Joel Skousen: Is there a path to winning back America? No, I think we’ve past the point of no return — “Religion is not leading to righteousness … this callous disregard for the ‘still small voice’ leads to bigger problems and worse decisions”

World Affairs Brief, August 31, 2012 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
GOP Convention: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Where does the Ron Paul Movement go from Here?
Collapse of Morgan Stanley Imminent?


Is there a path to winning back America as a nation? No, I think we’ve past the point of no return. I’ve been in this battle all my adult life, and here are my conclusions that preclude winning back the entire nation:
1) The people are no longer worthy of liberty. Americans as a whole are soft, materialistic and too content with life to fight, let alone recognize the loss of liberty. As long as they are allowed to go to church and buy what they want, they think they are free. But the noose is tightening. The youth are even softer, so the trend is in the wrong direction. Americans may still consider themselves a religious people, but religion, for the most part, doesn’t change their little bad habits, so at some point their religion is not leading to righteousness. They stop listening to the refining voice of conscience. Religious people don’t even honor the Sabbath anymore. To the Lord, listening to the personal promptings of conscience is where the real test of religiosity lies and most Christians are chronic violators of conscience in the “little things” relative to weight control, nutrition, recreation choices, use of time and failure to discipline children. Trouble is, this callous disregard for the “still small voice” leads to bigger problems and worse decisions. That is why immorality and divorce are high even among church goers. There are notable exceptions, but in general America is getting more unworthy of being saved by God.
2) Americans are lazy about finding truth. Conservatives constantly claim that reforming the education system will turn things around, that American children are starved for good information. But there are two problems here:
A. The education monopoly by government precludes that kind of change. Ever get elected to a school board? If you do you’ll find that state laws prohibit you pointing the curriculum in any other way but that which “credentialed educators” insist you must go, and the establishment controls the credentials. Only complete privatization of education will give parents the freedom to choose—but the establishment isn’t going to let that happen and there are way too many conservatives who would hate to have to pay user fees for those expensive public schools should other non-users be rightfully exempt.
B. I went to public schools and could tell I wasn’t being told the truth about many things. I sensed that something was wrong and went elsewhere to find truth. Today, more than ever with the vast information on the web, the truth is out there (except for most of the deepest and darkest secrets of conspiracy), and if people don’t find it, something is wrong with them relative to the workings of conscience and self control. That’s my point. Far too many people have become immune to the faint warning signals that something is wrong, or if they do hear it, they are too busy searching for material welfare to care. That’s the main reason why this downward track isn’t solvable by external education
3) Good people who are aware are too few to win peacefully: Ever since I worked in Washington and had access to conservative polling data, I’ve realized we don’t have the numbers to win by majority rule. The benefit-corrupted who are on some form of government payment exceed 50% of US inhabitants. Not all of them vote Democratic, but there is a tendency to resist cuts that affects them.
Here are my estimates: Almost all people who are aware of the constitutional crisis have gravitated to the Ron Paul position. His supporters represent, at the most, about 20% of Republicans, but Republicans only represent about 40% of the nation. That means constitutional conservatives and libertarians only represent 8% of the nation.
That 8% is a pretty realistic number, but even if it’s 10% people are tempted to think that since we doubled our numbers in the past 4 years, we can do it again. Not so. Already, there is a distinct resistance when you push past the 10% mark. People aren’t interested. Romney Republicans are resistant to anything that isn’t mainstream.
On the upbeat side, I think that we could possibly get 30% of Republicans to come around if we had another Ron Paul. Rand Paul could certainly achieve those kinds of numbers, but that’s because he would soften his father’s positions. But even with those numbers Rand still wouldn’t win. The establishment won’t allow real change. They won’t allow anyone to get elected unless the make the kind of deep concessions Mitt Romney has, and even then they don’t like it.
4) The US can never pay off the debt or quit deficit spending: Deficit spending got us into this mess, and politicians can’t stop. They love deficit spending and so does the public because it shields them from the pain for paying for wars, foreign aid, education loans, bailouts, tax increases, welfare, and subsidies. Everything is painless until you’re bankrupt and we’re still at least a decade away from that. Rest assured, they’ll give us another world war before that comes due. That’s been their plan all along.
5) The Globalist Conspiracy is too strong to overthrow: They don’t have to have absolute control of everything—effective control is enough. They use a lot of “incentives” to control a vast network of hirelings (willing yes-men) around them who may not fully understand the nature of a conspiracy of power—but they will do their bidding, either out of ignorance, blind pro-government sentiments, promises of advancement, money, or threats. And, don’t forget about immunity—that promise that is ever present when they enter dark side activities, after first having proven that they have sufficient sins to be blackmailed.
How would a Ron Paul survive even if elected? The Secret Service was integral to the killing of Pres. Kennedy. The FBI and CIA both covered up and hired the mafia/CIA hitmen that did the job. There is a dark side of the other federal agencies as well—the DEA, INS, DHS, IRS and even the military. How could an honest president even begin to penetrate, let alone clean out those nests of criminals when they control all the surveillance machinery. How would you gather evidence on them if those on the inside denied it to you? You can’t even think about mounting a good old “Revolutionary War” in today’s age of Big Brother and his All-Seeing Eye.
As for legislative or judicial protection (the so-called separation of powers), I estimate that the government has culpable files on about 75-80% of members of Congress, almost all Police Chiefs in major cities, and most higher judges in the nation, all the way to the Supreme Court. They look for dirt on anyone who starts to rise in the political arena and use those files to control them. Ever wonder why judges almost always back government power, or even abusive police in the face of citizen complaints?
