at both the parliamentary and congressional levels.

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(video) Pat Robertson Cheating Comments: ‘Well, He’s a Man. Males Have a Tendency to Wander’

Why we’re getting jacked:

This reminds me of: When Billy Graham laughed to minimize Bill Clinton’s adultery

I understand that Pat puts this as a past sin, but the way he says it he also puts it in the continuing present: “He cheated on you, well, he’s a man. … Males have a tendency to wander a little bit. … Think of the temptations that are out there.”

It sounds like he’s enabling and making excuses for the husband to continue to willfully sin in this incredibly serious way as if he, himself has this mindset.

Jesus, Paul and John would have never made excuses for sexual sin. They would call the husband to serious repentance, warning him that otherwise, he can’t be a real, going-to-heaven Christian — let alone what this does to his wife and family — and others.

Spiritual leaders like these are a big reason why the church is mostly no longer Jesus’ bride. Pat is clearly Biblically disqualified to lead. See my links, below.

This is awful — and disgusting!


_ _

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaTPrd_6OGI]Pat Robertson To Woman with Cheating Husband: Get Over It, He’s a Man

Pat Robertson’s tells woman whose husband cheated to remember that “he’s a man” and to be grateful that she lives in America.

* * *

Loose transcription from MSNBC

Stop talking about the cheating! He cheated on you, well, he’s a man. So what you do is begin to focus on why you married him in the first place, on what he does good. Does he provide a home for you to live in, does he provide food for you to eat, does he provide clothes for you to wear, is he nice to the children, do you have a happy family, does he take your kids to sporting events, does he go out and watch their Little League games, does he share with you stuff that’s going on…is he handsome? Start focusing on those things and essentially fall in love with him all over again.

I recommend you reach out and touch him, touch his face—touch his face—hold his hand, look into his eyes, talk to him, you’re praying oh God, teach me to not hate him when he was with that stripper in that hotel room 10 years ago and I’ll never forgive him kind of thing please –so what are you focusing on? You’re focusing on the thing that makes you mad. Stop that. Start focusing on the good stuff. He must have something good or you wouldn’t have married him.

So give him honor instead of worrying about it. But recognize also, like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit and what you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander. Think of the temptations that are out there, the internet is FILLED with pornography, the magazines are filled with salacious pictures of women. Anywhere you turn around there’s some solicitation to the senses to entice a man.

What you have to do is say, ‘My husband was captured and I want to get him free. But reach out and think of the good stuff. Begin to thank God that you have a marriage that is together and that you live in America and good things are happening.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clvXaxiG6OU]Pat Robertson Cheating Comments: ‘Males Have a Tendency to Wander’



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[Lust “the poison that kills the soul” FREEDOM] My experience: How DEMONS DRIVE heterosexual and homosexual lust in ‘Christians’ — The bad news is that demons drive lust. The good news is that demons drive lust, because…

The Low-Cut Top Epidemic: May We Be Holy

[science] Why is Lust Addictive? — SEX increases dopamine by 200 units (1/6 the height of a METH euphoria)

Wes Hall: It’s Not Just Porn! “You’re asking for power and there are areas of hidden compromise in your life. … I’m not talking about the R-rated movies. I’m talking about the PG-13s … certain sitcoms, TV shows where your spirit is being defiled.”

(Correction/Fact Check) About that almost ‘Carrington Event’ six weeks ago

Apparently, the two experts misspoke in what was reported by the Daily Mail, which I linked to. Space Weather said this on their front page about a month ago:

SPACE WEATHER FACT CHECK: Many readers are asking about a report in the Washington Examiner, which states that a Carrington-class solar storm narrowly missed Earth two weeks ago. There was no Carrington-class solar storm two weeks ago. On the contrary, solar activity was low throughout the month of July. The report is erroneous. The possibility of such a storm is, however, worth thinking about: A modern Carrington event would cause significant damage to our high-tech society. http://spaceweather.com/ http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/07/13/when-space-weather-attacks/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2382527/A-near-miss-Earth-Devastating-electromagnetic-pulses-knocked-power-cars-phones-occured-weeks-ago.html http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/08/02/about-that-almost-carrington-event-two-weeks-ago http://washingtonexaminer.com/massive-solar-flare-narrowly-misses-earth-emp-disaster-barely-avoided/article/2533727

This is very strange. How could these experts be so wrong?

