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Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein) sits near the very pinnacle of the putrid power pantheon of the New World Order — just a small notch below the likes of a Soros (cough cough), Sulzberger (cough cough) or even Rothschild (cough cough). Indeed, without the power and protective cover of his culture-wrecking news and entertainment media, the geo-political and finance arms of the Kosher Nostra could not conduct their dirty business. …

The lies, omissions and brainwashing of CBS News and 60 Minutes — that’s Redstone. The depraved filth and degeneracy of MTV — that’s  Redstone. The subtle Marxist propaganda aimed at the impressionable little children whose careless parents allow them to watch Nickelodeon — that’s Redstone. The stupid, yet influential libtard jokes of Comedy Central — that’s Redstone. The anti-White hate propaganda of BET (Black Entertainment Televison)  — that’s Redstone.

1- More than any other media source in the world, Redstone’s formerly clean MTV (bought by Viacom) has morally corrupted the American and European generation known as “millennials.”

2- Now grown up, millions of millennial morons get their political commentary from Redstone’s Comedy Central — where John Stewart (birth name Liebowitz– cough cough) and his successor seldom, if ever, make fun of Democrats.

3- CBS News shows under Redstone remain as dishonest as they ever were under founder and 50-year boss William Paley

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(audio) Nick Kollerstrom: Myths Of The ‘Holocaust’ — Only ~200,000 ‘Jews’ died from Typhus and starvation after we bombed the supply lines to the *work* camps • Children are taught to hate Germans in Holocaust classes

Richie needs to do more research, whereas the professor is excellent.

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Nick Kollerstrom On The Myths And The Realities Of The Holocaust & The British Memorial

Irrefutable Film Footage Of Climate Engineering Aerosol Spraying

Irrefutable Film Footage Of Climate Engineering Aerosol Spraying

(video) CNN edits “burn it down” footage from Smith’s sister to make it seem as though she is calling for peace


CNN’s Edited Footage from Milwaukee Family. Watch the Unedited Version Here

Published on Aug 16, 2016

http://ocubee.com – See the buzz!

CNN is editing the footage from the sister of victim Sylville Smith to make it seem as though she is calling for peace. When in reality she wants to “burn down the suburbs”.

Watch the unedited version here.

Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels — A secret agreement in 2012 was reached to set up a sarin gas attack and blame it on Assad so that the US could invade and overthrow Assad

From: strategic-culture.org

Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels

The great investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, in two previous articles in the London Review of Books («Whose Sarin?» and «The Red Line and the Rat Line») has reported that the Obama Administration falsely blamed the government of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for the sarin gas attack that Obama was trying to use as an excuse to invade Syria; and Hersh pointed to a report from British intelligence saying that the sarin that was used didn’t come from Assad’s stockpiles. Hersh also said that a secret agreement in 2012 was reached between the Obama Administration and the leaders of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, to set up a sarin gas attack and blame it on Assad so that the US could invade and overthrow Assad

However, now, for the first time, Hersh has implicated Hillary Clinton directly in this «rat line». In an interview with Alternet.org, Hersh was asked about the then-US-Secretary-of-State’s role in the Benghazi Libya US consulate’s operation to collect weapons from Libyan stockpiles and send them through Turkey into Syria for a set-up sarin-gas attack, to be blamed on Assad in order to ‘justify’ the US invading Syria, as the US had invaded Libya to eliminate Gaddafi. Hersh said: «That ambassador who was killed, he was known as a guy, from what I understand, as somebody, who would not get in the way of the CIA. As I wrote, on the day of the mission he was meeting with the CIA base chief and the shipping company. He was certainly involved, aware and witting of everything that was going on. And there’s no way somebody in that sensitive of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel».

This was, in fact, the Syrian part of the State Department’s Libyan operation, Obama’s operation to set up an excuse for the US doing in Syria what they had already done in Libya.

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WikiLeaks Reveals Rothschild Billion Dollar Money Laundering Plot

The classified cable from the Public Library of US Diplomacy published by WikiLeaks exposes Rothschild Bank “advising” a “secret and corrupt” billion dollar transaction in order to create a “massive money laundering scheme” in Senegal and crash the struggling nation’s economy.

The secretive Rothchilds are rarely in the news and never publicly rebuked by governments, however the classified cable discovered by Your News Wire reveals that a US diplomatic official clearly referred to the actions of Rothschild Bank as “corrupt” and the transaction as “indefensible.”

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Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany

Wow! This is heavy. Mike Rivero posted this on What Really Happened today, which I recommend reading: Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany. This is well written, but it’s missing the Ernst Zundel video they discuss, which I’ll post here.

Ernst is NOT saying a ‘Holocaust’ will happen here, for he knows the ‘Holocaust’ didn’t happen in Germany. There were no gas chambers, nor was there an extermination plan; though, ‘Jews’ were put into camps to later be expelled. That was “the final solution.” And dozens of countries expelled these Talmudic, power-over-others ‘Jews’ in times past. It wasn’t just Germany.

We need to look at this to see what’s really going on.

I don’t believe in a violent revolution, nor do I believe an entire people group should be expelled from any country. Individuals who conspire against the nation should be dealt with by the government, and if the government doesn’t do it the people should not. “Blessed are the peacemakers….”

We’re looking at endgame here. A violent revolution isn’t going to save America. We need to crank up the infowar, and talk about what’s really going on, instead of what Alex Jones and many others are doing: completely avoiding this subject and covering for the Talmudic globalists who really are intending to rule us completely.