6) States have become corrupt too: It is only partially true that state and local governments are easier to reform than the federal government. All state governments have corruption problems and some states like California, Illinois and New York have corruption machines that rival the mafia. Most large cities are also totally corrupt inside. That said, some states are clearly less corrupt than others, but there is an establishment good ‘old boy network, closely allied with the liberal press in every major city that works together to make sure than no Ron Paul or free market revolutionary gains control. When they do by political fluke (think Evan Mecham, governor of Arizona—a Cleon Skousen trained constitutionalist), the media lies in wait until they make a verbal gaffe and then they run him out of town with a recall election. Scott Walker beat them in Wisconsin, but that was an exception, and he wasn’t really threatening to clean the whole house. Don’t expect that exception to become the rule.
What about the God is in Control argument? Optimistic Christian conservatives always throw out the argument that “God is in Control” and so we don’t have to worry. He has the power to change things. As a believer, I agree. He does have the power. But the real question is will He intervene to save us? And, is America worthy of being saved by God? I don’t think so anymore. That doesn’t mean all is lost for everyone, but it does point to us heading for a great period of tribulation and the loss of liberty at the national level as it morphs into the NWO.
I’m a religious person, and keep my eyes open constantly searching for signs that God is intervening as he did in the nation’s founding—allowing a set of leaders to rise to positions of influence where they can turn the tide, or even allowing major financing to come to principled people so they can bypass the establishment media, or schools, and fund a national movement to renew America. Nothing has happened. The big money only goes to ineffective or mainstream causes. We do have ample numbers of great thinkers with ideals and principles as profound as America’s founders, but none have been allowed to rise in power. Ron Paul got the closest.
Those ministers who have achieved great wealth and fame in televangelism have done so by singing the easy gospel that people want to hear. Those that have been granted access to the White House prayer breakfast meetings during the Bush administration were those who refused to speak up or criticize the big government or war agenda. All the real champions of freedom have been left on the sidelines. Ron Paul is the only one to even get close to a run at the presidency and he has been shut down—but not without building the movement. I’ve seen God’s hand helping to gather the remnant, but no indications of any real optimism toward beating the mammoth evil that is growing even faster than the Liberty movement.
Mitt Romney, though religious, is not the political savior Christians are looking for. He may think God has helped him along the way, but the only way he has gotten this far is by surrounding himself by minions of the devil’s neocon camp. I guarantee you that Mitt Romney, if elected, will be a great disappointment to conservatives. All the good things he proposes will go down in defeat. He will not be allowed to put forth any real constitutionalists for the Supreme Court. They will be blocked in the Senate, and like Reagan, he will finally give in and nominate those the establishment agrees to. He will not overturn abortion. Obamacare will not be shut down.
Remember, to have faith in the salvation of the nation as a whole, the people have to be worthy and I think it has to be more than a mere 10%. God might have spared one corrupt city in Old Testament times if Abraham could find but 10 righteous men, but even had he found 10, sparing a city is a far cry from restoring a nation to full blown liberty. That can’t be done without the full reform of a majority of the people. Considering the overwhelming moral evil in our nation that burdens the Lord’s sense of justice, I think He is bound to let the sword of justice fall. You can’t just manufacture specific faith in a proposed event by hope only or wishful thinking. For specific faith in a hoped for event to be valid, you have to have the spiritual confirmation that it is the Lord’s will, and that must come from God and not rosy-eyed optimism. While the Lord might certainly want the nation to be saved, God himself cannot arbitrarily disregard the decree of justice upon which the universe operates. Only upon terms of repentance and change of heart can condemnation be averted, and I don’t see that happening. I’m keeping an open heart and mind that it might, but the signs aren’t good.
Conclusion: All is not lost even if we don’t have the numbers to win politically. We can still fight for liberty to gain a minority foothold within the nation–a resistance movement, if you will, even if we can’t win back the whole. But when you are dealing with a minority of good people, to exercise any power at all, you have to congregate together so that you have a majority in a region or local area. Our greatest problem in a losing battle of attrition is that we are spread out uniformly across the nation—dispersed in a sea of humanity where none of us constitute a majority.
All efforts to get people to relocate to a Free State ( have been relatively unsuccessful. Their chosen state, New Hampshire, isn’t the best place and it isn’t welcoming the “takeover” that is viewed as a threat to the establishment of that state. There is also the a constant fear among adherents that “times are too difficult economically” for people to pick up and start over in a new location. And that is probably true for most. But it won’t be any easier when we are forced to flee to safer places due to war and economic collapse (which won’t come until war, in my opinion).
If there is any hope for liberty it will be because pockets of liberty and resistance form during the next war when government itself is busy saving itself and not targeting freedom-loving dissidents–yet. I think you’ll see the time, when crisis comes that the social unrest will drive people out of their current places and the Lord will inspire those who can listen to go to places of refuge where other like-minded people are also gathering. Some will be inspired to go to safe places before the crisis, and if you are one of those, heed the promptings. We still have perhaps a decade before the worst comes upon us, so despite all the rumors of collapse, you still have time to make an informed move.
– –
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Joel Skousen: GOP CONVENTION: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — "Hours of mindless cheerleading for things people want to hear but leaders have no intention of giving" — "Rules were changed to preclude any future Ron Paul revolutions in the Republican party"