At least they were sounding the alarm. The threat is very real, which is why I said what I wrote in my post.

We are LIVING ON THE EDGE. We did have a recent near miss (see link below). And Joel Skousen believes, and prophecies back up that we’re being set up for an invasion by Russia and China, when China gets their navy fully operational (about 7 years from now). Skousen believes they will start the attack with EMP weapons that will take out all of our power for months, followed by strategically placed nukes.

Joel Skousen: “I’m not predicting an economic collapse, but a downward spiral that will keep going. But they’ll milk it along, keep people basically fat, dumb and happy until the surprise war comes.”


Anchorage Daily News: Biggest solar storm in years strikes Earth without incident — “This time, Earth got dealt a good card” — We’re playing roulette with our power grid thanks to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski [This one was real!]

Do You Feel Lucky? The Danger of EMP

Lisa Murkowski Blocked Effort to Protect US Power Grid — “Within 12 months of an EMP attack or a massive solar flare, between two-thirds to 90 percent of the U.S. population would perish!”

Matt Stein: 400 Chernobyls, Solar Flares, EMP & Nuclear Armageddon — If we see the most incredible northern lights display of our lives and the grid isn’t protected for just the price of one stealth bomber!

[Anchorage Daily News opinion] Alaska’s Senators LISA MURKOWSKI and MARK BEGICH are TRAITORS: Every U.S. senator must subscribe to an oath that states, “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States …” Sens. Begich and Murkowski have BROKEN THIS OATH. I call on them to repudiate their votes on Senate Bill 1867, the Defense Authorization Bill; they have compromised the freedoms our Constitution guarantees.

Matthew Stein 2/16/12: When Technology Fails

Newt Gingrich: The Second Greatest Threat to America — “The second is an electromagnetic pulse attack which would literally destroy the country’s capacity to function.”

Joel Skousen reviews EMP attack scenario book, “When the Lights Went Out” by Jack Monnett: A solid wake up call for those who continue to think America is not at risk — It would probably take about 6 nuclear explosions spaced carefully over the nation

My EMP Dream (10/23/08): All Cars Suddenly Stopped From Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon?

Our senators traitors? Senate dumps strategy to prevent EMP damage

A shot across the bow: Missile expert says southern California projectile was a foreign-made cruise or ICBM missile launched from a submarine

Wayne Madsen: China Fired Missile Seen In Southern California

China Builds Secret Nuclear Submarine Base in South China Sea

Coincidence “Missile” Fired Off California Coast On Same Day That Chinese Sub Surprised US Carrier Group

One EMP nuke could take down the entire U.S. power grid. Study estimates 90% of all Americans dead within a year

North Korea may soon be able to strike USA with ultimate doomsday weapon that deactivates nearly all electronics

EMP Defense Council Inaugurated to Prepare the U.S. for a Nuclear EMP Strike or a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) “which have a high probability of occurring within the next 2-5 years” and would take out most of the electrical grid, medical devices, computer systems, the internet, all vehicles, consumer electronics, home appliances, satellites, airborne planes, etc.

Forecasters keep eye on looming ‘Solar Max’

[2012?] Likelihood of a SOLAR FLARE taking out our entire power grid — NO ELECTRICITY; NO WATER; NO HEAT for MANY MONTHS! ALASKA would be especially vulnerable. “If people in a community JOIN TOGETHER…”

((( audio ))) After America Went Down Music: Our Demise Theme [Barber: “Adagio for Strings”] ||| WWWIII or Just an EMP ||| The World Cheers Dance Mix [Dj Tiesto]