First, here is part of the article, and then I’ll include the Zundel video that’s inop in the article.

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From: 12160.info

Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany

The second video below was made by Ernst Zundel in 2000. It is an interview with an Israeli reporter. Early into the interview he tells the reporter that voracious Jewish appetites will create Weimar like conditions in America. And this will lead to A Final Solution of the Jewish problem in the United States.

In 1999 the Jews had their Gentile kept politicians repeal Glass Steagall which had protected Americans from commercial banks speculating with their depositors money on wild investments.

Also at the same time four Jews (Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and Arthur Levitt) told the Gentile CFTC Chairwoman Brooksley Born that she was not allowed to regulate Credit Default Swaps. CDS are a hybrid between insurance and derivatives which are bets on the future value of a bond or a commodity.

Today there are over a quadrillion dollars in these wild and unregulated bets… 

Zundel made this video before 911. We now have substantial proof that Israel did 911. They killed 3,00 Americans on 911. They killed many more Americans since then with the six wars they have gotten America into solely for the benefit of Israel.

• • •

I don’t believe Americans will succeed if they try to do what Ernst says here. Not a good idea. But Ernst is right about the problems the ‘Jews’ caused in Germany and are causing here.


Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany

Lisa Murkowski’s Stealth War on Traditional Values

From: Joe Miller

Lisa Murkowski’s Stealth War on Traditional Values

When Lisa Murkowski ran for State House in 1998, it was in the context of a strong Republican push for a new amendment to Alaska’s State Constitution defining a valid marriage as existing between “one man and one woman.” The soon-to-be State Representative said she supported that effort.

In every subsequent election cycle, including those since her appointment (by her father) to the United States Senate, Murkowski has continued to claim she’s a pro-traditional marriage candidate. Until now.

What has gone mostly unreported and largely unnoticed is her evolution on LGBT issues since joining the Senate.

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Lisa Murkowski Blocked Effort to Protect US Power Grid — “Within 12 months of an EMP attack or a massive solar flare, between two-thirds to 90 percent of the U.S. population would perish!”


(video) Holocaust 101 # 10 with Jim Rizoli – ‘Skeptics’ Sites Not Skeptical — “You can discuss anything, but you cannot discuss this topic.” WHY?

It’s their Big Kahuna!

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“Out of all the topics in the world, you can discuss anything, but you cannot discuss this topic. And that is why in 21 countries … the topic is banned.”

– Joe Rizoli

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Holocaust 101 # 10 with Jim Rizoli


(video) 10 Hard Facts About the “Holocaust” in 6 Minutes!

All of my Holocaust Real-History Truth articles (10 posts per page, latest appear first)

All of my Germany Real-History Truth articles (10 posts per page, latest appear first)

(2 Videos) Satanic Invocation Opens Kenai Alaska Assembly Meeting

2 VIDEOS: FIRST one tells the story and shows the council — only one having the conviction to sit down (but at least there was one!). The SECOND shows the satanist lady saying “Hail Satan,” filmed by a satanist.

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Satanic Invocation Opens Kenai.

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Happening because the pastors are playing church — teaching a false gospel (OSAS) and refusing to reconcile, like Paul always did (Acts 24:16):

History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster. – Douglas MacArthur

My 1990 Key-to-Revival Prophecy: “There is might and there is power and there is glory, but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right, until we love our brother enough to…”

(video) Asbury Revival, 1970: RECONCILIATION the KEY! — “‘Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?’ … Three days later, she came to me radiant, and she said, ‘I just hit my 34th person and I’m free!’”

The Welsh Revival of 1904-05 by J. Edwin Orr: A Countrywide Asbury-like REVIVAL! The 4 Points: #1 Confess any known sin, and PUT ANY WRONG DONE TO MAN RIGHT again. #2 Put away any doubtful habit. #3 Obey the Spirit promptly. #4 Confess your faith publicly.

Effects of the WELSH REVIVAL 1904-05: Whole communities were radically changed FROM DEPRAVITY TO GLORIOUS GOODNESS. The CRIME RATE dropped, often to nothing. THE POLICE had little more to do than supervise the coming and going of the people to the chapel prayer meetings. The UNDERGROUND MINES echoed with the sounds of PRAYER and HYMNS, instead of nasty jokes and gossip. People who had fallen out became FRIENDS AGAIN!!!!!!!

Trump defends Roger Ailes who ‘helped’ the women he’s accused of harassing

Hillary is still far worse, but I find defending Ailes unconscionable and disturbing!

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From: Daily Caller

Trump Defends Roger Ailes: ‘He Helped Those Women’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump only has good things to say about Roger Ailes, the chief executive of Fox News accused of sexual harassment.
“I think it’s so sad. He’s such a great guy,” Trump said of Ailes in a Friday interview with Bloomberg Politics. …

At least two dozen women have accused Ailes of sexual harassment, prompting the 76-year-old media mogul to step down as chairman and CEO of Fox News on July 21. The accusations came flooding in after Gretchen Carlson, a longtime Fox News anchor, launched a lawsuit against Ailes in early July. …

 “If you sleep with me, you could be a model or a newscaster,” Ailes told a 20-year-old….

Trump continues to praise Ailes in light of these allegations. “I can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, I know how much he’s helped them,” he explained in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “I’ve always found him to be a very, very good person. So I feel very badly.”

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