World Affairs Brief, August 31, 2012 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
GOP Convention: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Where does the Ron Paul Movement go from Here?
Collapse of Morgan Stanley Imminent?
GOP CONVENTION: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Political nominating conventions have become nothing more than propaganda parties, wasting viewers’ time with hours of mindless cheerleading for things people want to hear but leaders have no intention of giving. The degree of deception and misdirection going on behind the scenes was the only interesting story to come out of the Tampa Republican Convention this week. The rest of it was predictable and boring. To paraphrase from a famous Clint Eastwood movie, we saw the Good, albeit feigned, the Bad, as in boring, and a lot of ugly where rules were changed to preclude any future Ron Paul revolutions in the Republican party.
The Good: Ann Romney acquitted herself well in her speech, despite struggling with MS and a good case of nerves, as she tried to relay the more human side of Mitt Romney. He does have one. Sure, he’s an overly ambitious businessman who is in way over his head as he tries to please the establishment, but he’s also a good family man, who has been faithful to his wife. Like any good Mormon, Mitt is committed to doing a lot of service to others, but as she pointed out, he never allows his staff to call reporters to come watch—which says a lot. As she put it, “Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he’s helped others,” she said. “Because he sees it as a privilege not a political talking point.”
Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, is a rising conservative star and gave a good speech. Even the Washington Post had to admit, “[She] was the best. She was poised and relaxed and drew the crowd to their feet with her mentions of the Palmetto State’s voter ID law and the National Labor Relations Board fight.”
Another highlight of the convention was the appearance of Ron Paul on the floor. You would have thought he was the actual nominee for President, or a rock star. All the cameras were on him as he was surrounded by well wishers seeking to shake his hand. No other failed nominee got this kind of response.
Everyone knew of the establishment efforts, illegal and unprincipled, to derail his candidacy, so it gave Paul the aura of the martyred hero. Indeed, he had the glow of a winner as he waved triumphantly to the crowd, as if the fact that the establishment had successfully beat him down yet another time, had not sunk in or wasn’t relevant. To an extent it this was true. No other loser has come out such a winner as Ron Paul.
Even the establishment has to admit that the movement Ron Paul spawned is here to stay and isn’t going away anytime soon. Thus, while the Republican National Committee refused to give Ron Paul a speaking slot—made all the more insulting by the low caliber of speeches filling the hall hour after hour—they felt obligated to play a tribute video to the man.
It was a nice touch, professionally done and captured Ron Paul’s greatness. At the same time it carefully omitted any mention of his foreign policy ideas to end foreign wars and bring our troops home – the key difference between Ron and the other Republican candidates. In a way it was the edited speech they wanted him to stoop to. There was plenty of praise but it was clear the establishment was only giving grudging tribute to placate his followers. I had to cringe at the inclusion of the feigned words of praise from minority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell. It was typical of the outright false motives behind the piece that the RNC would have an establishment hack singing the praises of Ron Paul—someone who never supported any of the congressman’s initiatives. But there were other conservatives including Rep. Justin Amash who were utterly sincere in their praise of liberty’s “Dr. No” —an honorable title for the only congressman who consistently refuses to go along with unconstitutional legislation. Here’s a video link:
Given all this fancy praise, why were they so ruthless in refusing to let him speak? Wisely, Dr. Paul turned down their two conditions for a speaking slot: endorse Mitt Romney and allow the RNC to vet his speech. Even as Fox News’ Neil Cavuto tried time and again during a friendly interview to extract an implied endorsement for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul refused. He stated that he would forever discredit all that he has stood for if he endorses anyone who continues to push for more unconstitutional wars.
In 2008 the RNC wouldn’t even let Congressman Paul on the floor of the convention without a handler. This year he couldn’t be denied, so the Republican establishment had to feign tolerance and support, while knifing his movement in the back (more on that later in The Ugly part). The video tribute was only intended to assuage his supporters, without giving an inch on the principles they want enacted. The party knows that if the Paulites stay home or vote Third Party, Mitt’s going to lose.
Forget about the few platform wins the Paulites and Tea Party made. The platform doesn’t bind anyone in the party to anything. It is pure symbolism; pure greasy ointment to salve the conscience of those who still think the Republican party will save the country. It won’t—ever.
The Bad: Boring, predictable, rah-rah speeches were too numerous to mention. But I was clearly unimpressed with weak speeches by candidates Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum. The latter wore his trademark plastered smile, and whose hand gestures were as awkward as a teenager in his first speech class.
Newt Gingrich was his usual slick self without an ounce of sincerity. Neocon Condolezza Rice was particularly disturbing with her pretensions toward conservativism. As a real live globalist, it was equally disturbing to see her seated on the other side of Mitt Romney—probably an indication that she will get a coveted spot in the cabinet—perhaps as Secretary of State again.
But the best of the worst was clearly the keynote address by Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. It was clearly all about him, not Mitt Romney or even the Republican Party. At least he wasn’t boring—far from it. He has a good, natural presentation style if you can get past the inherent contradictions in his lack of personal restraint (obesity) and his push for fiscal restraint in government. He went through every laudable aspect of his background, tooting his own horn and playing up every supposed victory achieved in New Jersey (which still won’t recover in the long-term). As the Washington Post put it, “Christie will take some (justified) criticism for spending 95 percent of his speech talking about himself and five percent talking about Mitt Romney. (And that’s being generous.) But, Christie burnished the Christie brand with his keynote address, which, after all, was kind of his goal. Christie was blunt and remarkably relaxed. He came across as entirely at ease in his own skin and as close to a regular guy as politics can produce. In short, he did nothing to hurt chatter about his own future as a presidential candidate in 2016 or 2020 — and that makes him a winner in our scoring system.”
…And a loser in mine. Christie was the recipient of one of those instant phony polling surges the media pulled during the early campaign trying to promote him for president in order to derail Romney. They only do that for certified insiders. Christie is not a true conservative and has some big skeletons in his closet that, in my opinion, he was unwilling to risk exposing at this time and that is why he backed out. Still, he’s clearly prepping for a run in 2016 and the establishment will be behind it, so beware.
Mitt Romney’s speech was disappointing as he pandered to American sensibilities by saying Republicans were all rooting for Obama to succeed—hogwash! But, disappointed now, we need to move on to the Romney solution. There is no solution. Romney cannot produce the fix he promises. No one can given the state of public benefit corruption. We’re too far in debt with zero tolerance for the pain of withdrawal from government spending—just like Greece, Italy and every other socialist country.
The Ugly: The Left was having a ball watching the establishment Republicans working very hard to stop the Ron Paul faction—the only faction that the principled Left (people who mistakenly think government is the way to help people, but don’t see the hidden victims) can find common cause. In fact they skewered the Paul delegates in a treacherous move. Philip Geraldi gave a great summary:
“It was perhaps inevitable that the GOP would turn on the Ron Paul supporters to eliminate them from their version of a body politic. I predicted it would take place and so did a number of others. But what has been surprising is the timing. It seemed reasonable to assume that the Republican gatekeepers would wait until after the convention or even the election to keep the Paulistas in harness and supportive, nurturing their faint hopes that their message would somehow have an impact, encouraging them to vote for Mitt Romney.
“But the Republican Party leadership decided instead to purge Paul supporters at both the state and local level and also on the convention floor. As Justin Raimondo has noted, a harrowing worthy of Josef Stalin took place in a number of states employing procedural ploys, stripping delegates of their accreditation, and even illegal closing of caucuses, which denied to Ron Paul’s supporters any ability to have significant impact at the convention. The deal was sealed when the GOP rules committee revised its convention guidelines, initially to make it impossible to cast dissident votes or to propose nominations from the floor, and subsequently to allow the national party to veto and replace state delegates.
“Jordan Bloom, who attended the Paul events in Tampa, reported that Paul’s supporters were angry and frustrated, many having experienced political corruption up close and personal for the first time. One friend of mine on Capitol Hill likened the caucus deals finally arrived at in various states to having a burglar steal everything you own and then return a couple of days later to give you half back if you do not complain [in Maine]. That’s what happened. The Paul supporters were outgunned and out-muscled and, led by a campaign team that wanted accommodation, wound up taking what they could get.”
Andy Kroll and David Corn summarized some of the tactics that enraged Paulites: “During the roll call of the states, the Paulites were irate, screaming at the podium, as convention secretary Kim Reynolds declined to read out the delegate votes for any candidate other than Romney [this was an egregious sleight of hand against Paul and others, as if they didn’t matter—only Romney. It demonstrated just how rigged even the administrative offices are within the party and smacks of the Soviet styled one party state]. ‘The Republican Party is so afraid of Ron Paul that they won’t repeat his name,’ shouted Jim Ayala, a Nevada delegate and Paul supporter wearing an Oath Keepers T-shirt.”
Here is the actual delegate count for states that had votes for other candidates than Romney. Notice that with all the manipulation against Paul, he still got a significant number of votes and even won Iowa, Nevada, and Minnesota:
Iowa: 22 Ron Paul, 6 Romney.[cheers for Paul. The roll taker repeats the Romney total].
Hawaii: 17 Romney, 3 Paul
Georgia gives 72 to Romney, [microphone gets tuned off for the Paul total. Paul got 3].
Louisiana: 12 Paul, 32 Romney, 2 Santorum
North Dakota: 5 Paul, 23 Romney
North Carolina: 7 Paul, 48 Romney
New Jersey puts Romney over the top.
New Hampshire: 3 Paul, 9 Romney
Nevada: 17 Paul, 5 Romney, 5 abstain [because they weren’t allowed to vote for Paul]
Maine: 10 Paul, 14 Romney.
Mississippi: 4 Paul, 3 Santorum, 45 Romney
Minnesota: 33 to Paul, 1 Santorum, 6 Romney [Proud to have run a fair election with integrity]
Michigan: 4 Paul, 24 Romney [only Romney’s total (2061) announced at the end].
Oregon: 4 Paul, 1 Santorum, 23 Romney
Oklahoma: 6 Paul, 34 Romney
Pennsylvanian: 5 Paul [read as “Paul Ryan”], 67 Romney
Rhode Island: 4 Paul, 15 Romney
South Carolina: 1 Paul, 24 Romney
Texas: 20 Paul, 130 Romney
Washington: 5 Paul, 38 Romney
Virgin Islands: 1 Paul, 8 Romney
Virginia: 3 Paul, 46 Romney
Vermont: 4 Paul, 13 Romney
Oregon: 4 Paul, 1 Santorum, 23 Romney
Oklahoma: 6 Paul, 34 Romney
“Minutes earlier, the Paulites were enraged when the convention adopted the new set of rules on a voice vote during which the Paul backers out-shouted the other delegates. One Nevada delegate and Paul supporter, Mark Carducci, thrust two middle fingers into the air toward RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), screaming “F**k you, tyrants!”
The Republican National Committee had altered the convention rules to bind delegates in future elections to vote for the candidate who wins their state’s primary or caucus. This change would hurt outsider candidates like Paul, who collected 158 delegates during the Republican primary season. The RNC also refused to recognize Paul’s delegates from Maine, and this incensed his many supporters, leading to a nasty yelling match on the convention floor immediately before Mitt Romney’s nomination. ‘Seat them now!’ the Paulites yelled.”
Maine’s Republican governor Paul LePage boycotted the convention due to this arbitrary denial of Ron Paul delegates. The Maine Ron Paul delegation was in the balcony and all left in protest when they were refused recognition. In an interview with Mitt Romney, Ben Swan of Reality Check directly asked Romney what he thought about the Maine delegation scandal. Romney claimed he wasn’t aware of what was going on there—a bald faced lie.
While others assume he was directing all this, I don’t believe that is true. There are professional controllers behind the scenes at Republican headquarters that are doing these direct attacks. But Romney is responsible insofar as he didn’t lift a finger to use his influence to stop it. Very disappointing and it doesn’t bode well for the courage it will take to stop illegal acts of government that he might see if elected.
“Roger Leahy, an Iowa delegate and Paul supporter, says he and other Paulites had pleaded with Reynolds to recognize Paul during the roll call, but she would not. ‘This is the Republican steamroller,’ Leahy said. All this led to the unseated Maine Paul delegates storming out of the convention together. And a pack of angry Paul fans all clad in white ballcaps left the Tampa Bay Times Forum. The Romney campaign and the RNC had hoped to avoid this kind of floor flight, large or small, during the convention. But once it was done, the convention proceeded and Romney was nominated, to polite applause.
“Following the dustup, Yelena Vorobyov (pictured below), a 30-year-old Paul delegate from Apple Valley, Minnesota, was eager to vent. Barely taking a breath, she said: ‘This is just evidence of the manipulation of the Republican Party. They’re not even allowing us to bring signs in, but they brought in their own [pro-Romney] signs. We couldn’t nominate Ron Paul.
The ‘no’ for not passing the rules was louder than the ‘aye’ [referring to the previous vote which prompted the “tyrant” shout] and they ruled in favor of the rules. They’re cheating. The Republican National Committee is not transparent and does not have integrity. They stole votes. They stole delegates. They refused to send buses for our delegates. It’s a totalitarian process. This is not democracy. It’s a really sad day for us. I’ve worked for Republican candidates since I was 16. We believed the Republican Party had more integrity. Boy, did they prove us wrong.’ Yelena Vorobyov, one of Ron Paul’s 33 Minnesota delegates, had to make her own sign on the floor, and she was damn mad.”
Bottom line is that the Republicans have really alienated the Ron Paul faction and most will not vote for Romney. I certainly won’t. The longer we accede to these kinds of control tactics and outright fraudulent tactics, in the vain hope that they will change or that we can take it over, the longer it will take to convince others that we must forge a new way with principled leaders.
As a fitting establishment sleight to Ron Paul, he and his entire party, using a private plane, were delayed by TSA. Lew Rockwell posted this: “Ron, Carol, and one of their granddaughters left the GOP snake pit yesterday afternoon, but the State was not yet through with them. At the little airport in Clearwater, 8 TSA agents descended on them and ordered them not to board their private plane. First, the pilots, the airplane, and the passengers would have to be screened in great detail, because Romney might be nearby [he wasn’t, and he isn’t president so the TSA can’t throw up a special airport restriction like they do for Obama—which is very irritating to us pilots]. After a long examination of the pilots and their credentials, the agents said they had to check the plane for explosives [why would they have to do that? They aren’t arriving, they are departing!]. One of the pilots noted that the plane, full of aviation fuel, was already a bomb. Then Carol Paul, who has a pacemaker, refused to be screened, and an aide started taking video of the whole rotten process. At that point, the TSA backed down and let them through, to Texas and freedom.”
– –
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Ralph Epperson: ROOSEVELT KNEW About Pearl Harbor Before It Happened! — HILO, HAWAII TRIBUNE HERALD – November 30, 1941 — Lying to get US into war…

NOTE: Since this is a Hawaiian newspaper, the title seems to indicate the attack would be on Hawaii, but apparently, the text of the article didn’t say where the location would be.
I haven’t been able to find the text for the article to see exactly what it said.
– –



On December 7, 1941, the Japanese navy and air force attacked the United States army, navy and air force units at PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII in what was called “A SURPRISE ATTACK.”

The next day, President Franklin Roosevelt called the attack “A DAY OF INFAMY,” and asked Congress for a Declaration of War.

It was granted, and America was in WORLD WAR TWO.

Many at the time questioned how “A SURPRISE ATTACK” could have happened, and whether President Roosevelt should have known about it in advance and warned our forces in Hawaii.

NINE CONGRESSIONAL investigations were conducted, during and after the war, and each examined the question: DID PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT KNOW ABOUT THE ATTACK BEFORE IT HAPPENED, AND IF SO, WHY DID HE DO NOTHING TO PREPARE OUR FORCES.


A few years ago, I saw a photo copy of the HILO, HAWAII TRIBUNE HERALD newspaper of November 30, 1941, the Sunday before the attack. I called the library in HILO, HAWAII and they photocopied the top half of their front page and sent it to me.

The HEADLINE of this newspaper reads:


meaning the following weekend, Saturday, December 6th and Sunday, December 7th, 1941.



One could reasonably conclude that PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT’S INTELLIGENCE SOURCES were better than the NEWSPAPERS!

In other words, NINE CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS WERE WRONG: President ROOSEVELT had to have known ……… even a Hawaii newspaper knew!!!

(If you want documented evidence that Roosevelt DID KNOW ABOUT THE ATTACK BEFORE IT HAPPENED, please read the pertinent chapter in the book I wrote entitled THE UNSEEN HAND, AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSPIRATORIAL VIEW OF HISTORY. It is discussed in the catalog that follows this report.

Thank you for your interest.

Ralph Epperson

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My ADN comment about the body exhibit at the Alaska State Fair

I wrote this comment in our newspaper online, last night, in response to the hit piece on the human body exhibit at the Alaska State Fair, which I had just seen.

“I was AWESTRUCK by how wonderfully Jesus created our bodies. I was almost in tears at times, having never seen how intricate and complex our bodies really are. I also now understand better how my own muscles, ligaments and tendons work together. It was just amazing, and the glory should be fully given to God! Why would anyone want to rob this experience from anyone? The smell was oil based paint. I spoke with one of the painters who painted the pipes and the ceiling overhead. So you’ll make a retraction for your error on the smell, right, Juli[a]?”

She had claimed the smell was from the bodies. I don’t see a retraction. Our newspaper has a monopoly, and is owned by a huge media corporation, McClatchy. I don’t think they care much about fair play and the truth. They almost completely ignored Ron Paul, for example.
Also, it’s been awhile since I’ve commented, so I had to re-register. I tried to use my real name, but their software wouldn’t let me. Not sure why not, but my NOHATE license plate can be seen.
– –
From: Anchorage Daily News

Something’s off about fair’s body exhibit

Posted by adn_jomalley [Julia O’Malley]

Anchorage Daily News

Posted: August 29, 2012 – 7:21 pm

I wasn’t expecting to be queasy as I walked through the “Our Body: Live Healthy” exhibit of preserved human remains at the Alaska State Fair last week. I’m not squeamish, but the pelt of human skin was a little much. And the eyebrows left on the skinless faces. And the strange chemical smell. All of that might have been OK in another environment, say a museum or a lab. But there is just something off about touring a room full of dissected human bodies at a fair, between Ferris wheel rides and visits to the pork-chop-on-a-stick stand.

Promoters say Our Body is all about science and health. But as I went through the exhibit, which links obvious health messages like “smoking damages lungs” to displays of dissected cadavers injected with plastic polymers, I couldn’t shake the feeling that what was going on was more like a macabre spectacle, like a circus freak show. Were viewers learning something? Maybe. Very little of the health information came as a surprise to me. It functioned more as a way to justify morbid curiosity.

Entire Article with Comments Here

[EXCELLENT Video!] Ben Swann Reality Check: RNC Rule Change Starting A Republican Civil War? — The paid-off bus driver & see the teleprompter's predetermined vote outcome!

The PAID-OFF-BIG BUS DRIVER wouldn’t even let the major dissenter get off to be able to vote.
Teleprompter had their pre-ordained decision!

With this rule change, from now on, only the foreordained, establishment puppet will have a chance of winning. America is done. Future Ron Pauls need no longer apply or try.
– –

(FOX19) – Mitt Romney accepts the Republican nomination tonight.  While that should be the highlight of the convention, it is quickly being overshadowed by the shocking steps taken by Republican leadership.

We told you earlier this week about rule changes that would strip Republican grassroots from having a say in the future.

Tonight, evidence that the outcome of the vote on those rules was scripted and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner may have played right along.

Is a civil war now breaking out in the Republican party?

Tonight, a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else. [Why is that? – jeff]

[audio] John B. Wells with Robert Mazur: Coast To Coast Am – Banking Fraud Special – 08-25-2012 — THE BANKING SPANKING! — $$$Trillions are laundered and no one goes to jail

I recommend listening mainly to the first 40 minutes with Robert Mazur. The last of the four guests, John Truman Wolfe is good too.
I listened to Robert twice. Amazing!
– –

‘Deferred prosecution’ = no one goes to jail

* * *

From: Coast to Coast AM

In the first hour, Robert Mazur shared his insights into the shadowy world of international money laundering, which he learned via a two year undercover investigation for US customs. In recounting his story, Mazur noted that he worked with a Panamanian bank where techniques of money laundering were brazenly discussed and served as a veritable “crossroads of drug traffickers, politicians, and the intelligence community as well.” Mazur explained that many American banks which are caught laundering money, often via the massive illegal drug trade, are offered “deferred prosecution” where the US government monitors their transactions for a year and simply fines the organization. He cited a recent such case where Wachovia was caught soliciting “400 billion dollars in US dollar deposits from account holders in Mexico” between 2004 and 2007. …

In the final hour, John Truman Wolfe contended that the financial crisis has been orchestrated in order to collapse the US dollar and replace it with a “global monetary authority, which is essentially a global financial dictator for the planet.” While he conceded that this sounds extreme, Wolfe revealed that just such an entity, known as the Bank for International Settlements, was created in 2009 at the G20 Summit. The BIS, he said, serves as central bank for all the centrals banks of the G20 nations. Wolfe warned that the “fiscal autonomy of the United States, whatever there was of it,” was usurped by the BIS when President Obama signed on to the agreement. …

* * *

First 40 minutes are AMAZING![youtube=]Coast To Coast Am – Banking Fraud Special – 08-25-2012 – C2CAM

Published on Aug 26, 2012 by Boomdaddy02

Coast To Coast AM – The Largest Up-to-date coast to coast AM Archive here. Coast to coast late night talk show with “George Noory”. “Coast to coast AM” The best conspiracy radio show. George Noory, Ian Punnett, George Knapp, Rob Simone and John B. Wells are the coast to coast am hosts and will keep you informed late into the night.

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Date: 08-25-12
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Robert Mazur, Barry James Dyke, William K. Black, John Truman Wolfe

Corrupt bankers and businessmen quietly shape power across the globe. These men and women manipulate complex international financial systems to serve drug lords, politicians, tax cheats, and terrorists. Four banking experts (Robert Mazur, Barry James Dyke, William K. Black and John Truman Wolfe) joined John B. Wells, in separate hours, and exposed the terrifying truth about the financial fraud industry.

Epic Fail: The GOP’s Pitiful Attempt At A ‘Tribute’ To Ron Paul

* * *


Epic Fail: The GOP’s Pitiful Attempt At A ‘Tribute’ To Ron Paul

Last night, we reported on the Republican National Convention’s tribute video for Rep. Ron Paul, full of praise for the outspoken sorta-libertarian who has done an exceptional amount to change the conversation in Washington. The video featured various Republicans heaping praise on the outgoing congressman for his consistency, his fiscal responsibility, and his dedication to never backing down on his principles.

Let me be a downer here and say: The GOP isn’t fooling anyone.

It’s clear the party is at least somewhat afraid of losing the Paulites to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (or Obama, or non-voting), and this “tribute” video — much like the party’s newfound “respect” for Paul — came off as an overproduced attempt to save face with a group the stodgy, fickle GOP has mistreated, ignored, and wished away over the last five years.

The video made frequent mention of Paul’s efforts to reduce the federal deficit and added boilerplate praise for his “fiscal responsibility” and “never back down”-ness, but it conveniently glossed over the many important issues that have made Paul so attractive to his followers — issues that the Republican Party seems entirely unwilling to incorporate into their platform.

The tribute did make slight nods to Paul’s belief in sound money and his fight to audit the Federal Reserve. But it ignored Paul’s fight to end GOP sacred cows like the costly and futile War on Drugs; his fight to protect civil liberties from executive overreach like the PATRIOT Act; and his battle against an unsustainable foreign policy of “maintaining empire” and playing World Police.

The video also neglected to mention just how Paul would like to cut the deficit.

Instead of the mainstream Republicans’ supposedly “radical” plans to cut from future spending growth, Paul wants to slash budgets left and right… especially the GOP’s sacred-cow national defense. He wants to end all corporate tax loopholes; something the GOP is reluctant to touch. He considers such “pro-business” tax manipulation to be synonymous with crony capitalism.

Entire Article Here

[video] GM Crops Farmer to Farmer — How Monsanto screwed American farmers with genetically modified crops and their herbicides!

[youtube=]GM Crops Farmer to Farmer

Uploaded by gmcropsfarmer2farmer on Jun 14, 2011

For information on this video go to –

Michael Hart, a conventional livestock family farmer, has been farming in Cornwall for nearly thirty years and has actively campaigned on behalf of family farmers for over fifteen years, travelling extensively in Europe, India, Canada and the USA.

In this short documentary he investigates the reality of farming genetically modified crops in the USA ten years after their introduction. He travels across the US interviewing farmers and other specialists about their experiences of growing GM.

NY Times Scrubs Mention Of CIA Arming Syrian Rebels — Establishment media careful to hide direct aid to terrorist-aligned FSA

NY Times Scrubs Mention Of CIA Arming Syrian Rebels

Establishment media careful to hide direct aid to terrorist-aligned FSA
Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
In an article about France urging Syrian rebels to form a provisional government, the New York Times scrubbed a passage which revealed that the CIA was helping funnel arms to rebel groups that have aligned themselves with Al-Qaeda terrorists.
Version three of the story, posted at 19:45:05 UTC yesterday and entitled France Says It Would Recognize Provisional Syrian Government, included the line, ” American intelligence agents have helped funnel arms to rebel groups.”
However, fifteen minutes later the revelation that the CIA was arming the rebels was removed and replaced with the words, “American intelligence agents have helped to identify the rebel groups that receive arms.”
Copies of the two different versions of the article can be viewed here.
This change of wording, albeit subtle, serves to absolve the CIA of directly arming rebels, who are admittedly being led by Al-Qaeda terrorists as the London Guardian reported last month.
Earlier this month, President Barack Obama signed a secret order authorizing the CIA to aid Syrian rebels in attempting to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad. However, the order stopped short of allowing the CIA to provide lethal weapons.
Despite public claims on behalf of the White House that no weapons are being sent to the rebels, reports that the CIA has been doing precisely that have been circulating for months, including a recent story about CIA spies smuggling 14 stinger missiles into Syria so rebels could defend themselves with ground to air technology.
The New York Times admitted in a June 21 report that the CIA was “steering” arms to Syrian rebels from the Turkish border, but claimed the weapons were paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
The New York Times’ decision to alter the wording of the article is another example of how NATO-aligned media outlets are concerned about overemphasizing western support for the rebels given their involvement in terrorist attacks and other acts of brutality.
Last week, the BBC removed a video clip which documented how FSA rebels were committing war crimes by using prisoners as unwitting suicide bombers.
In a related development, hackers infiltrated Amnesty International’s website last night and used the NGO’s blog platform to post stories about the plight of protesters in Bahrain, Kurds in Turkey, as well as an article entitled Amnesty Calls on UN to stop the US, Qatar and Turkey funding and arming Syria Rebels.
The Associated Press dismissed the article as a “fake blog post” and refused to divulge its content. Yet the story, a cached copy of which can be read here, cited confirmed reports that Syrian rebels are engaging in war crimes, as well as FSA fighters being responsible for the Houla massacre, which was initially blamed on Assad’s forces.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.